Smack That Groove: “Strangers” by @Convulsic

CONVULSIC, “Strangers”

One of the happiest discoveries I’ve had this year is San Diego-based Convulsic, and this is especially notable since I think a lot of dubstep sounds alike.  Not so with Convulsic’s songs, which are chock full of melody, interesting voices, and dazzling effects and drops.  “Love Space” and “The Day You Left” are both currently placed on my personal chart at #9 and #24 respectively, and if you’ve checked them out then “Strangers” should impress you as well.  Convulsic has the ability to template his sound and change it up every time, keeping it fresh while you want to smack that bottom groove and lose control just a bit.  Listen above.


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All Eyes on More Sensational Covers by @JamesPoole_ : “Glad You Came” and “All Of Me”

JAMES POOLE, “Glad You Came” and “All Of Me”

You know that when my most recent blog post was about the same singer that there is something special happening here.  I raved about UK singer James Poole’s rendition of “Titanium”, and must draw to your attention two of his other interpretations of The Wanted’s “Glad You Came” (posted today!) and John Legend’s “All Of Me”.  Again, oft covered songs, but James totally smashes them.  His rendition of “All Of Me” is pretty straight forward, with a gorgeous vocal, but his video is up close and personal with a sincere performance that will make you feel like you’re the only person he’s singing to, with those blue eyes searing right through you.  “Glad You Came” has a scruffier looking James mixing it up with his own variation of the song that adds some dashing spoken words which will definitely keep you interested.  James Poole has one of the finest voices I’ve heard in a long time and I look forward to the day when a full album surfaces.  

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A Voice That Soars: “Titanium” by @JamesPoole_


JAMES POOLE, “Titanium”

I often enjoy reading posts from my fellow bloggers as much as I do writing them.  And there are the times that I must write about the same performer I’ve just read about 🙂

Such is the case with James Poole, former member of London sextet Class A, who is now striking out on his own with a few online covers.  My Fizzy Pop himself has a way with words that just do not come out onto my blog pages the same way, so do check out his recent endorsement of James.  I heartily concur.  David Guetta & Sia’s “Titanium” is so often covered, and many who post You Tube videos just cannot even come close to the Sia performance (someone like Matthew John Kurz’s rendition notwithstanding 🙂 ).  James’ wide-ranging voice starts out low, gains momentum, and has such natural power in the chorus that it not only will send goosebumps through you, but it will nail you deep down.  This is a voice made to sing… whatever the heck he wants, really.  I’ll be sure to check out his other recent covers, but hopefully some originals are forthcoming that will showcase his voice.  

Picture a younger Matt Dusk sound with what My Fizzy Pop says is “classical operatic quality” to his voice… and there you have James Poole.  More – much more – please 🙂

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@NeonTrees Get an ‘A’ in “Pop Psychology”


NEON TREES, Pop Psychology

Their previous two releases did not resonate with me, though there’s no mistaking a catchy song like “Everybody Talks”.  But Utah’s Neon Trees have made a mature third album that could easily be the romantic and sometimes caustic soundtrack for Spring and Summer for young adults.  

Pop Psychology is a solid pop/rock album that falls somewhere between Paramore and The Script.  There are some great songs within and all have been made better by the versatile voice of Tyler Glenn, though all three of the other members (bassist Branden Campbell, guitarist Chris Allen, and drummer Elaine Bradley) sing too.  You’ve already heard the engaging “Sleeping With A Friend” as the lead single, but to be honest the best songs within are likely those you’ll get to know in concert.  “Teenager In Love” is my favourite, followed by “Unavoidable” (with Elaine’s duet with Tyler), and “Love In The 21st Century”.  Tyler’s lower register is also showcased in the slower and thoughtful “Voices In The Halls”, whose video you can watch below.  

All in all, Pop Psychology was a big surprise for me so you can call me a Neon Trees convert, though I’m apt to favour their album tracks over their singles.  Catch them on tour across North American this Summer!  

Pop Psychology sees official release tomorrow, Tuesday, April 22.

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BILLCS Top 30 #429 – April 21/14

If it’s one performer that this edition of my new personal chart is all about, it’s UK pop/soul singer Sam Smith.  There are 4 Sam Smith entries, including a former #1 (now at #8) and another debut!  Plus, I get to see him in concert on Wednesday April 23 at the Virgin Mod Club in Toronto 🙂

 The Top 10:

  • The killer dance tune that is “Cannonball (Earthquake)” holds #1 down handily for Showtek, Justin Prime & Matthew Koma, as the song debuts at #29 in the UK 🙂
  • We may be a touch late on it in North America, but “Latch” by Disclosure and Sam Smith vaults to #2 to challenge for the top in two weeks.
  • Martin Garrix may have a say as to who succeeds “Cannonball (Earthquake)” at #1.  His free download of “Proxy” soars 13-3 to tie for the fastest riser on the chart.  And Martin has plenty in store for us over the next few months to keep us busy!
  • All of this activity has left “Find You” by Zedd, Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant at #4, and free download “Electric Valentine” by Adam Tyler at #5, each holding for a second appearance.
  • It looks like Nick Hagelin’s long-awaited EP City Lights will see release in the first week of May.  His fun and ace pop/soul/hip hop song with an old school sample or two “Finest Clothes In Town” (available again as a free download) moves up 9-6 🙂
  • “Love Me Again” by John Newman continues to climb, moving 8-7 on the new chart.
  • The only other new Top 10 entry is a zinger for San Diego’s EDM/dubstep rising star Convulsic.  “Love Space” jumps 12-9 while another of his songs debuts below…

Onward and Upward:

  • It’s a stellar week for Sam Smith, two songs in the Top 10, and the soul ballad “Stay With Me” ties with “Proxy” as the fastest riser, soaring 21-11.
  • It’s release week for the Aviation album for Semi-Precious Weapons amid shows throughout the U.S.!  “Drink” continues to climb my chart at #12.
  • May and June will be important months for Steve Grand as his All American Boy album will see release and then he will be touring the blazes out of it, appearing at numerous Gay Pride events in North America.  The pensive “Back To California” jumps 17-13 on my chart.
  • This past week Rod Thomas (aka Bright Light Bright Light) will in fact be opening for Elton John on some dates on his European tour!  That’s an amazing feat for an independent performer and Elton has shown great interest in new acts this past year.  Their marvellous duet on “I Wish We Were Leaving” moves up 19-14.
  • The engaging and colourful video for Wrathschild’s “Fall Into Love” continues to attract new fans.  The song rises 22-15 as the duo of Simon Curtis and Wolfy record another new song.
  • Rixton’s “Me And My Broken Heart” is one of those songs that has you reeled in from its first note, very remiscent of Maroon 5 meets Lawson for the UK band.  It moves up 26-17 – let’s get these boys over here in North American for shows!
  • FrankMusik announced that his By Nicole album will be issued on Monday, April 28.  So many releases to look forward to over the next few weeks!  In the meantime, “Dear Nicole”, which features one of the singer’s most powerful vocals just past the half way mark, moves up 24-18.
  • I suppose over 2 million Twitter followers might signal a sell out, which indeed 5 Seconds Of Summer had with their Toronto show last Saturday.  The song with that underwear video, “She Looks So Perfect”, rises 27-21.

 New to the Chart:

  • Not to sound like a broken record, but leading the way once again on the new chart is another beautiful Sam Smith song, this time it’s “Not In That Way” from his upcoming album In The Lonely Hour, which is slated for a June release, which seems a long way off, though you can get “Not In That Way” on iTunes already.  Check out the live performance of the song at the top of this blog post.  “Not In That Way” bows at #22.
  • Next up is “The Day You Left”, another infectious EDM single from Convulsic, which has a steadier female vocal than “Love Space” and is full of powerful drops that will make your eardrums pop.  It arrives at #24 and is available on iTunes.
  • Andy Grammer’s positive vibe of “Keep Your Head Up” sent the song to #9 on my chart back in 2011, and after one album and an EP, the heartwarming “Back Home” leads the way for a new album.  The song debuts at #28.
  • Toronto-based singer Kendal Thompson dropped “Be Mine” as a free ‘thank you’ download on Valentine’s Day, along with a mysterious and eye-catching video.  “Be Mine” enters the chart at #29.

The Full Chart

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed web edition of my chart.


01 01 CANNONBALL (EARTHQUAKE) Showtek & Justin Prime featuring Matthew Koma
06 02 LATCH Disclosure featuring Sam Smith
13 03 PROXY Martin Garrix
04 04 FIND YOU Zedd featuring Matthew Koma & Miriam Bryant
08 07 LOVE ME AGAIN John Newman
02 08 MONEY ON MY MIND Sam Smith
12 09 LOVE SPACE Convulsic
03 10 ADDICTED TO YOU Avicii featuring Audra Mae
21 11 STAY WITH ME Sam Smith
14 12 DRINK Semi-Precious Weapons
17 13 BACK TO CALIFORNIA Steve Grand
19 14 I WISH WE WERE LEAVING Bright Light Bright Light & Elton John
22 15 FALL INTO LOVE Wrathschild
16 16 READY FOR YOU NOW Sean O’Reilly
24 18 DEAR NICOLE Frankmusik
20 19 HORNY Lonnie Gordon
07 20 DARE YOU Hardwell featuring Matthew Koma
27 21 SHE LOOKS SO PERFECT 5 Seconds Of Summer
New 22 NOT IN THAT WAY Sam Smith
18 23 TALK DIRTY Jason Derulo featuring 2 Chainz
New 24 THE DAY YOU LEFT Convulsic
10 25 F FOR YOU Disclosure featuring Mary J. Blige
11 26 TAKE COVER Neverest
15 27 COLLIDE Jake Miller
New 28 BACK HOME Andy Grammer
New 29 BE MINE Kendal Thompson
25 30 HAPPY Pharrell Williams


Your Speakers Will Go BOOOM: “This Is Dirty” by @DVBBS & MOTi


DVBBS & MOTi, “This Is Dirty”

“This Is Dirty” was my happily-found Easter egg today, and mark my word this song could be as big as Martin Garrix’s “Animals” for clubs and perhaps European radio.  I had somehow missed out on the fact that L.A.-based duo Chris and Alex of DVBBS (pronounced “Dubs”) are fellow Canadians, hailing from nearby Orangeville, Ontario – the boys recently got to #1 in the UK with the Tinie Tempah assisted rework of their song “Tsunami” with Borgeous.  But “This Is Dirty” is WAY better:  Ear-catching, foot-stomping, and club-banging from the first note to its majestic hook which will make every single set of hands in a club go sky high.  If you love EDM, don’t miss this one – you can get it on DVBBS’ Beatport page.

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The Power of Change: “Immortalized” by @NeverestMusic


NEVEREST, “Immortalized”

Toronto trio Neverest are touring the country with stops at many high schools as a part of the “We Create Change Tour” in support of the Free The Children fund to help build 200 new schools in a year for needy countries.  To coincide with this event, the band has recorded “Immortalized” for free download from either their Facebook or Soundcloud pages.  It’s a few steps back from the rollicking “Rewind” and “Take Cover” to a beautifully sung and sweet anthemic ballad that fits the theme of this tour.  So watch for Neverest near where you are – they’re coming to show you a really great time, and don’t forget to say hi.  Download “Immortalized” below.

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A Voice That’s Going Places: @iamJakeBarker with “She Will Be Loved”

JAKE BARKER, “She Will Be Loved”

Jake Barker had me hooked as a bit of an underdog on The Voice with his blind audition of Bruno Mars’ “When I Was Your Man”.  He has this one-of-a-kind soulful edge to his voice, and for someone who had never performed in public (but has lots of interest on You Tube), he has a solid and sincere presence on stage which kept the judges fascinated, so much that he was stolen from Usher’s team by Adam Levine.  And with that steal, Jake chose to perform “She Will Be Loved” for his Maroon 5 lead singer coach.  It was a bold but gracious move, and to me was the highlight of Jake’s performances on The Voice.  Alas his talent cannot be contained by a show like The Voice, so he was let go.  But this young man has a bright, bright future ahead.  His positive use of social media to support his fellow talented friends on The Voice as well as reach out to fans is rare these days.  Jake Barker can sing anything and make it intriguing so I would love to hear him tackle some originals instead of other people’s hits.  I am along for the ride so you can be sure to reach more about Jake Barker in these blog pages in the future!

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Acoustic Soul: “Son Of Night” by @remingtonshand

REMY SHAND, “Son Of Night”

Yes, Canadian soul singer Remy Shand has been back on the music scene for about a year now, creating new sounds and sharing them online, hopefully in anticipation of a full release sometime soon.  It’s so good to have him back, and the best of what I’ve heard lately is “Son Of Night”, a real throwback to warm, emotional R&B of the 70’s, stripped down to just vocal and guitar with a few effects.  And the ending of this short song just makes you want much, much more!  The best place to buy Remy’s music is on his Bandcamp page.

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It’s All Dutch To Me: “Denk Denk Denk” by @JeronimoMusic

JERONIMO, “Denk Denk Denk”

When in doubt, you can always turn to young Dutchman Jeronimo for a feel good song to make you smile.  His latest is “Denk Denk Denk”, sure to have you reeled in before the minute mark with its singalong chorus, and before you know it you might master a little bit of Dutch!  The title means “Think Think Think”… something we all tend to overdo and forget about just having fun.  “Denk Denk Denk” is light and carefree Spring-flavoured pop.  The singer never fails to impress me with his unique voice and expressive performances. You can get it worldwide on iTunes.

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