Get to know @Kantormusic with hard-hitting, melodic and futuristic “Bodies” with vocalist #Rochee

KANTOR and ROCHEE, “Bodies”

Many of you already know Philadelphia’s Greg Kantor as producer/DJ 5 And A Dime, who I’ve written about before in these blog pages.  He’s put 5 And A Dime into the past and kickstarted a project under his own last name which came to life a few weeks ago in a live performance in NYC.  The new song is “Bodies”, and it’s everything melodic and passionate about hard-hitting futuristic-sounding dance music that you can enjoy.  “Bodies” also features NYC Rochee in a very different setting from when we last heard him (Otto Botté’s spicy Latin-flavoured 2017 release “Rocola De Verano”).  Its complexities are heightened when you watch the live performance of it below.  With obvious inspiration from Dance Dance Revolution, Kantor has created live performance technology he called The Grid, which definitely brings a new dimension to a DJ/producer’s performance.  Check it out below and add “Bodies” to your Meet The Future dance playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Laid back electro vibes soar in “Flying High” by @FiveandaDime featuring @YasharGasanov

5 AND A DIME featuring YASHAR GASANOV, “Flying High”

Philadelphia producer 5 And A Dime returns with a 90’s-influenced song that sounds like no other right now with “Flying High” from none other than Lowly Palace.  It features the distinctive vocalizing of Russian singer Yashar Gasanov – distorted, mysterious, not always on key, but ever-so-flowing with the chilled out vibe of the song.  What’s beautiful about “Flying High” is that its melody gets between your ears by not really letting up in its under three minutes length.  If offsets what could be initially a quite polarizing vocal style, making it an intriguing late night alt.rock-flavoured track.  “Flying High” isn’t for everyone, but if you like your dance music on the adventurous side then 5 And A Dime is out to make you soar right along with it.

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