Pittsburgh’s @ASummerHigh returns with the playful bop “London”


After starting to make waves a few years ago (when I first wrote about them) with relentless touring, which included gigs in the U.K., Pittsburgh rockers A Summer High have returned somewhat weathered but not beaten – but pared down to the duo of Mason Levi and James Anthony. “London” is as good a relaunch as any. A Summer High were massive fans of 5 Seconds Of Summer, and “London” moves their sound even closer to the music of that band, albeit with early 2000’s inspiration from Blink 182 and others apparent too. “London” is about crushing on a girl in that city and hoping she feels the same way. It’s an energetic, playful bop that shows that A Summer High is back and means business – in the most entertaining way possible.

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Edgy, spirited rock from Pittsburgh’s @ASummerHigh with “Pretty Little Liar” and “Sad Song”

A SUMMER HIGH, “Pretty Little Liar” and “Sad Song”

I’ve lived long enough to know that music comes in cycles, just not always consistently.  Now seems to be the time for the edgy rock of Blink 182, American Hi-Fi, and All-American Rejects to resurface in fresh forms.  Thus we have Pittsburgh quartet A Summer High with their well-produced EP Pretty Little Liar, yielding the above video for the title song.  I don’t often write about mainstream or pop/rock because it often lately sounds all the same.  The difference for A Summer High is the commitment and honesty in their songs.  As a band they are tight, as I witnessed in concert on Sunday when they opened for Call Me Karizma in my city.  Sure the lyrics are about girls and breaking up, but those themes will be perpetual and as long as the songwriting is on-point, then there are winners like the title song and “Done With It”.  Plus a single released just before the EP, “Sad Song” (below), is well worth checking out for not only its poignancy, but because those emotions are set to a catchy, uptempo guitar-driven rhythm instead of being written as a dreary ballad.  A Summer High are an energetic, spirited band to watch!  Pick up Pretty Little Liar at your favourite online digital store.

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