Colorado-based producer/DJ Disco Lines has an earworm in store for you with “Alive” with vocals by @LillyCorsi


“Alive” is guaranteed to get stuck in your head while your swaying and making your best moves on the dance floor.  It’s brought to you by Colorado-based producer/DJ Disco Lines, who has frequently appeared on the American festival circuit over the past few years.  Accompanied by an unflappable and sultry vocal by Lilly Corsi, you’ll be wanting to add “Alive” to your regular dance workout playlists.  To me it’s about 30 seconds too long but I’d also like to see how some clever remixes might add to the song’s versatile, timeless appeal.

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“Alive” by @JackWins and #ILY brims with exhilarating feels

JACK WINS and ILY, “Alive”

Dutch producer Jack Wins returns with “Alive”, an exhilarating slice of dance/pop that features go-to Swedish vocalist ILY – you know her most recently in these blog pages from Gianni Marino & Boy Problems’ “Can You Hear Me”.  Her recognizable voice helps make “Alive” a winner, with its high end percussive hook that reminds me of recent releases by Australia’s JYYE.  But it’s the positive feels that will pull people out onto the dance floor and “Alive” should keep club goers happy into the winter months.

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L.A.’s @itsWaitwhat returns as a duo with big and crunchy “Alive” featuring @Riellemusic_x

WAITWHAT featuring RIELLE, “Alive” (free DL)

L.A.-based Waitwhat used to just be producer/remixer Troy Skinner, but now he’s brought in mate Damon Dokhani (after some early, promising remixes that I wrote about, no longer online) for some next level new original tunes.  Just out of the gate is big and crunchy “Alive” featuring NYC singer Rielle for Future Bass Records.  “Alive” has the chops to make the dance floor shake as Rielle’s alluring and commanding vocal directs the rhythm.  Waitwhat’s tight synth work doesn’t let up, bringing it down as appropriate to let Rielle’s voice take control, then punching it back up with its memorable melodic hook.  As we look forward to more from Waitwhat, you can download “Alive” for free while you can at the link above.

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Brighten Your Day with “Alive” by @JamesPoole_



Brilliant UK singer James Poole brings his quartet of piano-based songs to completion for his online EP For Your Ears Only with “Alive” (below).  It’s a lovely, positive song about always looking ahead to tomorrow with someone special.  Staying positive in the world with or without companionship can be a difficult thing for many of us sometimes.  The song really allows James’ voice to soar and be convincing as well.  Do not forget to check out his other songs at the You Tube link below.  “Alive” sounds melodically similar to his own “Silver Moonlight”.  “The Clocks Of Our Lives” is based on an classical Italian melody, while “Runaway” is probably the most obvious ‘pop’ song of the four.  It appears that James will have a release sometime soon for us to purchase, so like the other Poole Party fans who read my blog I am awaiting it quite anxiously 🙂  I’ve also put the link below to James’ outside-of-the-box take on the classic “I Put A Spell On You”, which I personally think contains his best vocal that I’ve heard, in case you missed it!