“The Great Escape” is potent EDM from @Ravitez & @Afrojack feat. @AmbaShepherd

RAVITEZ & AFROJACK featuring AMBA SHEPHERD, “The Great Escape”

It was a great thing when Afrojack launched his own label Wall Recordings, otherwise we might not hear sparkling new talent like Ravitez.  Afrojack has brought his fellow Dutch protege on many recent tours, and “The Great Escape” is as potent a pairing as you could wish for, made even better with yet another great Amba Shepherd vocal to highlight the high energy of the song.  I’d be shocked if “The Great Escape” doesn’t end up on dance music charts worldwide, and like with past Afrojack records like “Ten Feet Tall” or “Take Over Control” has pop crossover potential.  Watch for Afrojack and Ravitez to bring their show to a city near you, and in the meantime you can buy “The Great Escape” on all digital platforms, and listen above on Spotify.

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@officialMaxR shifts with a progressive throttle on @NERVOmusic’s “Did We Forget” featuring @AmbaShepherd

NERVO featuring AMBA SHEPHERD, “Did We Forget” (MaxR remix)

For his next feat, after revisiting Manse’s “Freeze Time” with a  timely potent and energetic remix, MaxR dives into a song from NERVO’s Collateral album called “Did We Forget”, which happens to feature the beautiful vocals of Amba Shepherd, who has sang with just about every major name in the EDM world in recent years.  The collaboration is a wildly successful blend of progressive house and tribal rhythms in the original.  MaxR again goes for the throat with a full throttle progressive remix that replaces the tribal beats in favour of a bouncing and driving rhythm that glides alongside the “we re-found love” theme of the song.  You can download MaxR’s remix of “Did We Forget” for free at the link above.

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