“Love You To The Sky” is uplifting electropop from the masters themselves, @Erasureinfo

ERASURE, “Love You To The Sky”

“Love You To The Sky” is the first taste of the new Erasure album World Be Gone for duo Andy Bell and Vince Clarke, the follow up to 2015’s highly successful The Velvet Flame. ¬†That album put singles “Elevation”, “Reason” and “Sacred” back into the upper-end of the dance charts, where Erasure should rightly be more than 30 years after their first hit (my first club experience with Erasure was in 1986 ūüėÄ ). ¬†Andy also has a fab¬†thing going on in collaboration with Dave Aud√© – two #1 Billboard club play songs in a row. ¬†

There’s nothing particularly new about “Love You To The Sky” – it’s reliably, solid Erasure with a straight-forward positive pop song about a summer romance with Andy’s recognizable voice front and centre, and a lilting, uncomplicated-sounding synth backdrop from Vince. ¬†It’s everything you know and want from Erasure that will be a singalong by the time they tour next. ¬†You can also head over to their page on Pledge Music where they offer up some incentives to help get World Be Gone finished and released. ¬†Check out the lyric video for “Love You To The Sky” above.

ElectroPOP! @DaveAude & @AndyBell_info “True Original” and @Spraypopmusic & @KidKasio with “It’s Not Enough”

Is there a mini-revival going on am I just imagining it? ¬†I’m talking about British electroPOP. ¬†Granted performers from other countries also did well in this dance music genre, but no one did it like the Brits in the 80’s. ¬†

DAVE AUDE featuring ANDY BELL, “True Original”

There are too many performers to mention, but electroPOP came along during the New Wave era, and stayed long past. ¬†Erasure is one of the originators of this style, and the duo of Vince Clarke and Andy Bell came back big time last year with The Violet Flame album, yielding three Top 10 club hits with “Elevation”, “Reason”, and “Sacred”. ¬†In a side partnership with the renown producer deluxe Dave Aud√© (who seemingly remixed just about everything in 2015) , Andy was the vocalist on Dave’s #1 club smash “Aftermath” as well. ¬†And so this pair are back with pure, no-nonsense electroPOP with “True Original”, which has already vaulted into Billboard’s Top 25 Dance Club Play songs. ¬†It’s a splendid, happy song for the mid-winter blahs and should quickly soar to the top of the dance club charts. ¬†Like with “Aftermath”, Dave’s production has brought out the best in Andy’s voice as in Erasure’s halcyon days. ¬†Though I’m not crazy about its video, “True Original” is slick, bouncing, beautiful, electroPOP bliss.

SPRAY + KID KASIO, “It’s Not Enough”

Although this other duo hasn’t been around as long as Erasure and haven’t had chart success like them or Dave Aud√©, the bold and prolific Spray – Jenny McLaren and Ricardo Autobahn, noted for songs such as “I Am Gothic”, “You Can Always Go Home” and even “Everything’s Better With¬†Muppets” – can ride this electroPOP train with one of their best efforts to date called “It’s Not Enough”. ¬†Featuring fellow Brit Kid Kasio, this partnership also sounds just fab together. ¬†Great vocals, a powerhouse chorus, and enough high-end to leap out of the speakers make “It’s Not Enough” memorable enough to grab you by the feet and keep them glued to the dance floor. ¬†Pick it up on iTunes.


Back In Fine Form: @Erasureinfo with “Elevation”, @DaveAude & @AndyBell_info “Aftermath (Here We Go)”


ERASURE, “Elevation”

DAVE AUDE featuring ANDY BELL, “Aftermath (Here We Go)”

I was thrilled to find out this summer that Erasure is back not only on record with The Violet Flame in September, but shortly after its release, they will be touring and making a stop in my city *tickets bought*… I first saw them in 1986 and last (of five times, I think) in 2011!! ¬†So first on deck we have “Elevation” (ab0ve), a sparkling mid-tempo song which takes us back to their mid-90’s songs such as “Always” courtesy of glistening Richard X production. ¬†It’s going to sound great in concert! ¬†Next up is a US club #1 for “Aftermath (Here We Go)” (below), and if this was a radio era like 20 years ago, you’d be hearing it to death everywhere. ¬†Truly, this song has HIT written all over it and shouldn’t be overlooked. ¬†Dave Aud√© clearly put his Erasure inspiration hat on and gives us one of Andy’s best recent vocals (and Andy’s looking wonderfully fit in the video as ever). ¬†At times it sounds so much like Erasure that even hardcore Erasure fans wouldn’t know! ¬†The last quarter of 2014 looks to bring us great music and shows from Erasure and maybe even more songs from Andy given the success of “Aftermath”. ¬†

Quirky & Quiet Retro iTouch Shuffle Mix

Sometimes letting the iTouch go to shuffle comes up with some interesting mixes of music that you wouldn’t put together yourself.¬† Here’s what I heard on the drive to work this morning.¬† Pretty quirky and quiet until the last songs – makes me wonder what I’ll hear on the drive home ūüôā

Michael Buble “Sway (Ralphi’s Salsation vox edit)” (2004)

Andy Bell “Crazy” (2005 – Electric Blue album)

Tony Stone “This Is Serious (extended mix)” (1988)

Fashion “Dressed To Kill” (1982 – Fabrique album)

Steve Winwood “The Finer Things” (1987)

Jai “Cry Me A River” (1998 – Heaven album)

Book Of Love “I Touch Roses” (1986)

Kaiser Chiefs “Thank You Very Much” (2007 – Yours Truly, Angry Mob album)

Madonna & Justin Timberlake “4 Minutes” (2008)

I’ll try and post links to a few of the more obscure songs later.