Arizona’s @Devoramusicxo lives life fast and furious in rocking “Not Dead Yet”

DEVORA, “Not Dead Yet”

If you like your guitar-filled rock fast and furious but outside of the heavy/death/speed metal sub-genres, then you’ll find a treat in “Not Dead Yet” by Arizona singer/songwriter Devora.  She coins the phrase “outlaw pop” to describe her music, and in “Not Dead Yet” if you don’t keep up you’ll be left in the dust. It’s about living life fast and furious, and not giving up – you can still keep going because you’re not dead yet. It’s a challenge for you as the listener to buy into this philosophy and enjoy the ride, but to think about what you really want and keep striving to attain those goals even if it means travelling into the dark unknown.  Devora’s voice is Joan Jett-meets-Suzi Quatro with a dash of Gwen Stefani in her No Doubt days, and is definitely a tad left of centre from what other women are recording in pop music.  Devora’s ambitious style and the zeal in her messages should continue to attract attention in the coming year.

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It’s @PenguinPrison x 3, with vocals for @Gramercysound on “Unbelievable Love” and remixes for @Arizona_music and @FreedomFrymusic

GRAMERCY featuring PENGUIN PRISON, “Unbelievable Love”

ARIZONA, “Electric Touch” (Penguin Prison remix)

FREEDOM FRY, “Junkie” (Penguin Prison remix)

I definitely enjoy my doses of new music by or featuring Penguin Prison in doses of three like this 🙂  New York’s Chris Glover is back with new music following his second album, 2015’s Lost In New York, featuring on vocals with fellow NYC denizen (but a Canadian in disguise , hehe) Gramercy on “Unbelievable Love” (above) for Spinnin’ Deep no less.  This is particularly fast-paced house that will sound great in clubs at the top of the evening.  And Gramercy, also known as Justin Davey, knows his craft well and who to work with – he’s produced songs by the likes of David Guetta, Jason Derulo and Nicki Minaj.  With fine songs like “Unbelievable Love”, Gramercy is one to watch!

Returning to more familiar territory that sends me back to Penguin Prison’s other remixes, like for Ghost Town’s “Too Young” a few years back, we have French/American duo Freedom Fry with “Junkie” (below).  The catchy song, from an EP of official Remixes, gets a big boost from PP’s funky touches which do all the right things to help make this one a singalong come chorus time.

Penguin Prison also tackles an official remix for on-the-bubble New Jersey group             A R I Z O N A on “Electric Touch” (also below).  With more of a regimental rhythm and lots of high end, PP’s remix captures the magic of instant love at first touch.  This one’s an easy grab for club DJ’s to catch on to Arizona’s growing appeal and Penguin Prison’s effortless way of making his interpretations work so well.