L.A. duo @Sevenn bring it short, sweet ‘n sexy with “Lollipop”

SEVENN, “Lollipop”

US production duo Sevenn – Sean Brauer and Kevin Brauer – have a sugary holiday winner with “Lollipop”.  Taking many finessed cues from 90’s and 00’s classic house, “Lollipop” becomes less of a novelty track and more of a short, sweet ‘n sexy deep house bumper.  The uncredited female vocal gives it some sleek cheese to please, but the song is more about a tight groove that just doesn’t want to let up.  No wonder Armada has jumped on it – be sure listen for “Lollipop” during festival season.


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Another Canadian to watch: @Fambamusic nails classic house with a twist with “Right Here Right Now”

FAMBA, “Right Here Right Now” (extended version)

The folks at Armada have brought us some great new talent this year, and one is under my own Canadian doorstep, although in Halifax.  Famba’s extended version of “Right Here Right Now” is a real treat that club DJ’s should immediately embrace.  It’s definitely rooted in 90’s and early 2000’s house music but if any influence might be prominent it’s Armand Van Helden.  The groove in “Right Here” kicks in early but it’s got these cool spoken word passages that will really draw people in.  And not only this, but the extended version sustains its 7 minute + length, allowing DJ’s to watch the fun that unfolds in front of them.  Famba’s “Right Here Right Now” is one of those finds you’ll want to put on repeat as hear more from what the young producer/DJ has coming up.  Give a solid listen at the link above.

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Crunchy European groove: “Sirius” by @GianniKosta featuring #Belle

GIANNI KOSTA featuring BELLE, “Sirius”

Paris-based producer Gianni Kosta has a winner with “Sirius” featuring vocalist Belle through Armada’s The Bearded Man imprint.  Gianni’s already caught attention working with Lost Frequencies and Demi Lovato’s “Confident”.  But “Sirius” has definitely got a crunch European groove down pat which will standout in a club mix.   Belle’s laid back and warm vocal supports the story of a relationship that nearly falls apart but once you’re ‘sirius’ about it it will all be fine.  Marry that with images of the warm southern France beaches and the colour of the Mediterranean and “Sirius” goes down easy.  Check it out at the link above.

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