House producer @DJAlexPreston masterfully recrafts….. Marvin Gaye’s “Heard It Through The Grapevine”

MARVIN GAYE, “Heard It Through The Grapevine” (Alex Preston rework) (free DL)

Yes, you are reading this correctly, so do not be afraid ūüôā¬† Australian house producer Alex Preston boldly takes on a Motown classic that should otherwise be untouched, Marvin Gaye’s 1968 chart-topping cover of “Heard It Through The Grapevine”.¬† In order to make his point, Alex excises the haunting bass work and rhythm track of the original, and replaced it with an amped up, driving house rhythm.¬† He adds a lot of echo to Marvin’s original emotional vocal, making it sound even more isolated in the face of those hurting, cheating lyrics.¬† The first three minutes of this rework are an utterly seamless tribute to the original and will have club goers cheering.¬† The remaining two minutes are technically wonderful mixing handoffs for creative club DJ’s.¬† Best of all, you can have this update for free for now at the link above.¬† Alex Preston’s rework of “Grapevine” is a convincing and masterful surprise – more please!!¬† Reworks like this cannot be done without inbred passion for the source, and it’s a real treat for long-time Motown fans like me.


21 year old Aussie @JYYE_official keeps it fresh and vibey with “Somewhere Else”

JYYE, “Somewhere Else”

A rising light into the complex Australian dance music scene is 21 year old JYYE with his latest single “Somewhere Else”.¬† Brought to you by Tiesto’s AFTR:HRS label (which brought us “Fill Me In” by Loud Luxury and Ryan Shepherd last year) and supported by stars like Martin Garrix, “Somewhere Else” has to be fresh and vibey to get your attention.¬† JYYE crafts a percolating rhythm accentuated by high, percussive, even xylophonic sounds.¬† These are offset by a somewhat soft and adorable vocal by an uncredited singer.¬† It all makes “Somewhere Else” stand out and will lead in nicely to a set of bangers.¬† Watch for more from JYYE after “Somewhere Else” quickly acquires some additional deserving attention.¬† Add it to your New and Vibey playlist at the link above.

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Australia’s @AronaMane offers infectious ‘retrofuture’ toe-tapper “Oscar” featuring @PTfromNZ

ARONA MANE featuring P.T., “Oscar”

With those of us in the great white north heading into Spring, unique and fun toe-tappers like “Oscar” from Sydney’s Arona Mane featuring Auckland R&B vocalist P.T. are more than welcome.¬† I’m not sure where the influence for the uncharacteristic rhythm comes from, but it could draw on aboriginal Australian music as much as it might African, Caribbean or South American songs.¬† Regardless, it’s pretty irresistible, with P.T.’s slick vocal creating a solid anchor.¬† Once you get past the music you’ll find some lyrics which seem to be set on having a good time after you’ve gotten through some hurdles, the goal being your own “Oscar”.¬† Arona Mane calls this one ‘retrofuture’, which is kind of a contradiction, but at the same time begs the thought that house music with infectious rhythms like “Oscar” could be what the rest of the world will be listening to in a year.¬† There may be some foundation to that thought!¬† Check out “Oscar” at the link above.

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Meet mystery newcomer @Vincent_Pine with engaging indie alt.rock of “Perfectly Familiar”

VINCENT PINE, “Perfectly Familiar”

I’m going to let Australia-based singer/songwriter Vincent Pine be an enigma for now to let the highly engaging “Perfectly Familiar” stand on its own.¬† It’s rich-sounding, straight-forward, guitar-oriented indie alt.rock with a striking and convincing vocal that might appeal to those who enjoy performers like James Bay, The 1975, or Jake Bugg, but also seems to draw unintentionally on late 80’s sounds familiar to fans of bands like Stone Roses, The Railway Children, or House Of Love.¬† It’s an interesting side project for the performer, who is also becoming known under another name as a splendid electronic dance producer.¬† “Perfectly Familiar” goes down really easy, as you will find by listening to it at the link above.

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New sounds from #Oz courtesy of #JAMO featuring #Youngsoul with “S.O.S.”

JAMO featuring YOUNGSOUL, “S.O.S.”

“S.O.S” is one heckuva three minute jam from 20 year old Australian self-taught producer JAMO featuring fellow Oz vocalist Youngsoul.¬† The song cleverly takes its cue from the Skrillex and Diplo productions that sent Justin Bieber’s career skyrocketing again two years ago, not by emulating them, but by taking them to another level.¬† JAMO has built a structured, seamless production around an infectious song carried by an appealing and engaging vocal.¬† All of this will go a long way, especially for club DJ’s, who should embrace it wholeheartedly and give exposure to JAMO outside of his own country.¬† Lend your ears to “S.O.S.” at the link above.

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Lots of big post-breakup beats in “Over U” by Australia’s @Enschway featuring @YeahBoymusic

ENSCHWAY featuring YEAH BOY, “Over U”

Australian producer/remixer Enschway knows how to power up a breakup song with the big beats in “Over U”.¬† Although anyone through a romance will relate to the lyrics, the bouncy execution becomes cathartic and fun.¬† It’s also carried by the clever vocals of British singer Yeah Boy, formerly of the duo Parachute Youth (you also know him from 3LAU’s “Is It Love”).¬† There’s a fine arrangement full of chemistry crammed into just over two minutes, which unfortunately has much too fast of a finale.¬† But I’d definitely love to hear these guys create another record.¬† Check out “Over U” at the link above.

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Australia-based @Latchmeresound shines with summery “You”


UK-born, Australia-based producer Latchmere continues to showcase the diverse mix of dance music he can offer with “You”. ¬†While essentially an instrumental with vocal effects, “You” has an summery classic house vibe with some slight hip hop flavour to create a big bounce that makes you feel good when it all meshes together. ¬†It’s pretty straight-forward and immediately likeable ūüôā Be sure to show “You” and Latchmere’s other songs some love by starting with the link up above for a free download.

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Australian producer/DJ @KLPmusic brings it hard with her own punchy original “Changes”

KLP, “Changes”

She’s a force on Australia’s Triple J radio, but producer/DJ KLP definitely has international potential with her own original “Changes”. ¬†It’s certainly one to play coming out of a quiet mix, with a dramatic 60’s-styled beginning followed by KLP’s own vocals which contain elements of Gwen Stefani. ¬†The song evolves into a sophisticated and anthemic floor filler which should be accompanied by the requisite bright, colourful lights and endlessly flowing bubbly in fancy glasses. ¬†“Changes” is one to watch so it’s best to give it a solid listen at the Spotify link above. ¬†Gotta like the 80’s Madonna-esque look in the photo artwork too!

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Australia’s @Spenda_C brings you the unique hip hop-infused “Release” featuring @CultShotta

SPENDA C featuring CULT SH√ėTTA, “Release”

People often forget how innovative the Australian dance music scene is, and that sometimes when new music arrives on North American or European shores, it’s treated as odd… and then becomes the next big thing six months later. ¬†Spenda C is well-established in his homeland but puts a unique hip hop-infused spin on EDM with “Release”, featuring fellow Aussie, rapper/singer Cult Sh√łtta. ¬†“Release” gives us an awful lot to digest in its 3:32 length. ¬†There’s a terrific uncredited female vocal to give it a familiar EDM lift, but then Cult Sh√łtta’s vocal arrives, alternates between rapping and singing – fans who like everyone from Fetty Wap to Big Sean to Kranium will appreciate this diversity ūüôā ¬†And the song develops this infectious, dizzying buzz that keeps going, which you will simply love. ¬†Check out “Release” at the link above. ¬†This is a grower that could find its way as a surprise summer breakout.

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ContempoRetro: New @Parralox in generous “Subculture”

PARRALOX, Subculture

You can never knock a Parralox album for being anything less than a high quality venture from Australian producer/vocalist/synthmaster and all round nice guy John von Ahlen. ¬†It’s a journey through almost every possible synth sound created between the late 70’s and now, with songs that are shaped to give you major feels for parts of all of those eras – a couple of the songs sound like they were teleported in from the late 1979 disco/new wave melting pot in particular! ¬†Subculture, Parralox’s 10th long-player and also the title of one of my very favourite New Order songs ūüôā is the sum of all of its parts and more featuring vocals by John and several friends/guests. ¬†

Out of 14 generous tracks, the opener “Paradise” features the acclaimed Marcella Detroit, most noted as one half of Shakespear’s Sister but with a storied career before that as songwriter and session singer. ¬†John’s rich production is the perfect match for a crisp and savvy vocal by Marcella which brings out the heartache in the song. ¬†Equally ear-catching but on a totally different bent is “Last Man Standing” featuring fellow Aussie Peter Wilson, which has a 70’s pop radio flavour to contrast its driving beat. ¬†“A Question Of Love” makes an unofficial trilogy¬†from the Depeche Mode songs “A Question Of Lust” and “A Question Of Time”, one of the darker more brooding songs in Subculture featuring a lovely vocal by Louise Love. ¬†

Elsewhere on the album you’ll hear Human League bassist Ian Burden (especially on “Overdrive”), and vocals by Johanna Gervin and Lillia, plus two redone Parralox songs, “Rocket Science II” and “Voyager II”. ¬†One of the best songs also is all John on “Change Of Heart”. ¬†Subculture is as much disco as it is mid-80’s post-new wave electronicas as it is contemporary house music.

Always bold and adventurous and as contemporary as retro, John von Ahlen and Parralox’s Subculture is a feast for the ears, the heart and your dancing shoes. ¬†Hear it all at the link above and buy it at your favourite online music store.