Australia’s @SonnyFodera might have his biggest smash yet with “Angel” featuring @Clementinetunes from star-studded upcoming album “Wide Awake”


When you’re on a roll in the music biz, you want to stay there and keep that momentum going, especially if it might be some of the best music of a 10+ year career.  Leading up to his star-studded new album Wide Awake (featuring MK, Diplo, Vintage Culture, Ella Eyre, and many more), Sonny Fodera has released one of his finest, and certain to be biggest, singles yet with “Angel” featuring the delightful voice of co-writer Clementine Douglas. This is one song that will make dance music radio programmers melt with its smooth, refreshing melody that carries Clementine’s often soulful voice along. Though it’s hardly new subject matter, “Angel” is a risk-free example of how to make effusive, shimmering dance/pop for today’s audiences.  “Angel” is one you’ll be enjoying for a long time.

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Meet Pennsylvania dance producer #WVLNGTH who marries pop and funky vibes in “Good Life” with singer/songwriter @officialVBravo


In “Good Life”, it’s time to celebrate YOU, and toss away any ashes of heartbreak that seem to linger endlessly.  It’s a tight collaboration between central Pennsylvania dance producer WVLNGTH (aka Shawn Kanna), who has released a steady stream of singles for the last two years, and Australian singer/songwriter Veronica Bravo, who recently achieved over one million streams on Spotify. Veronica’s vocal becomes that voice inside you that urges you to get out and have fun. It’s an exceptionally well-written song that is carried by that playful and soulful vocal, and WVLNGTH’s hybrid disco-funk rhythms have a lot of retro appeal. If you’re looking for positive songs to help you get out of a rut or just to kick off an enjoyable night, then “Good Life” is a key addition for your playlist.

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Get to know Australia’s viral sensation @RickyRosen_ with “Dim The Lights”

RICKY ROSEN, “Dim The Lights”

During the past month, Sydney, Australia’s Ricky Rosen has surfaced in my Instagram feed several times, covering songs as varied as the classic “Dream A Little Dream Of Me” through to ones by Frank Ocean, Justin Bieber and Miguel, so I had to check and see if he had any recorded material online.  The medical student first came to prominence last year on Tik Tok with his cover of Colbie Caillat’s “Bubbly” sung in 5 different accents.  Simply put, Ricky’s got a dreamy voice with rich tones that make listeners swoon.  His most recent original single “Dim The Lights” also shows potential for Ricky as a songwriter. He’s nailed his style down pat – pop/jazz with a soulful edge. It’s very reminiscent of Harry Connick Jr. when he arrived on the scene in the 80’s, although online comparisons to Michael Bublé are already in full force.  Ricky Rosen is definitely someone to watch for – the music industry will not let viral talent get away with so much natural vocal talent.

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“Nah” is the fun new dance release by the triple threat talents of @SonnyFodera, @SineadHarnett and @KOLIDESCOPES


One memorable phrase that music fans can never seem to get enough of is “nah nah nah”. And it’s with the triple threat talents of Australia-born Sonny Fodera, L.A. based British soul singer Sinéad Harnett, and rising Aussie producers and songwriting talents KOLIDESCOPES (Joel Corry & MNEK’s “Head & Heart”), who make the most of it all from a legitimately fun place. Sinéad’s knowing vocal puts the subject of this end-of-relationship song in their place, kissing off all of the braggadocio and leaving it swimming in deep water with nowhere to go.  The production really sparkles, which means that “Nah” should impress the hell out of fans, club DJ’s, and radio programmers alike after Sonny’s recent success with Just Kiddin and protégé Lilly Ahlberg on “Closer”.

Australia’s Beamish Brothers return with more catchy, slick dance pop with a message in “Privilege”


Jeremy and Ben Beamish are definitely on fire with three releases in a row that command your attention.  “Privilege” is the latest, following up “Dollar In The Heart” and “Anxious”, which both reflect personal and global themes such as greed, money, corporate domination, mental health, and more.  “Privilege” is the light-hearted one of the bunch, but continues to offer soulful vocals and funky rhythms to support the fine lyrical content.  As shown in the video above, “Privilege” comments on those well-off, privileged individuals who are just wrapped up in their own lives in a self-made vacuum – the world revolves around them.  Each of the lads continue to sound better and better with vocal registers totally on point, and another well-made, direct and interesting video too.

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Australia’s @NeedsNoSleep_ teams up with Germany’s @FabMassimo for festival anthem “Get Up”


Simply put, “Get Up” is designed for a good time, and once you’re up you’re gonna stay there if Australia’s Needs No Sleep and Germany’s Fab Massimo have their way.  The song features a cool sung/spoken vocal that brings a number of other songs come to mind (90’s dance smash “People Are Still Having Sex” by LaTour and “Right Here Right Now” by Famba, among them).  It’s designed for loud play at festivals and clubs, and there it will find its greatest success with its rich deep house groove and huge synth beats.  Just….. dance!!

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Vancouver producer Tails pairs with Australian vocalist @AyaYvesmusic for the gentle electronics of “last night (eclipse)”

TAILS and AYA YVES, “last night (eclipse)”

“last night (eclipse)” is full of so many vocal and production subtleties that it’s easy to let it slip away.  But that merely paves the way for additional listens to this new song from Vancouver electronic producer Tails and Australian singer Aya Yves.  The more you hear it, the more you appreciate its gentle nature and first class production in its story about giving in and being caught up in a special romantic night with someone.  Aya Yves has one of those versatile voices that could bring any song to life and Tails often fuses it with the melody and rhythm with great results.

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Australia’s Beamish Brothers are back with the pop/R&B sounds of “Anxious”


Ben and Jeremy Beamish have a plan for their music, and it involves a whole lotta fun set to R&B-influenced rhythms and beats in a pop setting that audiences enjoy in releases by the likes of Bruno Mars and Maroon 5.  “Anxious” follows up their last release, the pointed but still fanciful “Dollar At The Heart”.  While all ears are on Jeremy’s soulful vocal which taps into his spot-on falsetto, it’s the harmonies between the brothers that are really flaunted in the production.  Add lyrics which during these strange times anyone can identify with, and “Anxious” has the total package which makes it an enjoyable and often ear-turning release.  Check out the cool animated lyric video above.

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Australia’s @NeedsNoSleep and Jeremy Beamish team up for irresistible house track “Unnatural”


“Unnatural” wastes no time crawling between your ears and getting stuck inside for repeat plays.  It’s brought to you by Australian producer Needs No Sleep in collaboration with vocalist/songwriter Jeremy Beamish, one half of The Beamish Brothers, who have already graced these blog pages with their great songs.  “Unnatural” projects appropriately dark atmosphere, in a moody but cool house track that meshes the pan-European sound of a Nora En Pure with an inward-facing anthem that might fit fellow Aussies The Presets.  Jeremy Beamish turns the page successfully into new territory with a deeper, hypnotic vocal than we are used to hearing with The Beamish Brothers. Needless to say, “Unnatural” is a simply marvelous track and I’m delighted that it’s making its way up the the ARIA club chart into the Top 30.

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Australia’s Peter Wilson @pete80s and England’s @SeanSmithsolo return for another wonderful duet covering Robert Miles’ “One And One”


I didn’t think another duet would ever happen, and I don’t think they did either, but Peter Wilson and Sean Smith are back in magnificent form with their take on Robert Miles’ 1997 classic “One And One” from Peter’s new album Electricity.  The Australian and British singers are solid talents in their own right, but something utterly unexpected and delightful happened with the release of their first duet, “Verona”, a few years back (check it out below if you don’t know it!).  It’s a song that I still play frequently and reached #2 on my personal chart.  This version of “One And One” doesn’t rely on Robert Miles’ original as its reference point, rather it dances a few years back to the heyday of Erasure for a fun, vibrant spin on early 90’s electropop, so feel free to dance your heart out.  Both voices shine and one thing’s for certain – we must have more!