Australia’s @NeedsNoSleep and Jeremy Beamish team up for irresistible house track “Unnatural”


“Unnatural” wastes no time crawling between your ears and getting stuck inside for repeat plays.  It’s brought to you by Australian producer Needs No Sleep in collaboration with vocalist/songwriter Jeremy Beamish, one half of The Beamish Brothers, who have already graced these blog pages with their great songs.  “Unnatural” projects appropriately dark atmosphere, in a moody but cool house track that meshes the pan-European sound of a Nora En Pure with an inward-facing anthem that might fit fellow Aussies The Presets.  Jeremy Beamish turns the page successfully into new territory with a deeper, hypnotic vocal than we are used to hearing with The Beamish Brothers. Needless to say, “Unnatural” is a simply marvelous track and I’m delighted that it’s making its way up the the ARIA club chart into the Top 30.

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Australia’s Peter Wilson @pete80s and England’s @SeanSmithsolo return for another wonderful duet covering Robert Miles’ “One And One”


I didn’t think another duet would ever happen, and I don’t think they did either, but Peter Wilson and Sean Smith are back in magnificent form with their take on Robert Miles’ 1997 classic “One And One” from Peter’s new album Electricity.  The Australian and British singers are solid talents in their own right, but something utterly unexpected and delightful happened with the release of their first duet, “Verona”, a few years back (check it out below if you don’t know it!).  It’s a song that I still play frequently and reached #2 on my personal chart.  This version of “One And One” doesn’t rely on Robert Miles’ original as its reference point, rather it dances a few years back to the heyday of Erasure for a fun, vibrant spin on early 90’s electropop, so feel free to dance your heart out.  Both voices shine and one thing’s for certain – we must have more!

London-based Australian singer/songwriter @EbonyBuckle returns with a stunning vocal in “Wonder”


I wrote about “Ghost” by Ebony Buckle last summer, which introduced me to her stunning voice and unique stories.  Based on a 1980’s story about the world’s loneliest whale who would sing at a frequency of 52hz (higher than any species known to humans), “Wonder” quite enchanting indeed.  While the video has great effects and weaves the story well, to me it somehow doesn’t capture the warmth and fascination of the song itself as well. Ebony’s voice will recall Kate Bush and Sinead O’Connor for precision, with Maggie Reilly’s flair for storytelling (co-writing courtesy of husband Nick Burns).  “Wonder”, with its taut, contrasting arrangement, keeps you patiently waiting for what Ebony will sing next, until its long and deliberate fade out leaves the eye-opening story finished, for now.

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Australia’s Beamish Brothers take on corporate greed in “Dollar At The Heart”


Australia’s Ben and Jeremy Beamish continue to prove that they, as The Beamish Brothers, are talents to keep your eyes and ears on with their latest alt.pop/rock single “Dollar At The Heart”.  Once again using soul-flavoured melodies and provocative, well-thought lyrics as with their last release “Nature”, the brothers keep sounding better with each song – Jeremy’s vocal runs and Ben’s almost acapella solo in particular being highlights.  “Dollar At The Heart” is timely because it focuses on corporate greed, something that doesn’t even let up for a second during a pandemic when so many people are living in recessions and when some are losing everything they have.  As a counterpoint to the serious subject matter, the video for “Dollar At The Heart”, which appears to be set in the 80’s given the fashion, telephones, and computer work stations, is a hoot as office workers unite to bring down the big cheese. Ahhh, fantasy 😉 

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New Swedish producer @_themakproject elevates “Slow” by Australian producer Bankii and vocalist Billy Otto

BANKII and BILLY OTTO, “Slow” (mak. remix)

In its original form, “Slow” by Australian producer Bankii and fellow Aussie ‘dream pop’ vocalist Billy Otto is a beautiful and quiet electronic song with ethereal qualities.  New Swedish producer mak. elevates the song with some pitch changes, additional layers of unintrusive synths, and at times a faster tempo.  He manages to keep the dreamy, exotic elements of the original intact which makes it appealing to its fans.  mak. has already had some streaming success with his remix of Coopex’s “Don’t Look Back”, and with “Slow” he definitely continues in a positive and progressive direction.

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“Be Somebody” is the new uplifting anthem from @DillonFrancis featuring Australian singer @EvieIrie


If you’re looking for an uplifting anthem of encouragement, then listen no further to “Be Somebody” by L.A.-based superstar producer Dillon Francis featuring the voice of young Australian singer/songwriter Evie Irie.  Released on his own IDGAFOS label through Casablanca/Republic, and already breaking out at US dance radio, “Be Somebody” gets right down to business with a brisk rhythm that makes its short two-and-a-half minute length go even faster.  Evie Irie’s down-to-earth vocal sounds like a blend of Billie Eilish-meets-Dua Lipa, and makes you do a double-take in a ‘where have I heard her’ before kind of moment.  “Be Somebody” has a lot of innate charm and Dillon’s slick style makes it all seamless.  I prefer its “VIP” mix, but there’s a slightly pitched up one by Moodshift, as well as a busier transformation by XIE for you to check out in the EP below where you can appreciate it in all of its variations.

Go with the flow of “All The Waves” by NYC-based Australia born singer/songwriter @ValenciaJamestw


When I wrote about a release by Valencia James last year, I compared the power in her voice to Lady Gaga.  And while that may be so on that song (“Flames”), in her latest called “All The Waves”, it’s like Dua Lipa meets Sarah McLachlan.  Her soundscape and vivid, memorable lyrics, about working through tough times to bring out the best in us, instantly recall the music of the latter, while her current pop flair recalls the former.  There’s no doubt that it’s an interesting blend which all works well together.  Give “All The Waves” a few spins and add it to a playlist that might also include Kate Bush, The Pretenders, and Annie Lennox where you can definitely appreciate the diversity of a singer like Valencia James.

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Look out 2021, Alison Wonderland @awonderland is about to take over the electronic dance music world with songs like “Bad Things”


There is no denying that Alison Wonderland has paid her dues in her 11 years in the music business to become the superstar producer and performer that she is today. The L.A.-based, Sydney, Australia-born producer is the benchmark for fellow women in electronic dance music, thanks to scoring two #1 electronic dance albums and giving numerous well-received (by fans and critics) performances at festivals over the past few years. With 2020 being a transitional year for music, it was refreshing to hear her surface in the atypical duet with Chet Porter on “bummed” earlier this year, and take part online in performance to the delight of her fans as well – her excellent Digital Mirage set is below. Enter her new single “Bad Things”, and you can just envision a new festival set in your mind. The song features magnificent synth work and production, and a chorus that will have you swaying. I can’t wait to hear what’s in store for Alison Wonderland next year. Check out the intriguing video above.

“Too Busy” marries future bass with soulful vocals from Australian producer @Noymusicau and singer @Sophiegrophy


“Too Busy” packs an immediate double-whammy punch thanks to rich production by Australia’s Noy and ear-catching vocals by Nigeria-born, New Zealand raised Sophiegrophy, who is a new singer to me but one I will be on the lookout for again. It’s a rare happy mix of future bass with pop/soul, with big and fresh synth sounds from Noy which lend a commanding presence to Sophiegrophy’s voice. Every year there are always surprises that come from talented Australian musicians and singers like these. “Too Busy” is a follow up to Noy’s collaboration with Jordan Burns which I wrote about this past July on the solid progressive electronic EP Like Me.

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Australia’s @TiaGostelow and @HolyHolymusic make a winning collaboration with “Always”


It’s a good strategy for performers on the rise to combine forces and bring the best of everything they have to offer to the table, especially not being particularly known outside of their own country.  Tia Gostelow won Australia radio station Triple J’s Album of the Year last year, and the duo of Holy Holy have placed a few songs in the upper reaches of the ARIA charts.  Combined together they have millions and millions of streams to their credit, and the original “Always” is a winner.  The vocals by Tia and Holy Holy singer Timothy Carroll are affecting enough together to drive the song home, and an acoustic rendition would be a welcome alternate take on it.  However the production here also accentuates lush synths which are an electronic blanket for the longing in the lyrics.  “Always” would certainly sound great next to Dua Lipa and Harry Styles on the radio.

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