French electronic dance producer @Nezzymusic releases radio-friendly “Back To You” with vocalist @TimSchoumusic from new album “The Walk”

NEZZY and TIM SCHOU, “Back To You”

After releasing singles recently on Armada and Soave, 20 year old French dance producer Nezzy may have saved the best for his own independent album release The Walk.  From that album, “Back To You” is hands down a friendly, feel-good light house track that has oodles of potential for radio play.  It’s aided immensely by Danish singer and co-writer Tim Schou’s warm, rich tones, which make the song stand out.  Even the esteemed Timbaland shouted out Nezzy’s music on Twitch last year long before The Walk was released. “Back To You” has a great summer vibe and should be a no brainer for club DJ’s looking for a straight-forward song that will get their audiences up and moving.

Chicago’s @AashMehtamusic will light up the dance floor with “Back To You” with fellow producer and newcomer ephem

AASH MEHTA and ephem, “Back To You”

Aash Mehta is a familiar name to readers of this blog who have enjoyed his ethereal, romantic and reflective electronic pop and dance tracks over the last five years.  Breaking out of that mold for now, Aash returns with a fun, bass-laden house track called “Back To You”, which introduces fellow producer, Charlotte, N.C.’s ephem (aka Nilay Ghatlia) to the scene.  With its punchy rhythm, echo-ey vocal call backs, and a solid uncredited female vocal, “Back To You” is an engaging surprise, the kind of song that’s placed in a set midway through the evening deliberately to keep dancers on the floor.  The strong results in “Back To You” signal that this collaboration between Aash and ephem is worth repeating.

“Back To You” by young UK producer #Hambleton benefits from a soulful Victor Perry vocal (@perksofbeingvic)

HAMBLETON featuring VICTOR PERRY, “Back To You”

Victor Perry vocals continue to grace these blog pages with songs like “Sail” and “Missing”, and the now-NYC-based singer’s latest is featured in a soulful charmer by 19 year old UK producer Hambleton called “Back To You”.  Victor’s vocal takes elements from many of his own favourite singers to create a unique, special performance which sounds like it could have leapt out of the UK 90’s R&B-influenced dance music scene along with singers like Mica Paris, Terence Trent D’Arby, Lisa Stansfield and others.  Hambleton’s production is slick and spry, while the engaging lyrics tell a story that’s so easy to which anyone can relate.   Do give it some love at the link above.