L.A.-based singer/songwriter @BadW0lfy will tap into your soul with “When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone”

BAD W0LFY, “When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone”

“When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone” brings about a striking return for L.A.-based singer/songwriter Bad W0lfy, known in her early career for some potent electronic dance music of its time and her collaboration with Simon Curtis in the duo Wrathschild, which was now five years ago.  “When I’m With Me…” is a deliberate change of pace for W0lfy, who is dipping into the styles of the likes of Normani and Selena Gomez to harness a cool, R&B-flavoured sound.  and “When I’m With Me…” will tap into your soul with its relateable theme of being your own best friend when you need it the most.  So many young people agonize about the social aspects of their lives, and sometimes we all just need to switch off and allow ourselves to breathe and move on.  It’s easier said than done, but thoughtful and insightful lyrics like W0lfy’s are refreshing and can help foster change for those who truly want it.  Melodically, “When I’m With Me…” (produced once again for W0lfy by Ray Reich) moves swiftly, with surprising early 90’s new jack swing and house elements, matching W0lfy’s often lush vocal.  “When I’m With Me I’m Never Alone” deserves all of the right attention for all of the right reasons that I’ve mentioned.  It’s great to have Bad W0lfy back – let’s help keep her and look forward to more great new songs.

@BadW0lfy (aka Ro Danishei) returns with funky and futuristic “Used 2 This”

BAD W0LFY, “Used 2 This”

The world needs more funky and fresh Bad W0lfy songs if “Used 2 This” is any indication.  The L.A.-based singer/songwriter and model otherwise known as Ro Danishei, and co-leader of the duo Wrathschild with Simon Curtis, has returned after 5 years after her End Of The Rainbow release.  “Used 2 This” is a real ear-grabbing solo song after 2014 saw the release of Wrathschild’s EP and last year a once-online cover of Ellie Goulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”.  It’s a futuristic, bass-laden dance number that doesn’t quite sound like anything out there (remixers take note!).  The singer’s voice is completely on-point and suited to producer Ray Reich outside-of-the-box production which places a totally appropriate dubsteppy vocal break (you’ll think Erik Hassle’s “No Words” or Years & Years’ “Shine”) in the midst of it all.  To quote the esteemed Lady Kier of Deee-Lite,”Used 2 This” is definitely one de-groovy feast for the ears and feet.  Pick it up on iTunes.

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Flying High with “Cosmonaut” by @Wrathschild from the New EP “Birds”

WRATHSCHILD, “Cosmonaut”

So very talented are the duo of Simon Curtis and Bad W0lfy (Ro Danishei) that they have continued last year’s electronica project Wrathschild, resulting in a seven song EP called Birds, which dropped this week on iTunes.  Included are the effervescent “Fall Into Love” and wistful “Angeles” from last year, plus 5 new songs including “Cosmonaut”.  

I’ve elected to focus on “Cosmonaut” because it is easily the most mesmerizing and enticing song that the pair have either recorded together or separately, starting with an operatic-sounding intro that throws back to Simon’s “Beat Drop”.   “Cosmonaut” draws you in by including themes common in both Simon’s 8bit Heart mixtape and W0lfy’s album End Of The Rainbow – loneliness, needing to be loved, escape, fantasy, and being empowered to stick with it all – carefully reinvented to capture fans’ hearts all over again.  W0lfy’s powerhouse vocal commands the proceedings while Simon uses both higher range and spoken voice to anchor key parts of the song, and then they harmonize gorgeously as always.  

The production by Ray Reich on “Cosmonaut” is lush and subtle, full of WOW moments – like Simon’s introduction into the song after the minute mark that to me is a star-turning move – and will keep your ears mesmerized.  

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Less Is Waaay More in @BadW0lfy’s Cover of @EllieGoulding’s “Love Me Like You Do”

BAD W0LFY, “Love Me Like You Do”

I’ve definitely missed Bad W0lfy’s solo songs, although she (aka Ro Danishei) has been part of the wonderful and promising duo Wrathschild with Simon Curtis, releasing two singles last year.  The pair sounds just great together or separate, and W0lfy’s followed that up with her cover of Ellie Goulding’s #1 UK hit “Love Me Like You Do” from the forthcoming film “50 Shades Of Grey”.  While Ellie’s is trademarked with her distinct vocal and a massive arrangement that will undoubtedly make it a centerpiece for the film, W0lfy’s rendition is a bit of a rebirth that pulls it back to showcase her voice with a simple arrangement.  The results sounds so beautiful and effortless that we fans of her 2011 album End Of The Rainbow are going to want much more soon!  While I loved the intense electronica of Rainbow, the showcase on “Love Me Like You Do” would only make me embrace a more stripped back setting, not unlike my favourite singers of the moment such as Sam Smith and Jessie Ware.  Watch the video above and download “Love Me Like You Do” for free at the Soundcloud link  below.