Hearts beat loud: “Again” by @ArnoCost feat. @EricLumiere in a @Neevo_music x Eldar @ZeynaLovin’ & #JackQuade remix

ARNO COST featuring ERIC LUMIERE, “Again” (Neevo x Eldar & Jack Quade remix)

Fresh off the presses after Tritonal’s Painting with Dreams comes another record on their Enhanced label featuring a bevy of talent:  Arno Cost featuring the highly recognizable voice of dance/EDM veteran Eric Lumiere with “Again” in a remix brought to us by Neevo, Eldar and Jack Quade.  It’s hard to transform a song that’s meant to be a punchy pop/dance floor filler into something more, but the guys have transformed it into a powerfully magnetic, love-hungry EDM ballad anthem.  But it doesn’t get turned down too low, there’s lots of room here to keep you moving in the right direction.  Preview the remix above and pick it up at your favourite digital music store.

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Crushing it with melody: @ChetPrtr and @itsChelsCutler with stunning “Stay”


Many lower key electronic songs neither make a huge impression nor have an impact on the dance floor at a club.  “Stay” by Toronto’s Chet Porter featuring new American vocalist Chelsea Cutler might change that.  Released by the Foreign Family Collective (curated by Odesza, which includes Jai Wolf), it’s a lush, melodic song with an ear-ringing vocal that is in fact the perfect companion to this year’s end-of-summer song, “Closer” by The Chainsmokers and Halsey.  There are so many songs called “Stay” that have similar themes, but this one is really beautiful and romantic.  After listening to a couple of his wilder remixes, I was fortunate enough to see another side of Chet at a recent ‘secret’ DJ set in Toronto which drew to my attention his keen ear for melody.  Dance clubs should be all over “Stay” instantly and don’t be surprised if radio follows soon after.  “Stay” is a diverse head-turner that requires your attention.  Billboard has already sang the song’s praises – read it here.

Chet Porter’s upcoming North American tour will include a Toronto date at The Velvet Underground on November 8 which includes Lemaitre.

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Killer duet: @AnnaYvettemusic and @LaurakBrehm with “Summer Never Ends”

ANNA YVETTE & LAURA BREHM, “Summer Never Ends”

The Monstercat team has managed to come up with the first must-hear end of summer song that is sure to turn heads.  NYC songwriter/musician Anna Yvette (who co-produced here as well) pairs up with Colorado singer/songwriter Laura Brehm for “Summer Never Ends”.  The dance music community loves duets, especially when the vocals compete without really competing and therefore both end up winning!  Such is the case with these two different vocalists, already well known to dance music, who definitely put their all into “Summer Never Ends”.   What starts off sounding like it might be an acoustic ode ends up as this magnetic EDM ballad.  Because of the perfect mid-summer timing and the overall strength of the song, “Summer Never Ends” should rise to the top of your playlist multiple times.  Check it out at the above link and pick it up on your favourite digital platform.  

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Your end-of-summer song is here: “Reason To Believe” by Tristan Thompson @TristanTmusic

TRISTAN THOMPSON, “Reason To Believe”

Sometimes it takes five steps backwards to move two more forward and sorting out each other’s feelings to get to that happy ending to a disagreement or misunderstanding.  That’s why Tristan Thompson’s “Reason To Believe” might be your go-to end-of-summer ballad, once again written by Tylor Johnson.  I’ve written about the talented young singer from British Columbia numerous times over the last year since his R&B/pop song “Tidal Wave” got to the top of my personal chart.  Momentum continues to build for the 17 year old after some national radio success with “Burn Again” and the title song from his debut album Here For You.  There’s no reason why “Reason To Believe” shouldn’t find more believers!  The video is likely Tristan’s best visual showcase yet as it unveils a familiar story but you’re still not quite sure if it’s going to get where you would expect it to go.  It’s never too late to discover a most deserving young talent, so head over to iTunes and get “Reason To Believe” and Here For You.


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The Most Unexpected Cover Song of the Year is by Singer Ryan Adamés


RYAN ADAMES, “As Long As You Love Me”

I say that Ryan’s version of “As Long As You Love Me” is the most unexpected cover song of the year for a number of reasons.  I mean, how many versions of this Justin Bieber song have you already heard?  Most of them just want to copy his style and don’t attempt to make the song their own.  Puerto Rican native Ryan Adamés is known mainly in dance circles and is a rising star thanks to his unique collaboration with Parralox on their cover of “Silent Morning” (which resides within my current Top 5 on my chart).  So to hear him tackle this song is out of the ordinary, more so because it doesn’t have a peppy dance beat to it.  Next, it is stripped down to next to nothing.  It shows what a great, pure voice Ryan has in an acoustic setting.  The guitar work has a sexy Spanish flavour to it too.  Lastly, Ryan transforms the song.  It is recognizable as a Bieber cover for sure, after the first few bars, but would you really expect it to turn out so well?  I was floored the first time I heard “As Long As You Love Me” and my daughter wanted to know who he was immediately.  It draws you in and cozies right up next to you, so yes you can expect to feel warm and fuzzy afterwards.  

And Ryan’s video – he directed it – has a loose but simple plot to it that lets us into the studio and choreo warmups in-between until you almost forget about it.  Then, that ending… so much was first said about the ending of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe”, and then even more was said about Steve Grand’s “All American Boy” video these past few weeks that I think those that connected with the latter will adore this one.  Huge props to Ryan and his team – this is one of the songs of summer ’13 for me 🙂

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