Check out the chill but haunting dance-pop of “Take It Slow” by Washington DC’s @TeddyBeats with vocal by Baltimore’s @JoleeNikoal


“Take It Slow” is the kind of chill but rhythmic dance pop that helps set the stage for a big party.  It’s haunting, hypnotic and graceful, brought to you by Washington DC producer Teddy Beats and Baltimore vocalist Jolee Nikoal.  Both have worked together a number of times over the past few years, and there is an obvious chemistry here.  Teddy Beats is otherwise known as a future house DJ and remixers whose music has received high level support by SiriusXM Chill and placements on playlists like Starbucks Coffee House Pop.  He’s remixed for the likes of Don Diablo, Loud Luxury and Throttle, among others.  But circling back to his own songs , there is another musical identity to explore now, when people are likely to be at their most attentive, which is the perfect time to get to know it through songs like “Take It Slow”.

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Check out @BretSears’ minimalist hip hop flavours in “Breaks My Heart” from his EP Imperfections

BRET SEARS, “Breaks My Heart”

Baltimore’s Bret Sears has shifted back and forth between electronic dance pop and hip hop in past releases which I’ve written about in the last few years. He recently released an EP called Imperfections, which almost anecdotally touches on a number of relationships in five very short songs. “Breaks My Heart” is the standout, drawing from influences from the likes of Justin Timberlake, Bryson Tiller, Party Next Door, and others, in a sheer, minimalist production that captures the isolation which takes place when a relationship is ending. Though the song sometimes seems more like stream of consciousness without a centre, it still works well and demonstrates Bret’s ongoing close attention to his craft.

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Meet Baltimore’s @BretSears with streetwise pop/hip hop of “Break The Rules”

BRET SEARS, “Break The Rules”

Baltimore’s Bret Sears is branching out from his dance/pop group project Casual Encounter, which I wrote about last December, to tackle fresh streetwise pop/hip hop with “Break The Rules”.  It’s definitely got a polished pop side but with some grittiness that could attract fans of  Justin Timberlake, Jesse McCartney, Logic, and G-Eazy.  While “Break The Rules” isn’t going challenge any boundaries, it’s got an undeniable hook which is when the vocal is at its strongest.  The melody has raw qualities about it that sound like throwbacks to 90’s NWA/Ice-T/2Pac releases which you generally won’t find in a pop-oriented record.  I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what’s next for Bret in this new undertaking.

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