Dance producer @AntonioGiacca returns with reworked retro vibes of “Every Way”


L.A.-based, Italy-born dance producer Antonio Giacca made two of my favourite dance tunes of 2015/16 with “Ignited” and the wickedly catchy “Sensation”.  He returns in full effect with some slamming house with “Every Way”.  Pop music fans will immediately recognize that “Every Way” is a rework essentially of the early Motown hit “He Was Really Saying Somethin'”, a minor 60’s release by The Velvelettes.  It’s better known in Europe and the UK in a 1982 cover by Bananarama that was their second UK Top 5 chart hit.  But “Every Way” sounds like it samples a slightly pitched-down vocal from the original and makes it brim with funky house energy that will be very inviting for club DJ’s anywhere.  

Cool For Cats: “Simple” (EP) by @NightmareAndCat



On Thursday evening, I was most impressed with the set by L.A.-based rock quintet Nightmare And The Cat as they opened for Neon Trees and Smallpools.  This is a tight band that seems to draw their inspirations from sources too numerous to mention; I’ve read comparisons to The Arcade Fire, Jeff Buckley, Rufus Wainwright, and other post-90’s performers, but there’s a lot in their roots that seems to stem from rock as classic as The Rolling Stones or David Bowie.  And that’s not too far of a stretch considering that lead members singer Django Stewart and guitarist Samuel Stewart are the offspring of Eurythmics’ David A. Stewart and Bananarama/Shakespear’s Sister’s Siohan Fahey!!  Django has a compelling and natural stage presence which can easily win over an audience.  But Nightmare And The Cat do have the songs that will take them places, and Capitol Records has already made that investment.  “Blackbird Smile”, “Undercover”, and “Goodbye So Many Times” are instantly memorable from their show.  Nightmare And The Cat’s full album Simple is due before the end of July, but in the meantime you can treat yourself to the EP on iTunes and stream it below on Soundcloud.  I’ve also included a clip of them performing “Undercover” from a May broadcast of The David Letterman Show.