Zesty electronic pop zinger “So Good” by @BasicTape featuring @DannyShah

BASIC TAPE featuring DANNY SHAH, “So Good”

Danceable electronic pop can all sound so much the same, and then the odd song comes along that makes it refreshing all over again.  Such is the case with “So Good”, an energetic, zesty tune from French duo Basic Tape co-written with Glasgow-born singer Danny Shah.  “So Good” succeeds where other danceable pop songs don’t, and in quite obvious places throughout the song.  The melody concentrates on moving forward and matching the energy in the vocals instead of trying to overwhelm.  And at about the 1:30 mark Danny’s voice hits one of those key notes that make you stop and listen more.  As a result “So Good” is a top notch, playful tune, with almost a textbook 60’s or 70’s pop song structure at just 2:47.  Get to know “So Good” by starting with a solid listen at the link above.

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