French producer #Maone has an inspiring bass house track in “Never Break Me”

MAONE, “Never Break Me”

While the bass house bounce and rhythm are key in French producer Maone’s “Never Break Me”, its encouraging story is also an emotional draw for music lovers.  The steadfast, confident vocal by an uncredited female singer is a call to anyone going through a tough time about not cracking under whatever pressure is at source.  It makes a fine basis to help dance away any troubles you might have, and know there’s something better waiting.  Maone slams home those bass pulses set to a fast-paced house rhythm, and “Never Break Me” becomes a memorable and inspirational release.

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“Spook” marks a trippy, melodic turn for the masked @Meatportmusic with @DJDeniZer


MEATPORT & DENIZER, “Spook” (free DL)

If you like your meat à la crunchy, spicy bass house with strong melody for dessert, then the seasonal instrumental “Spook” by US masked producer Meatport and Austria’s DeniZer is just for you courtesy of Diverge Records!  Combine a James Bondian framework with a trippy-trappy coating where all of the tender pieces and juicy drops fall and jump out at you at the right times.  Then add a sweet dose of synth melody throughout, and “Spook” could be your meat (ear) candy for October and beyond.  Following up this past summer’s goofy but hard-hitting “The Troll” and “Noobs”, Meatport and DeniZer have taken a few more steps ahead by creating something equally as fun for the season but their credibility is not to be underestimated.  Become the latest member of the #MeatFam by downloading “Spook” for free at the link below.

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Pop classic “Time Of The Season” gets a new bassy trip from @ESQ_APE

[ esq ]ape , “Time Of The Season”

“Time Of The Season” is an atmospheric slice of psychedelic pop from 1969 courtesy of British group The Zombies (who are still out there performing in one shape or another). You may also recall Canadian and Grammy winning R&B singer Melanie Fiona using the musical hook as the basis for her 2008 hit “Give It To Me Right”. The [esq]ape eyewear and apparel company have partnered with the L.A. music community and Lowly Palace in a cool and unique marketing approach to make songs complimentary to their brand. This rendition of “Time” latches onto the memorable, eerie vibe and manages not only to update the song but shake it up a bit with a new bassy, disco-inspired groove.  Once you recognize the song, the core is exceptionally produced with well-placed effects, drops and breaks to keep the best dancers happy.  The vocals are in the right element, giving major props to the original.  The beginning and ending are the weakest parts of the song but once you dive into the deepest parts of the song you will be sold.  Check out “Time Of The Season” – and maybe get yourself some slick [esq]ape eyewear too! – at the above link.


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So sick and dirty: @Snowmassbeats remixes “Bad Kids” by @iamConvex & @TimmyTitus

CONVEX featuring TITUS, “Bad Kids” (Snøwmass remix)

When Chicago’s Snøwmass picks a song and wants to make it ultra sick and dirty, watch out.  So in his hands, “Bad Kids” by L.A.’s Convex featuring New Jersey hip hop vocalist Titus becomes “dirty evil EDM kids from outer space”.  It’s a song that will get everyone out on the dance floor acting in whatever crazy fool way they want and no one will think the lesser for it.  Between Convex’s slick synths, Titus’ commanding sneer, and the crunch of those Snøwmass wobble house beats, this is deep down dirty bass house at its finest.  Download “Bad Kids” for free above and if you find yourself trying to bust moves that you’ve never tried before… don’t say you weren’t warned first!

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