We’re all “Villains” in lust according to the ‘bedroom bass’ hip hop of @SeanTurkmusic

SEAN TURK, “Villains” (free DL)

NYC’s Sean Turk is on a roll with his original hip hop, gradually becoming a hybrid with his trademark bedroom bass house style, with songs like his latest, “Villains”.  No need to go into many details about the typically lusty song itself, when a fresh kind of balance is achieved. Sean focuses more on a tidier production and less emphasis on uber-fly lyrics, making “Villains” is a pleasant progression for those who enjoy soulful, house-inspired hip hop with plenty of bounce.  Download it for free at the link above while it’s still available.

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Chill ‘n sway: @SeanTurkmusic reworks “Out Of Love” by @TwoFriendsmusic & @CosmosnCreature bedroom bass-style

TWO FRIENDS featuring COSMOS & CREATURE, “Out Of Love” (Sean Turk remix) (free DL)

The title song from the recent EP of originals which I wrote about earlier this year by faves Two Friends and Cosmos & Creature – Molly Moore and Brandyn Burnette – receives the Sean Turk treatment bedroom bass-style.  You’ll recall that Sean also showed another side to Brandyn’s own “Closer” last year.  But bedroom bass-style for “Out of Love”  means he’s puts a laid back but sexy spin on the more urgent and anthemic original.  It’s never too chillaxed to move you entirely off the dance floor, in fact “Out Of Love” now inspires you to get closer to your partner than ever, sway and spin to the music, with release accomplished à la bedroom bass.  I guess what we need next is that EP of Sean’s remixes for the supreme Sean Turk experience.  Until then, partner or no partner, indulge in “Out of Love”, which you can pick up for free at the link above.

“Be Like You” brings back remixer @SeanTurkmusic to crank it up for @CVBZmvsic

CVBZ, “Be Like You” (Sean Turk remix)

It’s been a few months, but I’ve been excited to know for a while that this fine Sean Turk remix of CVBZ’s “Be Like You” was on its way for Ultra Music.  And it was well worth the wait.  Sean’s choices in picking top notch songs for remixing continues with “Be Like You”, a great introduction for me to Oregon-bred L.A.-based singer/songwriter CVBZ.  The NYC producer/remixer ignites the pop stylings of the original to deliver amped-up ‘bedroom bass’ dance floor heaven well before the minute mark.  Which is a good thing because this is such a delightful remix – and it goes by much too quickly.  Pick this one up at your favourite online digital store.

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Mr. Bedroom Bass @SeanTurkmusic reworks “Sleeping In” by @PhilGoodsmusic

PHIL GOOD, “Sleeping In” (Sean Turk remix) (free DL)

If you’re looking for a chilled out mix of a song that will keep you snuggly on a cold, late winter evening, then Sean Turk’s remix of “Sleeping In” by L.A.-based singer Phil Good is for you!  It’s got a totally different vibe from the original mix, leaving more to the imagination about what exactly is going on when “Sleeping In” (I don’t think it actually has to do with sleeping 😉 ).  Aside from that added bonus to his “Bedroom Bass” style, “Sleeping In” has a great, comfortable groove for you to fall into on the dance floor, backing up Phil’s soul-tinged vocal nicely, making it perfect as a late night track before everyone goes for their 3 a.m. breakfast after clubbing.  Best of all, you can pick up “Sleeping In” for free at the link above.

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“Anything You Want” in a @SeanTurkmusic remix is more sexy #BedroomBass from @Hyddemusic & @Moonzzmusic

HYDDE & MOONZz “Anything You Want” (Sean Turk remix) (free DL)

“Anything You Want” is a perfectly decent alternately mid-tempo and chilled out song pairing up producer HYDDE with L.A. singer MOONZz that celebrates being in love (or lust) and giving it all up for that special one.  NYC producer/remixer Sean Turk follows up his remix of Stalking Gia’s “Second Nature” and zeros in on this, taking it under the covers, and the result is one hella sexy retake.  No wonder he’s labeling it as ‘bedroom bass’ – it’s all designed to get you hot and bothered in clubs and maybe you’ll have Sean to thank one day if you get lucky 😛  He knows a good song with lots of potential and is on a major roll where his creativity will continue to win over new fans.  Best of all, you can download it for free at the above link.

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