Ukrainian producer @Saganmusic pairs with Belgium’s @RobertFalcon for fun and fast-paced “Gravity”


“Gravity” is tidy EDM-pop from the diverse pairing of Ukraine’s Sagan with Belgian producer Robert Falcon.  It’s familiar pitched-up vocal ends up taking a much-needed second place to the buoyant fun rhythm and the quick pace of the song.  “Gravity” hardly lets up and makes the most of every second in its 3:23 running time.  Both producers have a flair for tight production amid a fun setting, so it’s hard to go wrong with “Gravity”.

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Belgium’s @TaskaBlack is one to watch with “Sandpaper” featuring @Ayellemusic

TASKA BLACK featuring AYELLE, “Sandpaper”

From the first few vocal notes of “Sandpaper”, you know that you’re in for something special courtesy of Belgian producer on-the-bubble Taska Black.  It features promising vocalist Ayelle – you heard her recently on “Desensitize” by OPVS, and she has more appearances coming soon.  Ayelle’s compelling and often breathy vocal is often the star of the song, but you have to give major props for Taska Black’s layered production which includes some heavy rock guitar elements.  The lyrics have a disconnected approach though I assume it’s about taking away the rough edges of a relationship on the wane.  All in all, “Sandpaper” is a peculiar but attractive mix of emotional dance music, awaiting your playlist add at the Spotify link above.

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Clever and sunny “In The Mood” scores for Belgian producers @HenriPFR and @RomeoBlanco featuring Canada’s @beingVeronica


“In The Mood” combines many winning elements to make a sunny pop and dance hit for the winter month.  It comes together courtesy of Belgium’s Henri PFR and Romeo Blanco featuring a delightful vocal by Canadian Family Channel favourite Veronica.  It’s already a Top 30 chart hit in Belgium (Sony is behind it there), with Canada (where it’s an independent release) not far behind with lots of initial pop radio support thanks to Veronica’s presence as well as having Canadian songwriters.  The video for “In The Mood” is also both sly and enjoyable and well worth a watch at the link above.  I think you’ll be hearing “In The Mood” a lot over the next several months.  Some dance remixes would also enhance its staying power!

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Unmistakeably Hit Worthy: @Boycodemusic Brings Us “It’s A Mistake”


BOYCODE, “It’s A Mistake”

“It’s A Mistake” is one of those sheer delights that tries to be nothing but a great pop song with complimentary vocals courtesy of Belgium quartet Boycode (aka Lennert, Mattias, Greg, and Timmy).  So there is no pretense here, no added blue-eyed soul, no rap or beat boxing to distract you, just fine vocals, beautiful lyrics, and low-key instrumentation that lets the former features rule.  It’s the best single yet from the promising quartet.  Don’t let the understated beginning of the song sway you – “It’s A Mistake” really soars after the minute mark and all of the guys get their chances to impress.   I’m so glad the song itself has risen to see the light of day after a gorgeous rendition (which I wrote about) was created earlier in the decade – and then much to my horror, was prevented from release!  Fortunately for them, Boycode gets it all for the win 🙂

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