Meet Boston indie pop singer/songwriter @AlmostOwenmusic with the reflective “Something In You”

ALMOST OWEN, “Something In You”

If you think that indie bedroom pop simply can’t be compelling then I’m happy to make you think otherwise by introducing you to Boston singer/songwriter Almost Owen.  His latest release, “Something In You”, indeed is a bedroom studio production.  But his voice is rich and full of defined tones, definitely reminiscent of early John Mayer, and the song captures simple jazz and folk flavours that make it easy to stick with even the fussiest of listeners.  Originally a drummer as a child, Almost Owen (aka Isaac Haselkom) traveled the world to hone his craft, working with the likes of Paul Simon (undoubtedly a huge influence) as well as jazz greats like Joe Sample and Wayne Shorter.  Songs like “Something In You” only signal promise for what Almost Owen has to offer music fans.

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@GentlemenHall Rocks On with “Every Morning”

GENTLEMEN HALL, “Every Morning”

Boston sextet Gentlemen Hall returns to a potent blend of pop and rock with their latest song “Every Morning”.  It’s a follow up to that bright pop song that you heard in a few TV commercials, “Sail Into The Sun”, one of my faves of the year, which eventually was picked up by Island Def Jam for official release.  “Every Morning” is GH at its best – winning harmonies, slick instrumentation, lyrics to which everyone can relate – enhanced by a sometimes comical but always interesting claymation video.  Music-wise, the song harkens back to the 60’s (whether intentional or not), particularly when the Summer of Sgt. Pepper Love was seguing into 1968’s White Album.  “Every Morning” starts out like it might be a blissfully sweet pop song, but then gets its rock on pretty hard, which makes it all the more memorable.

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