As love and mind connect: “Brainheart” by @LucienDante

LUCIEN DANTE, “Brainheart”

In 2015, one of the most unique and refreshing albums I heard was Lucien Dante’s Our Of We, an independent release which yielded one of my favourite songs of that year, the completely enchanting “Black Water”, which featured an easy going, expressive vocal.  That was followed up by an animated video of the song as well as another video for “Love Me Lessons”, which celebrated young people having a joyous blast together without attention to gender, clothing, etc., just being who they are.  It definitely set the stage for where Lucien, now based in L.A. after relocating from Chicago, is heading with “Brainheart”.  The song is about how love and the mind connect, when emotions and thoughts are synchronized to a point and you revel in being with your partner.  Lucien is extremely ambitious – producing, writing and mixing this song, as well as being a painter, sculptor and clothing designer.  “Brainheart”, in addition to its loving lyrics, is completed with a bright, feel-good melody and a more assured vocal.  Watch for more about Lucien Dante as the year goes on, including the possibility of a tour.

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