An effortless vocal by Lydia Kelly (@lfruits21) leads “Breathe Into Reality” by @AashMehtamusic

AASH MEHTA featuring LYDIA KELLY, “Breathe Into Reality”

Producer/DJ Aash Mehta and vocalist Lydia Kelly are two talents from Ann Arbor, Michigan to watch out for and “Breathe Into Reality” is an affecting alternative EDM track that can bridge a mix when some quiet moments are required.  The song’s first minute and a half can create beautiful transitions between sets when Lydia’s seamless vocal is unleashed and simply soars.  Aash definitely goes his own way with his mix, which is divided between that introductory vocal showcase and a moodier, thoughtful second half.  “Breathe Into Reality” is one of those songs that manages to stand well on its own and grows with repeated listens.  Download it for free at the link above. 

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