“When You’re Home” by Canada’s @TylerShawmusic gets a smashing deep house makeover by @Dzekomusic

TYLER SHAW, “When You’re Home” (Dzeko remix)

In its original version, which was released not too long ago, “When You’re Home” by British Columbia’s Tyler Shaw is a poignant, dark ballad that has a sweeping second half.  Following up the effervescent first single “Remember”, it perhaps was too much of a change of pace.  A few of Tyler’s songs have successfully flirted with dance music makeovers in the past, and I couldn’t be more pleased to see Toronto’s Dzeko at the helm – many times I’ve both written about and seen these talented gents perform over the years.  “When You’re Home” is transformed into a poignant, dark deep house release that could work very well for both radio and club DJ’s.  It’s got a rich, sophisticated backdrop that wraps you up and doesn’t let you go.  Tyler’s committed, vivid vocal is captured so well, and in a way that was probably never anticipated. This version of “When You’re Home” is another in a long line of fine remixes that cast a totally different light on a song and make the most of it.

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Life-changing things can happen on “Tuesdays In July” according to Canadian singer/songwriter @Jeymon_me

JEYMON, “Tuesdays In July”

Waiting to put some spunk into your Autumn playlists is British Columbian singer/songwriter Jeymon with his debut single “Tuesdays In July”. It’s got a playful, sometimes linear-sounding melody that will resonate with you with subsequent listens. Not only that, but the song evokes a special time for the singer (previously known as JMON) when he encountered someone special on a Tuesday in July after a club event. So all of a sudden, Tuesdays in July became equally special, and he shares that happiness he found in this song. Fans of the lighter sides of The Weeknd and Miguel will enjoy the crossover pop-R&B-hip hop music of Jeymon, and you can also appreciate some melodic influences from his Punjabi heritage in the mix. Trading in his accounting education for music, you’ve got to appreciate a guy who offers this quote: “All I want to do in life is cheer people up with my music, literally just vibe and eat unlimited amounts of dried mangoes.”

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Pop! goes Spring! British Columbia’s Tristan Thompson (@tristantmusic) returns with “Man Of Your Dreams”

TRISTAN THOMPSON, “Man Of Your Dreams”

“Man Of Your Dreams” is the perfect song to put that Popervescence into your Spring months.  Tristan Thompson is the teenage singer I wrote about two years ago when his  single “Tidal Wave” (from his debut album Here For You) caught my ears at his young age of 15 with its infectious Michael Jackson flavour mixed with a solid pop foundation, scoring a #1 song on the BILLCS Top 30.  Songs from the album found their way to radio stations across Canada, including the hard-to-break Quebec market, as well as far away places such as New Zealand!  Tristan’s second album Love You Can Believe In is on its way, and “Man Of Your Dreams” is a great lead-in featuring a friendly video and a vocal that is only giving you a taste of what Tristan is capable.  The song is produced by veteran production team Boomtang Boys, and Tristan this time gets a co-write with Tylor Johnson, whose words and music Tristan brought to life on Here For You.  Radio stations that enjoyed previous singles such as “Burn Again” will find listeners responding to “Man Of Your Dreams” too.  Pick it up on iTunes.

First Class: “Here For You”, the Debut Album by Tristan Thompson (@TristanTMusic)




Here For You is the debut album (yes that’s the CD of it above) by 16 year old British Columbia native Tristan Thompson, whose first single “Tidal Wave” has scored #1 on my latest personal chart, and is a first class effort that distances itself from the run of the mill teen pop of the day.  All of the songs were written or co-written by Tylor Johnson, and they aren’t predetermined for a particular age group, allowing Tristan to provide more classic pop kind of interpretations.  And besides “Tidal Wave”, there are at least two other golden radio-worthy songs for your attention.  

“Mistaken” is the opening song and should be the successor to “Tidal Wave” with a zinger of a hook and a really good story to boot.  Like other songs on Here For You, “Lifetime Guarantee” slows things down a bit, again a strong song perfectly suited for Tristan’s voice.  “Leaving You Behind” is another uptempo number, while other songs like “Siren” help mix up the set with variety.  Here For You is a great showcase that lets Tristan’s vocal influences show their true colours, from Michael Jackson to Backstreet Boys to Jesse McCartney.  So – it’s about as far away from Bieber and Cyrus and Gomez and others that you can get!  Truly it’s an album that will appeal to all ages.

Tristan Thompson has a bright future ahead and I think Here For You, with top notch production by Adam Tune, will have long legs to take him into next year and beyond.  

Listen to the Boomtang Mix radio edit of “Tidal Wave” below.


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Off to Hitsville: “Tidal Wave” by @TristanThompsn



I must admit I was just a tad in awe of Tristan Thompson’s soulful and natural voice when my fabulous friend James alerted me to him.  Knowing me for over 30 years, James generally sends a lot music my way that I will love 🙂 Tristan is obviously heavily influenced by Michael Jackson and with a gazillion influences permeating “Tidal Wave” that will have you recall Daryl Hall, 98 Degrees, Backstreet Boys, Usher, Jesse McCartney, and many more, the song is so polished and does everything right that it seems surreal.  Even more fascinating is that Tristan is only 15, hailing from the Victoria, British Columbia area!  His album Here For You was released last week on Chatter Records and you can get it on iTunes.  This is an amazing start and you owe it to yourself to listen.  So….

Click right here to go to Tristan’s player on his website where you can hear excerpts of “Tidal Wave” and other songs from Here For You.

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