“Bubblegum” is top notch alt.pop from Manchester-born @TommyNewport

TOMMY NEWPORT, “Bubblegum”

With each single that he releases, I’m having fun trying to figure out where Manchester-born, Kansas-based singer/actor Tommy Newport is coming from.  From the alt.rock/hip hop flavoured “Stargazer” and the topical and soulful “Vanilla & Light”, he really is rather unpredictable.  So with “Bubblegum”, his pleasing falsetto returns but in gentle, world-weary slice of alt.pop that basks in the power of sweet love. Add some funky bass rhythms and “Bubblegum” turns out to be an understated anthem of sorts. We don’t have enough love in the world, so if the song presents 60’s summer of love vibes to you too, then all the better. Whatever your take, this kind of “Bubblegum” is the kind you can swallow, and I’m happy to keep listening as Tommy takes us for a different ride every time.

This one’s for the gamerz! @Smiledkmusic returns with “Koko Soko” redux

SMILE.DK, “Koko Soko” (2k16 Radio Mix)

If you know DanceDanceRevolution then you definitely know Smile.dk!  The Swedish group has been producing bouncy, infectious dance music since the 90’s, and really now there’s only one member remaining (singer Veronica Almqvist).  Smile.dk became immensely popular in Japan which culminated with “Koko Soko” back in 2008.  Now the song has received a bigger, sparkling ‘bubblegum house’ redux courtesy of Jamie Thompson and Dave Phaneuf of J-Mi and Midi-D Productions who have literally been living this song since back then, so who better to reignite it?  It’s also available in an extended mix, a “Back to the 90’s” mix, and a frenetic “Panik” mix.  If you loved The Vengaboys and Alice Deejay songs of yesteryear than you will immediately take to this feel good update of “Koko Soko”.  Take a taste above and pick up the entire EP on iTunes.