Tristan Thompson’s New Single: The Title Song from His Debut Album “Here For You” (@TristanTmusic)


As faithful readers of this blog know, I am a big fan of British Columbia singer Tristan Thompson thanks to a stellar set of songs and performances on his debut album Here For You, with his song “Tidal Wave” reaching #1 on my personal chart last year.  The title song has been culled as a third single, a logical follow up to “Burn Again” (which peaked at #10 on my chart), which received a large amount of national radio airplay in Canada.  The video, with the song now in an Alex Greggs mix, is a heart-wrenching watch as a girl comes to grips with a recent loss.  The song acts as a tender backdrop which provides a fine showcase for the 16 year old singer, who is bound to win more fans with this one.  Listen for “Here For You” on the radio stations that played “Burn Again”.  Tristan Thompson continues to grow and attract more attention with each release and recent live concert performances on the west coast.  

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Chart Bound: “Burn Again” by Tristan Thompson (@TristanTMusic)


“Burn Again” is the second official single from 16 year old British Columbia native Tristan Thompson’s debut album Here For You.  I’ve been championing Tristan’s music since the Spring through several blog posts.  While I prefer “Tidal Wave” (which got to #1 on my personal chart) and “Mistaken” over “Burn Again”, it’s a strong but inauspicious ballad that looks to be a better fit for radio play.  And it’s doing just that – Tristan’s been named as Bell Media’s future star for November, and the song is being played on over 100 radio stations across Canada including Toronto’s influential CHUM-FM.  Hot off the presses is the excellent new video which tells its story through dance, and you can see that everyone in the video is very committed to the smooth choreography.  I expect by the end of 2014 the rest of Canada will know who Tristan Thompson is, and then this fine young talent with a soulful voice will be on his way to an international breakout (New Zealand has already caught on!).  Put Tristan about halfway stylistically between Shawn Desman and Shawn Mendes 🙂 Watch the video above and be sure to pick up Here For You on iTunes.

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