“All We Have Is This Moment” is a song for these times by L.A.-based singer/songwriter @CSHIROCK


C.SHIROCK, “All We Have Is This Moment”

It’s not a new theme by any means, and the song was likely inspired by something specific, but “All We Have Is This Moment”, the latest from L.A.-based singer/songwriter C.SHIROCK couldn’t be more fitting for these times.  It’s been proven many times over that songs about seizing that moment can inspire people.  And when it’s sung with such a melt-worthy voice as Chuck Shirock’s (which I wrote about a few months back), the sentiments can sink in that much deeper.  A lot of us currently have too much time on our hands in this locked down world, so now is definitely a good time to make the most of it to do what you can to feel good and care for one another.  C.SHIROCK’s “All We Have Is This Moment” is certainly one of the most appropriate companion pieces to these times that you will hear.

“Lost To The Night” is a heartfelt tribute to reconciliation by singer/songwriter @CShirock

C.SHIROCK, “Lost To The Night”

“Lost To The Night” is a compelling song that asks the question: What would you say to a loved one in your immediate family who you haven’t spoken to in many years?  The answer lies in the chorus “brother, come home”.  Chuck Shirock is a singer/songwriter who divides his time between Nashville and Los Angeles, but “Lost To The Night” is hardly what I would call conventional of either music city.  Influences here come from U2 – C.SHIROCK sounds a lot like Bono at times – Coldplay, Peter Gabriel, and too many others to think of, particularly from the 80’s.  The big production in contrast to the emotion of the song is consistent with U2 or Peter Gabriel records.  C.SHIROCK’s vocal will definitely move you, and a good companion song to it is the recent and deeply personal single by Cobi called “Island In My Mind” which I wrote about a few weeks back.  C.SHIROCK definitely holds a lot of promise and with songs like “Lost To The Night” clearly has a lot to offer.