“Rockstar” is @CallMeKarizma’s engaging and on-point wake-up call about fame


Fame is one nasty bitch that can sneak up on you and bite you in the ass, as would relate the weary, self-imprisoned protagonist albeit a little too late in Call Me Karizma’s “Rockstar” (and, no, nothing to do with Post Malone).  I saw ‘Riz perform this song last Fall and knew that it would be one of his most special releases, which he’s been keeping under wraps obviously for that reason, teasing us with tweets over the last few months, and it’s finally here!  The Minnesota rapper has been regularly and generously offering new songs, but “Rockstar” is one straight-up, on-point message that needs to be heard by more than just his many fans.  There’s even some crunchy rock ‘n roll guitar work to enhance the proceedings which are anchored by ‘Riz’s vivid vocal.  Add “Rockstar” to your Fame Or Infamy playlist using the Spotify link above.

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Everybody needs love and to be loved: “God (Damnit)” by @CallMeKarizma is a touching tribute to you

CALL ME KARIZMA, “God (Damnit)”

The amount of social media outreach that Minnesota pop/hip hop artist Call Me Karizma does every day to young music fans is nothing short of incredible, and it goes hand-in-hand with the stories in his music.  “God (Damnit)”, from his upcoming EP Gloomy Tapes, is about knowing that you’re good enough to be loved not only by yourself but by others too.  To hell with body image, likes, followers, bullying, and anything else that can get in the way of making you feel less than who you are and should be.  This time, ‘Riz has crafted a simple lyric video to focus on the key messages of the song.  It’s a quickie at only 2:14, but it’s one of ‘Riz’s best to date.  Check out the lyric video above and pick this one up at your favourite local digital store.

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Those “Daddy Issues” get a different perspective, as brought to you by @CallMeKarizma

CALL ME KARIZMA, “Daddy Issues”

He does it all – rap, sing, write, produce – and Minnesota’s Call Me Karizma follows up the deft “Frank Ocean” with his own perspective on “Daddy Issues”.  Just the title alone conjures up a variety of thoughts as to what the song might be all about, but ‘Riz in his unique way takes a few girlfriend case-studies and realizes that they come part-and-parcel with someone who hasn’t yet found love.  So what might seem controversial ends up being a nice-enough love song about moving on with romance …to be continued.  “Daddy Issues” to me is one of ‘Riz’s best records, continuing to discover ways of incorporating a down-to-earth, direct hip hop style with some gentle melodies and sweet vocals as well.  Slick and painless, “Daddy Issues” deserves your attention at the Spotify link above.

I’ll see you on Call Me Karizma’s A Summer High tour when it stops in Toronto at the Hard Luck on November 5.

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Distraction and sex collide in “Frank Ocean” by @CallMeKarizma

CALL ME KARIZMA, “Frank Ocean”

There’s tongue definitely in cheek plus a sweet, sentimental side to “Frank Ocean”, the latest from young Minneapolis rapper/songwriter/producer Call Me Karizma.  ‘Riz has been unleashing a lot of songs from his prolific repertoire lately, but “Frank Ocean” is definitely a stand out, not only for its subject matter but its somewhat whimsical intent.  It’s all about being distracted, lazy, and wanting to have sex all day in your room, something most of us have experienced and even achieved in our lives.  And to many of us, as well as to ‘Riz, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.  We sometimes need to pay less attention to the world around us and more attention to each other.  To past generations that was set perhaps to music by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Bryan Adams, or John Legend, to name some balladeers.  Today Frank Ocean, tomorrow someone else… Enjoy the moments while they last and give “Frank Ocean” a spin at the link above.

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New music from @CallMeKarizma connects again with pensive “Leave Me Alone. Sad”

CALL ME KARIZMA, “Leave Me Alone.Sad”

Minnesota’s engaging rapper and sometime singer Call Me Karizma continues to regularly bring us new songs, this time with “Leave Me Alone. Sad”.  It’s all about being trapped with conflicting emotions, questioning what many younger folks experience when trying to devote as much time to friendship and companionship, leaving less time for oneself, particularly when down or sad.  ‘Riz quickly and softly gets to his point in mainly a pretty minimal arrangement which picks up and gets a little meatier musically in the song’s last minute or so.  Few singers and songwriters can get inside the thoughts of their audiences like Call Me Karizma, which is simply why his fan base continues to grow and grow, as his recent U.S. tour has also proven.  Check out “Leave Me Alone. Sad” at the Spotify link above.

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“Rain”is a singalong highlight of @CallMeKarizma’s new EP Emo, featuring #ErikAstle


The prolific Minnesota rapper/songwriter Call Me Karizma brings us his most recent EP Emo, following the single “Disconnected”, where he showed off his equally fine singing voice.  Emo sticks to Riz’s trademark downbeat rap style, which always has a lot to say, expressed often in amazingly simple words.  Such is the case with “Rain”, a singalong in which he duets with lower-voiced Erik Astle, after a few past ones with women such as Cass on “F U Till I F U”.  So in “Rain” the guys mope away while recalling past relationships wanting those old feelings to ‘wash away’.  It’s very much like bored kids just sitting by the window watching it rain, and perhaps that’s why Riz samples the voices of children, including what sounds like one from the classic Little Rascals movie series.  Nonetheless, it’s no mean feat to right simple-sounding songs, and few people get it right, but more often than not Call Me Karizma always finds the right words in the songs on Emo, including his tip of the hat to those who have experienced mental illness in “Zombie”.  Check out “Rain” and the Emo EP on Spotify.

Call Me Karizma is in the midst of a US tour also featuring Cosmos & Creature (and I’m sooo jealous as it isn’t coming anywhere near me).  Check out Call Me Karizma’s website for tour details.

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Getting personal: “If I Had A Heart” by @CallMeKarizma featuring @AvalonYoung

CALL ME KARIZMA featuring AVALON YOUNG, “If I Had A Heart”

Minnesotan pop/hip hop vocalist, songwriter and producer Call Me Karizma has perhaps made his deepest most warmly personal song yet with “If I Had A Heart”, featuring pop/R&B singer Avalon Young.  ‘Riz has no problems laying out exactly what he feels in his songs whether it’s with humour or a wink (“u suck” and “F U Till I F U”) or cutting and to-to-the-point (his recent “Disconnected”).  “If I Had A Heart” is a bit more of an about face, turning to a more pop-oriented vibe and EDM flavour with poignant lyrics that share sentiments that most of us have felt more than once or twice.  Like with “Disconnected”, ‘Riz continues to show what a fine singing voice he has as well.  With every new song he creates, Call Me Karizma makes us think and go for a gut reaction, which is a great approach in finding out what his audience wants to hear.  And of course he continues to want to get to know his fans, so do reach out and chat with him 🙂 Even better, be sure to check out Call Me Karizma’s show when he comes to your town!  Listen to “If I Had A Heart” above and pick it up at your favourite online digital store.

Call Me Karizma and Avalon Young and friends play at Skully’s in Columbus, Ohio tonight, and then tomorrow at The Loft in Lansing, Michigan.

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Pop! goes Karizma: “Disconnected” by @CallMeKarizma

CALL ME KARIZMA, “Disconnected”

Hot on the verses from songs like “F U Till I F U” on his album Uninvited, Call Me Karizma follows up his hip hop flavoured pop by singing his latest song called “Disconnected”.  Taking a cue – perhaps, perhaps not, but it’s what immediately comes to mind – from Drew’s vocal in The Chainsmokers’ “Closer”, Call Me Karizma (aka Minnesota native Morgan Parriott) finds that his genuine tell-it-like-it-is style works just as well when sung, and the result is an instant breakup anthem with some big musical moments too, to which anyone can relate.  And like Drew, Call Me Karizma has this laid back, genteel singing voice that people want to hear because music doesn’t always need a superstar talent belting it out till the cows come home.  Sometimes we’d rather hear the guy next door, who happens to know how to write songs for his voice quite well.  So it’s great to hear this side of Call Me Karizma and maybe we’ll get to hear more of it again.  In the meantime, check out “Disconnected” at the link above.

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Everyone sing! “f u till i f u” by @CallMeKarizma featuring #Cass

CALL ME KARIZMA featuring CASS, “f u till i f u”

To initiate his album due for official release tomorrow called Uninvited, Minnesota rapper and birthday boy Call Me Karizma has followed a similar pattern with this third preview, “f u till i f u”, as with the BILLCS Top 30 top tenner “u suck” – centre a grab bag of emotions around a great female vocal. Cass’ perfectly suited, somewhat disaffected sounding vocal, which carries the song with its refrain, is counterpoint to Karizma’s love-you-hate-you outpouring which his fans will just love. Plus like many of his best songs, you will find yourself singing along in no time. It’s not a story that everyone goes through, but Riz gives you his take and we can still all relate, younger and older.

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Pop and R&B influences connect with @CallMeKarizma’s hip hop in “Love Me Right”

CALL ME KARIZMA, “Love Me Right”

We’re getting closer to the April 28 release of his upcoming album Uninvited, and Minnesota’s Call Me Karizma continues to unveil new music to whet your appetite for what’s to come.  “Love Me Right” is probably Riz’s most accessible song to date despite the usual in-your-face, direct verbiage which is definitively and lovingly Call Me Karizma.  Within the first 30 seconds we have a melodic check-in to R. Kelly’s “Ignition” followed not too long into the song by a choir-like chorus, which all lends to ear-catching variety to keep you listening.  This will be one of Riz’s key songs to hit home in concert.  Give it a listen above.

Call Me Karizma is opening for The Summer Set on their upcoming tour, which arrives in Toronto at The Mod Club on Tuesday, May 31, 2016.

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