“Dear Music” is a unique ode to song from Chicago’s @AashMehtamusic and vocalist Capelle

AASH MEHTA and CAPELLE, “Dear Music”

I tend to write a lot about uptempo, upbeat music, but every now and again an intriguing slower song creeps into my mix.  “Dear Music” is a beautiful electronic ode to song, personified like being in a relationship, courtesy of the much-respected producer from Chicago, Aash Mehta, about whose music I’ve written numerous times.  The vocalist Capelle has sang on other songs by Aash in the past, and her rich tones embody one side of the relationship as she wistfully sings “where do you go when the music’s gone?”.  “Dear Music” is a fine song for slow dancing by a small fire on a beach as the sun sets – *big deep sigh* – and it’s hard not to enjoy.

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“Say Goodnight” keeps romance alive and well thanks to @AashMehtamusic featuring #Capelle and @GavinGarris

AASH MEHTA featuring CAPELLE and GAVIN GARRIS, “Say Goodnight”

Chicago-based producer/DJ Aash Mehta follows up his gorgeous EP Stardust with another lushly produced original ode to romance called “Say Goodnight”.  Aash continues to select A+ vocalists for his songs, this time one with both male and female vocal parts courtesy of Gavin Garris and Capelle.  “Say Goodnight” could be the beautiful start to a two or three song set of slower songs, but as with other songs by Aash he doesn’t let it get too comfortable without interjecting a few bars of melodic big-sounding synths which will reverberate appropriately from large speakers.  There aren’t too many dance music producers creating high calibre romantic songs like this, and Aash has created some pretty unconventional remixes in the past, but he kind of has this market all to himself if he wants, which is not a bad thing.  Support “Say Goodnight” by checking it out at the link above, and then purchase this independent release at your favourite digital music store.

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