#BILLCSTop30 #518 – September 18/17

Lots of songs on the rise will change the top songs in the next month or so, and there are three debuts 馃檪

The Top 10

  • Bright Light Bright Light’s “New York Pretty” leads the chart for a 4th appearance (8th week). 聽He has done this before THREE TIMES with “Love Part II” in 2010, “Waiting For The Feeling” in 2012, and “An Open Heart” in 2013/14. 聽“New York Pretty” is tied with The Chainsmokers and Coldplay’s “Something Just Like This” for most time at the top in 2017. 聽and BLx2’s Billboard Dance Club Play hit “Into The Night” (below) climbs 10-8 this week too!

  • Staying at #2 for a second appearance is Toronto’s Loud Luxury with Nikki’s Wives and the catchy bass sounds of “Show Me”. 聽Both groups are touring with Nikki’s Wives bowing in London, Ontario this week.
  • The fastest riser on the chart belongs to Mahalo and Cat Lewis, obtaining their third Top 5 song on the chart with “Perfect” vaulting 15-4. 聽It will battle with “Show Me” and CVBZ’s “Be Like You” (#3) for #1 in two weeks. 聽Mahalo and Cat Lewis hit the Top 5 earlier this year with “Be My Love” (#5) and “WTFYWF” (#3), and their other recent collaboration of “Heaven” (below) continues to climb 19-13!
  • Toronto’s Dan Talevski collects his third Top 5 song on this chart with the endless fun of “Birthday Suit” climbing 9-5. 聽“Guilty As Sin” got to #3 in 2015, and it was followed by “My Religion” (#5).

  • L.A.’s Lauv will be touring with none other than Ed Sheeran in Asia very soon, as “I Like Me Better” continues to make new friends and rises 12-9.

  • Those of you who enjoy the new mystery band Terror Jr. will have a chance to catch Iowa’s Kid Froopy as the opening act on their tour. 聽The Kid’s exceptionally produced “Drive Slow” moves up 14-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • Matthew Koma’s “Suitcase” breaks loose from lower chart numbers and soars 17-12 and is headed for the Top 10.
  • The Florida-based Tipsy label’s partnership with Epic Oslo is working with stellar new songs like “No Love In Brooklyn”, which has a great singalong chorus. 聽It’s by French producer Nick Peters paired with American Frank Pierce and with vocals by American Scott Vega, climbing 20-14.
  • “Gold” by Ricky Remedy and John.k rises a big 26-16, thanks to slick production and amazing vocals by John.k. 聽In fact John.k has already followed it up with a new song “OT”, which you can hear below.
  • What more can I say about the songs from Carlos Nobrega’s The Art Of Making Love? 聽A dedicated following has provided him with great chart numbers in Europe and has sent so many new visitors to this blog, over 80,000! 聽The charge started with “You (It’s All About You)” (above), the blog post of which is now my 3rd most viewed – but the blog post for the album is now most viewed at over 36,000 views!! 聽The song climbs 27-18, as a new instrumental from Carlos’ other project, Almageddon is released, “Almageddon: Madrid”. 聽This time it’s accompanied by a picturesque video of the famous city where he lives. 聽It debuted at #1 on the Spanish new age chart this past week. 聽Check it out below.

  • Steve Void and Syence move up with their touching joint collaboration to support anyone who’s down. 聽“We Won’t Leave You” rises 25-20.
  • The melodic but crazy dubstep of “Anesthetic” by San Diego’s Convulsic moves up 28-22.

Three Debuts

  • A new current favourite of mine that blends in contemporary electronic dance sounds with early 90’s classic house is “Need Your Heart” by Australia-based British producer Latchmere, from his debut indie EP Lovedrunk. 聽It bows at an impressive #23, ahead of some major major names and deserves your support 馃檪

  • Sam Smith has such an amazing voice even if “Too Good For Goodbyes” as a song is weaker than some of his past hits, nonetheless it premieres at #26. 聽Sam has got to #1 here four times, all in 2014, with “Money On My Mind”, “Stay With Me”, “I’m Not The Only One”, and his collaboration with Disclosure on “Latch”. 聽The video arrives tomorrow!
  • Arriving on the chart for the first time is multi-Grammy winner Skrillex in collaboration with producer/songwriter Poo Bear (aka Jason Boyd), who co-wrote many songs on Justin Bieber’s Purpose album as well as classics like 112’s “Dance With Me” and Usher’s “Caught Up”. 聽The free download remix by scrvp. of “Would You Ever”, which gives the vocals and song an entirely different effect from the original, arrives at #27.

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#BILLCSTop30 #517 – September 4/17

Some of my favourite songs of the year continue to appear on this latest chart, which makes ranking them – which is totally subjective here, there’s no formula! – very difficult. 聽As a result some may end up ranking higher on the year end chart than other songs which peak at the same position. 聽Enough chart geekery, it’s another busy chart with four debuts!

The Top 10

  • “New York Pretty” by Bright Light Bright Light currently has an incredibly tight lock on #1 – may have to wait for another chart to see who might be coming next!

  • With that in mind, Toronto’s Loud Luxury and Nikki’s Wives make a strong case for #1 as “Show Me” is the fastest riser two charts in a row. 聽Loud Luxury were already up top earlier this year with Ryan Shepherd on their amazing redux of Craig David’s “Fill Me In”, so is a second consecutive #1 in order? 馃檪
  • I second all of the emotions in CVBZ’s lyrical “Be Like You”, which in its Sean Turk ‘bedroom bass’ remix climbs 6-3. 聽

  • Dan Talevski acquires his 4th Top 10 hit on this chart with the fun and contagious “Birthday Suit”, which rises 11-9. 聽Dan has just wrapped an EP which is coming soon!

  • He’s at the top of the chart but also at #10 – Bright Light Bright Light’s latest Top 40 Billboard Dance Club Play hit is “Into The Night”, and with its companion video to “New York Pretty” moves up 15-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • A song called “I Like Me Better” has all the potential for being cloying and annoying, but singer/songwriter Lauv has managed to make it cool and clever all at once, which is why is climbs 18-12. 聽Why American radio is not all over this song yet is totally beyond me!! 聽I’ve given up asking about things like this and radio.

  • Iowa’s Kid Froopy has landed the opening act slot on Terror Jr.’s upcoming tour and most dates are already sold out. 聽The Kid also has an EP in the works, but for now you can indulge in his delightfully quirky and immensely appealing single “Drive Slow”, rising 20-14.
  • One of the grittiest songs for the wee hours on the chart is the latest from L.A.’s Mahalo in his pairings with singer Cat Lewis on “Perfect” (above), which jumps 21-15. 聽Yes folks, all of the vocals in the song are by the elusive Mr. Lewis. 聽The duo are also up 22-19 with the soulful club-pleaser “Heaven” (below).
  • Matthew Koma’s beautiful “Suitcase” – an older song of his which has finally seen release – continues to move up, this time 19-17. 聽It’s one of a few solid songs that is stuck in a bit of a jam which may break loose in two weeks.

  • “No Love In Brooklyn” could be seen as a song associated with the end of summer relationships with some great, memorable lyrics. 聽It’s brought to you by producers Nick Peters, who hails from France, and American Frank Pierce, along with US singer Scott Vega. 聽It wastes no time charging 25-20.
  • Bobby Nourmand’s second match-up with vocalists DOC and Goodmorning, following the #1 “D E E P in NY”, is the infectious “MIND” which rises 28-23.

4 Debuts

  • I’m absolutely loving the collaboration of one of our favourite young Dutchmen, Steve Void, and American duo Syence, in the heartwarming “We Won’t Leave You”. Its universal message of love and support is very welcome, and the guys manage to give the song a choral effect along with the electronics which bring it home. 聽The highest debut, “Leave” bows at #25.
  • Debuting on the chart is a powerhouse duo from Florida, Grammy-nominated producer Ricky Remedy with compelling new vocalist John.k and “Gold”. 聽This one will dazzle you with its restrained, on-point production and amazingly versatile vocals by John.k. 聽“Gold” arrives at #26.
  • Carlos Nobrega’s new album The Art Of Making Love has brought over 50,000 – you read that right! – visitors to these blog pages – totally amazing! 聽All of the wait for new music for Carlos was teased out with 4 preceding singles, including “You (It’s All About You)”, which premieres at #27. 聽It’s already at over a million plays on Soundcloud. 聽Carlos has took over this chart before, back in 2012 with “Music Makes You Lose Control (MMYLC)”, which also appears in The Art Of Making Love.
  • San Diego dubstep producer Convulsic is back after a 3 year absence from this chart with the dirty and dynamic instrumental “Anesthetic”, which debuts at #28. 聽This one will leave you a little more than shaken ‘n stirred! 聽It follows Convulsic’s 2014 Top Tenners here “Love Space” (#5) and “The Day You Left” (#7).

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“The Art Of Making Love” is here and all for you, with love from @CarlosdNobrega

CARLOS N脫BREGA, The Art Of Making Love

After teasing you with four singles over the past month or so, “The Art Of Making Love”, the full length album by Spain-based Portuguese singer/actor Carlos N贸brega, has finally arrived after years in the making to make it so special just for you. 聽Well the folks in Spain rallied enough to have it debut at #4 yesterday on iTunes. 聽And the rest of Carlos’ patient and devoted fans worldwide have been hitting up this blog to make posts about two of its songs, “You (It’s All About You)”, and “Love, Love, Love” the two most-viewed posts in the almost 8 years of this blog. 聽

It’s an album about the many facets of love and being in love, even in some cases still being in love after a relationship has ended. 聽But this is not over-complicated in the least – having fun, enjoying each other, and most importantly ensuring romance is always in the air for your special person. 聽

Beyond “You (It’s All About You)”, “Love, Love, Love”, “I Love You”, and “Set Me Free”, which have all been enjoyed in advance, there are 14 other songs in The Art Of Making Love’s deluxe edition which you can stream up top on Spotify. 聽Carlos has you covered for every kind of song that will appeal inside the pop and dance music genres. 聽Two of my other favourites are “Morning Sun”, a sizzling wake up call to love, and the energetic “Free” (featuring vocalist Jvel), full of joyous bounce. 聽On the softer side we have the long and luscious “Forever In Love” and the emotional bonus track “Letting You Go”. 聽“Up and Down” and “Fuck on the Dance Floor” are a little spicier, and Carlos even included my personal favourite by him, the inspiring and contagious “Music Makes You Lose Control”, originally released in 2012 and ever-deserving of a big dance video with lots of costumes. 聽Perhaps it will be reignited in some 2018 remixes? 聽Just sayin’…. 聽馃榾

So do yourself a huge favour and wrap yourself up in the warmth and fun and most of all the love charged in the songs of The Art Of Making Love. 聽This is the massive start of much more to come in 2017 and 2018 and beyond 馃檪


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Needed all around the world today: “Love Love Love” by @CarlosdNobrega

CARLOS N脫BREGA, “Love, Love, Love”

It’s the fourth taste from Carlos’ pop album The Art Of Making Love, due on Friday August 25, and like with its predecessor singles “Set Me Free”, “You (It’s All About You)” (whose recent blog post has had over 18,000 views!), and “I Love You”, “Love, Love, Love” is a song for everyone because we’ve all experienced love of some kind in our lives. 聽It can be pretty contagious and it’s what’s needed most in the world today, as many other songs currently cry out for love and unity as well – but you also have to desire it. 聽Carlos was on to it first as these songs have been awaiting release for a while now – and the time for these songs and The Art of Making Love is, impeccably, upon us 馃檪 聽I particularly enjoy the subtle urgency of “Love, Love, Love”, highlighted from some lovely piano notes, never going over the top and letting you embrace its message in the end. 聽Watch the simple elegance of the lyric video at the link above and pre-order The Art of Making Love from your favourite digital store so that you have it on release day 馃檪

In tandem with The Art Of Making Love, Carlos is releasing a highly personal soundscape of sorts that will appeal to lovers of movie soundtracks and lush instrumentals. 聽You can preview his Almageddon project by listening to “Almageddon: #Madeira” below, and revel in the awesome scenery of the homeland of Carlos N贸brega, a Portuguese archipelago off the coast of Morocco.

.@CarlosdNobrega makes you lose control again with propulsive Europop of “You (It’s All About You)”

CARLOS N脫BREGA, “You (It’s All About You)”

Before we head into more new music from Carlos N贸brega’s second project ALMAGEDDON, he offers us the third single from The Art Of Making Love, “You (It’s All About You)”, following “I Love You” – whose blog post here is just shy of breaking an all-time views record – and “Set Me Free”. 聽It’s propulsive, almost cinematic europop that’s intended to shake up the speakers and make you lose control all over again. 聽The heartfelt lyrics genuinely kick the song up two notches, and the folks in Spain have been already loving it on their iTunes chart. 聽The rest of Europe – and maybe North America too – needs to get on board with “You (It’s All About You)” and I also think it’s deserving to consider for remixes to take it further into dance club territory. 聽Give it a solid listen up top and then pick it up on your favourite digital platform.

How can there be an art of making love without saying “I Love You”? @CarlosdNobrega reveals all


Your second taste of “The Art Of Making Love” by Carlos N贸brega comes in the form of the mid-tempo pop/dance ballad “I Love You”, following the recent lead-off “Set Me Free”. 聽Because those very words are in fact the deal-sealer, a song about saying I love you always has to be committed and passionate, and I can’t think of anyone better to convey the importance of the message than Carlos. 聽With an elegant and sophisticated arrangement, it sometimes boils down to a simple chorus to tell all and make you think more about the special person in your life as well as anyone else to whom you show affection. 聽There’s more coming with the official release of “The Art Of Making Love” as well as Carlos’ second upcoming project “Almageddon”. 聽Watch the lyric video for “I Love You” above.

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It’s Time to begin: “Set Me Free” is the summery introduction to @CarlosDNobrega’s upcoming “The Art Of Making Love”


He told us earlier in the decade that “Music Makes You Lose Control”, and now comes “Set Me Free”, by Portugal-born, Spain-based singer/actor Carlos N贸brega, from his upcoming first of two albums, The Art Of Making Love, due on August 4. 聽Years in the making, “Set Me Free” is warm and inviting electro-dance/pop that promises to take you on an interesting adventure. 聽For Carlos is definitely a lover, not a fighter, it’s all about joy and beauty, and having fun together and letting go. 聽“Set Me Free” has rich production to accompany its beach-ready vibe and celebration of both personal connection and freedom. 聽It there might be too many effects on Carlos’ voice, they serve in conjunction to part of the song’s message, that love is one-of-a-kind, and never boring but heavily reliant on the spices of life! 聽There’s much more to come each week from Carlos, so keep both of your eyes on his You Tube channel, where you can also check out the introductory video to his intriguing projects below.

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@CarlosdNobrega puts his own unique spins into @JohnLegend’s “All Of Me” (free DL)

CARLOS NOBREGA, “All Of Me” (free download)

It’s hard sometimes to write about a cover of a song that has been recorded to death, but fortunately John Legend’s “All Of Me” is timeless and when the right voice invests in it, then the rendition works well. 聽Such is the case with Portugal’s Carlos N贸brega, who has released his cover as part of a free download collection called Songs I Wish I Wrote (Piano Sessions). 聽This of course is in anticipation of Carlos’ long-awaited album, which I expect will be much more of a rousing dance party 馃檪 聽You can’t really stray too much from the original of a song like “All Of Me” or it won’t work. 聽The key here is Carlos’ emotional vocal. 聽This talented singer and actor is a lover, not a fighter, and he puts a few beautiful vocal spins into the mix to make his own interpretation stand out. 聽Download it for free at the link above, along with the accompanying and equally lovely covers of Sia’s “Breathe Me” and A Great Big World’s “Say Something”.

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Crucial cover: “Say Something” by @AGreatBigWorld as interpreted by @CarlosDNobrega

CARLOS NOBREGA, “Say Something”

Readers of this blog will know that I’m not big on cover versions. 聽There has to be something special that stands out about them or I move on. 聽And there’s a proliferation of viral covers online. 聽Since its release, the Grammy-winning performance of “Say Something” by A Great Big World & Christina Aguilera has been often performed. 聽And it’s been a while since we’ve heard from Portugal’s always busy singer and actor Carlos N贸brega – in fact it was with his winning rendition of Sia’s “Breathe Me” (below). 聽So “Say Something” gets treated聽quite properly here. 聽Carlos’ genuinely sincere and affecting interpretation shows in the subtler moments of the song, while giving it power at the appropriate times. 聽While he’s been busy with other projects in the interim, it’s great to hear a really strong resonance in his voice, which only makes me want to hear new music from him more. 聽And he promises that new songs are on the way. 聽“Say Something” is also a great opportunity to introduce new listeners to Carlos’ many talents. 聽The 2015 ride is only beginning! 聽“Say Something” is a free download right here.

BILLCS Top 30 #423 – January 27/14

The end of January sees a cold, cold winter continuing… but with extra hot EDM/dance music, if our three debuts (with thanks to Matthew Koma on two of them 馃檪 ) and the new #1 song – which you may not have expected – have any say in the matter.


The New Number One

  • “Animals” by Martin Garrix!! 聽Surprised?? 聽The song has grown immensely on me during the month, and the young Dutchman already seems to have a signature sound of his own, judging by his subsequent collabo “Wizard” and a newer song which you’ll find under the extras below. 聽But will “Animals” get more than one appearance at #1? 聽Find out in two weeks! 聽Love the above photo! 聽Martin is in my city (Toronto) in a sold out show on February 7 at Uniun.

The Rest of the Top 10

  • “Easy” by Travis Garland continues its climb to #2 in its 8th appearance on the chart, while “Motel Pool” sits comfortably at #6.
  • Bright Light Bright Light gives up #1 with “An Open Heart” and moves to #3, while the equally pensive “In Your Care” moves up 13-10!
  • Singles holding steady: 聽SIRPAUL’s “Every Single Moment” at #4 and “Breathe Me”, the thoughtful Sia cover by Carlos N贸brega at #7 馃檪
  • Into the Top 5 she goes! 聽New UK singer Eurielle’s gorgeous “Gold” (video below) moves up 6-5!
  • The last new Top 10 entry is Adam Lambert’s highest on the chart thus far, the “Glee” take on “Marry The Night” at #9.

On The Rise

  • Canadian quartet Neverest is at it again, after the #1 success of “Rewind”, almost in the Top 10 a few weeks after “Take Cover” (video above) appeared on their Facebook page as a free download. 聽It’s the fastest riser on the chart, climbing 21-11!
  • And speaking of “Rewind”, its songwriter Corey Niles and pal Dru continue to rise up the chart with a fine slice of pop/hip hop, “Rollercoaster” at #12.
  • New L.A. resident Jake Miller is fresh out of the Grammys and zipping up my chart 22-13 with a fun pre-summer anthem “Collide”.
  • While “Do What U Want” has slowed down at #14, Lady GaGa’s rollicking “MANiCURE” jumps 18-15.
  • He’s got an Oscar nomination, won a Grammy as Producer of the Year, provided vocals on Record of the Year “Get Lucky” by Daft Punk (which got to #2 on my chart and was #16 for 2013) – Pharrell Williams oughta be “Happy”, as the former UK #1 climbs 27-21.
  • Lastly, the eclectic and most listenable “Talking To The Walls” (video below) has an outstanding vocal by its singer, newcomer Sv茅, and it moves up 25-22. 聽It’s available on iTunes.

The Debuts – Power EDM Trio!

  • Storming the chart at #17 is the irresistible and indefatiguable “Cannonball (Earthquake)” by Dutch producers/DJs Showtek & Justin Prime, which started life as an instrumental two years ago, but has been transformed into an incredible vocal anthem courtesy of singer/songwriter Matthew Koma. 聽This needs a worldwide release!!

  • I got so tired of Wake Me Up soooo fast that I went silent on Avicii’s album True. 聽That has all changed with the arrival of “Addicted To You” at #20, featuring a unique standout vocal performance by American singer Audra Mae. 聽A short song at 2:28, it has all the boom you need to make you want much more!

  • Lastly, we have more Matthew Koma vocalizing and songwriting courtesy of the UK Top 20 hit “Dare You” by another well-established Dutch producer/DJ, Robbert Hardwell. 聽This gorgeously melodic EDM song arrives at #25 and I’m looking forward to the official remixes 馃檪

Extra! Extra!

Several songs are on deck or are awaiting official release before they arrive on my chart.

Disclosure featuring Mary J. Blige, “F For You”

Kylie Minogue, “Into The Blue”

People Like You, “Have Some Pride” (teaser video!! – official release is February 3)

Bassjackers, “Crackin'” (Martin Garrix edit)

The Full Chart

Listen to the songs or watch the videos using the links on the pictures on the pretty and detailed聽web edition of my chart.

05 01 ANIMALS Martin Garrix
03 02 EASY Travis Garland
01 03 AN OPEN HEART Bright Light Bright Light
06 05 GOLD Eurielle
09 06 MOTEL POOL Travis Garland
07 07 BREATHE ME Carlos N贸brega
02 08 WHAT’S GOING ON Monsieur Adi featuring A*M*E
11 09 MARRY THE NIGHT Glee Cast featuring聽Adam Lambert
13 10 IN YOUR CARE Bright Light Bright Light
21 11 TAKE COVER Neverest
15 12 ROLLERCOASTER Corey Niles featuring聽Dru
22 13 COLLIDE Jake Miller
14 14 DO WHAT U WANT Lady GaGa featuring聽R. Kelly
18 15 MANiCURE Lady GaGa
17 16 I CAN’T HELP IT Dangerous Muse
New 17 CANNONBALL (EARTHQUAKE) Showtek & Justin Prime featuring聽Matthew Koma
20 18 COME A LITTLE CLOSER Cage The Elephant
08 19 CAN’T HOLD BACK Anton Ewald
New 20 ADDICTED TO YOU Avicii featuring聽Audra Mae
27 21 HAPPY Pharrell Williams
10 23 4TH OF JULY Jarell Perry
12 24 DO I HAVE TO DANCE Simon Curtis
New 25 DARE YOU Hardwell featuring聽Matthew Koma
16 26 KEEP ME RUNNING Andy Suzuki & The Method
19 27 I HAVE A NAME Osvaldo Supino
24 29 JULIET Lawson聽
26 30 BERLIN WALL Simon Curtis