Pop is always strong with songs like “Promise” by Slovenian brothers @BQLtweet

BQL, “Promise”

Looking to kick back to a solid, straight-forward pop song?  “Promise” by Slovenian brothers Anej and Rok, aka BQL, is just for you.  “Promise” was actually a contender for Slovenia’s Eurovision selection, with a lot riding on BQL’s homegrown success of recent years.  Alas another song made the final cut, but “Promise” is most deserving of pop fans’ attention around the world.  With the additional dazzle of being a Eurovision champ Charlie Mason co-write (with Anej), “Promise” gets the benefit of a solid story about being true to your love and conscious of how it all began.  The video above is a well-shot showcase which exudes the positive energy behind the BQL guys.  “Promise” reinforces why a good pop song will win you over every time 🙂

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Cheers to friendship and original songs like “Brothers” by @Saxity featuring #Strøm

SAXITY featuring STRØM, “Brothers”

Cologne, Germany-based duo Saxity have been noted this year for a variety of cover versions – from “Closer” and “In The Name Of Love” to “Can’t Stop The Feeling” and “Renegades” – and remixes.  They also successfully flourish separately, as Koni and Stan Sax, and with Saxity they bring out a happy collaboration of EDM songs that infuses live instruments, particularly guitar and saxophone.  So when I got asked – you read that right – if I knew any songwriters that might be interesting for Saxity to work with, the first one to come to mind was the illustrious Charlie Mason, about whose songs I’ve written too many times to count.  And while working with someone whose song (“Rise Like A Phoenix”) won Eurovision in 2014 might have not been on their radar, the extended collaboration, which also brought in the equally amazing Daniel Volpe, has worked like a charm.  And I don’t use that adage lightly here, because “Brothers” is loaded with charm, an ode to friendship and good ol’ brotherly love, enhanced even one step further by the gritty but sincere vocal by Strøm.  So this is where the suggestion has led (cue big cheesy grin) 😀 “Brothers” has everything that pop and dance music fans will adore – an unintrusive deep house rhythm, guitar, saxophone, contemporary lyrics that sink in deep, and a melody that simply gleams.  “Brothers” will make you smile and/or dance as it should.  Saxity has a real winner – not to be missed.  Listen to it at the Spotify link above and download it from your favourite digital store.

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Brendan Velasquez (@BrendanV88) brings on the unassuming charm with “Disappearing”



Part of the qualities of a good record, no matter how unassuming it may seem, is charm.  Proof in the pudding are in both vocals by Maryland-raised, Texas-based Brendan Velasquez, and melody and lyrics courtesy of the ever-amazing Crush Boys (Daniel Volpe and Thomas Lipp) and Charlie Mason.  “Disappearing” is a song of self-reflection and making a decision for not only those around you but yourself as well.  Whether or not that’s the right decision is the point/counterpoint at the crux of the song.  Brendan’s voice, dreamy and full of conviction [producers/remixers – if you’re looking for another go-to voice for dance tunes… 🙂 ], sells us this dilemma, while the songwriters aptly let the story unfold and give it a sullen but silky 80’s-tinged synthpop backdrop.  Don’t let “Disappearing” slip on by, be sure to watch the video above and pick it up at your favourite digital music store.