Escape and dance to “Take Me Away”, courtesy of Chicago’s CHO @petechosen with singer Brittany Foster

CHO and Brittany Foster, “Take Me Away” (free DL)

Following last year’s slice of pre-Hallowe’en fun with “Howlin'”, Chicago’s CHO is back with a more pop-oriented dance sound with “Take Me Away”.  Despite a rather uncharacteristic start, “Take Me Away” builds into an uplifting anthem of sorts for putting aside the troubles of today and getting away, to somewhere, anywhere, maybe a dance club, to recharge and live your life another way for a while.  Brittany Foster has nice touches of soul and grit in her vocal to make the song real and honest.  CHO’s production and synth work is on point, just the song itself to me could have been about 30 seconds shorter.  Nonetheless, with those extra few choruses you’ll be humming “Take Me Away” long after it’s over.  Download it for free while you can at the link above.

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Chicago’s Pete Cho @petechosen makes an auspicious debut with “Howlin'”

PETE CHO, “Howlin'”

It was a rather pleasing and unexpected surprise to get to enjoy “Howlin'” by Pete Cho recently.  Pete is a Korean BBQ restauranteur from Chicago turned pop/dance artist who also writes and produces his own music.  And if you’re going to do it then you may as well go big and bold with help from the likes of Dino Zisis (Lady Gaga’s “Applause”).  “Howlin'” sounds great and of course has just arrived in time for Hallowe’en.  That means there’s a spooky video with a few twists, and Pete had his hand in writing it too.  “Howlin'” has a solid overall sound with a lot of punch in its beats that generates appropriate suspense without overkill.  The uncredited singer has a good voice too which adds to the atmosphere.  Check out the video above – you’ll want to hear “Howlin'” again and play it for your friends 🙂

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Up in the air: @WinandWoo team up with @BryceFoxed for “Chicago

WIN AND WOO featuring BRYCE FOX, “Chicago”

The windy city’s own Nick Winholt and Austin Woo bring us one of their best original offerings yet with “Chicago”.  A familiar, playful melody is set against the recognizable voice of Bryce Fox, who we got to know last year with his own “Burn Fast” (which Win & Woo also remixed).  It’s obsession versus nature in Win and Woo’s hometown as the singer wants an affair that’s not meant to be, even if it was helped by the windy city itself, as the singer pleads till the song’s end.  Alas big cities can’t always fulfill our dreams, even the crazy ones.  Win and Woo have pop whimsy more in mind this time instead of an EDM club shaker, and it all works out well as a whole.  Pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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