“Circles” is fresh and new from UK teen singer/songwriter @AlfieTempleman



Call this one my stunning discovery of the weekend.  So I’m in a department store looking at clothes and a unique, chipper voice is drawing me into the infectious rhythm of his song.  It turns out that it’s 16 year old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Alfie Templeman, who hails from Bedford, England, with “Circles” from his EP Don’t Go Wasting Time.  He fits in somewhat between two other relatively new UK talents I’ve written about, Lostchild and Benedict Cork.  Both are also indie singer/songwriters who have their own styles and can write great songs.  “Circles” is a quick go round at only 2:31 but it grabs you within its first minute with both rock and soulful tinges, and only makes you want to hear more.  So I’ll definitely be checking out the rest of Alfie’s EP and “Circles” (below) may also make you do the same.

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Entertaining Beasties-inspired rap from NYC’s The Village Sound (@tvsoundmusic) with “Circles”


NYC group The Village Sound – focusing on the Brothers Gorman, particularly vocalist Dan – provide a great introduction to what they’re all about in “Circles”.  There is so much familiar in this particular rap and hip hop style – particularly Beastie Boys, but Eminem, Linkin Park, and Korn all come to mind as well – tough and on-point, but fun and eminently listenable as well.  “Circles” is all about people listening to the voices of only a select few, when others have something potentially important to say.  So the Gormans definitely get their digs in while injecting ribald humour into the proceedings as well.  Dan makes a convincing, and commanding case in the video which would translate well on to the stage, and the camera clearly loves him 🙂  While rap is not always a style that’s in my regular wheelhouse of tunes, The Village Sound know their craft and their audience – do check out the well-shot video below.

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