@Eurielle_music’s debut album Arcadia is a bountiful, lush, cinematic escape



When I last left off about a year ago with writing about UK pop/classical singer Eurielle’s music on several occasions, she had found her way to the heart of fans of The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit movies by recording “The Song Of Durin”.  This led to other related opportunities, and ultimately resulted in two of her songs being included in the album soundtrack to TV’s Downton Abbey!  They are “Nothing Will Be Easy” and “I’ll Count The Days”, which you can hear on this You Tube playlist.  

In the midst of all of this, record companies came-a-courting while Eurielle recorded this debut album, Arcadia, which arrived last month as an independent release.  No understated new agey album this, Arcadia is rich with a myriad of personalities in a variety of stories which could easily create their own mini-movies.  Each is memorable in its own way; you may prefer a song like “Whispers” (video below), which is pretty much an instrumental with Eurielle’s wordless vocal atop; or “City of the Dead”, full of imagery and stunning high notes; or “Eurielle”, which doesn’t yet reveal the mystery that is the singer herself.  My new favourites are the new “Je t’adore”, plus the previously available “Hate Me” and “Carry Me”, in addition to the three songs from her entire previous EP The Incarnation (“Gold”, “Waterfalls”, “I’ll Be Waiting”) which I first wrote about two years ago and all included.  Arcadia’s timing was perfect, because the performer to whom Eurielle may be compared the most, Enya, recently released her first album of new music in almost 10 years, called Dark Sky Island, and Arcadia is a perfect companion.  But like the music of Enya, Eurielle’s songs will carve their own way.  Lushly, carefully, and lovingly produced, Arcadia is the start of great things to come!

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Brighten Your Day with “Alive” by @JamesPoole_



Brilliant UK singer James Poole brings his quartet of piano-based songs to completion for his online EP For Your Ears Only with “Alive” (below).  It’s a lovely, positive song about always looking ahead to tomorrow with someone special.  Staying positive in the world with or without companionship can be a difficult thing for many of us sometimes.  The song really allows James’ voice to soar and be convincing as well.  Do not forget to check out his other songs at the You Tube link below.  “Alive” sounds melodically similar to his own “Silver Moonlight”.  “The Clocks Of Our Lives” is based on an classical Italian melody, while “Runaway” is probably the most obvious ‘pop’ song of the four.  It appears that James will have a release sometime soon for us to purchase, so like the other Poole Party fans who read my blog I am awaiting it quite anxiously 🙂  I’ve also put the link below to James’ outside-of-the-box take on the classic “I Put A Spell On You”, which I personally think contains his best vocal that I’ve heard, in case you missed it!

@TheHobbitMovie and @JRRTolkien Fans Are Gonna Love “Song Of Durin” by @Eurielle_music

EURIELLE, “Song Of Durin”

Fans of “The Hobbit” and J.R.R. Tolkien, unite!  Head over to the You Tube link above to Eurielle’s “Song Of Durin”.  As she prepares for her full album release this year, classically-trained UK singer Eurielle chooses wisely to continue to link her talents to dark, medieval-styled settings, making it a perfect fit against a film series like “The Hobbit” or “Lord of the Rings”.  Using words from Tolkien himself to create “Song Of Durin”, and the trailer for “The Hobbit” as a backdrop for the lyric video, Eurielle’s voice will cast a spell on you much as it did me last year when she released her debut EP The Incarnation (containing my #25 song of 2014 “Gold”, which has a new video coming soon).  Let’s hope “Song Of Durin” ends up on Eurielle’s record when it’s released and that movie producers will consider Eurielle’s talents worthy of an entire film score.

They Shall Overthrow: Galt Aureus (@GaltMusic) Presents “Treason”


Galt Aureus is the American duo of vocalist/pianist Saher Galt and guitarist/vocalist Susan Williams, and they have recently released their third independent album called Treason.  I previously wrote about their song “Citadels”, and the duo continues to make symphonic, orchestral, majestic-sounding alternative rock.  For those of you who enjoy medieval lore mixed in with futuristic sci-fi, Treason is definitely for you.  It’s highly cinematic, and would also serve well as a soundtrack to an epic kind of video game.  With dogged determination and passion, the protagonist in the story throughout Treason is revolutionary, leading a charge to overthrow the dominant machines.  The story is consistently compelling throughout from “Machine” and the title song, through to “Decay” (watch the animated lyric video below), “Fractures In The Steel”, and “Revive The Light”.  It seems like a dark, nihilistic story but there is promise at the end, but through revolution.  And sometimes you have to overthrow to save the world!  Galt Aureus takes the best of progressive songwriters and artists like Jim Steinman, Alan Parsons, and Pink Floyd, channels it through classical music and contemporary modern rock to arrive at a unique sound that commands your attention.  I’ve also included the promo video for the album below.  You can purchase Galt Aureus’ Treason on iTunes or through their smart-looking website right here (where you can also join their “Legion”).

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You Could Hear A Pin Drop: “Hate Me” (live acoustic version) by @Eurielle_music

EURIELLE, “Hate Me” (live acoustic version)

Yorkshire-born trained soprano Eurielle has been a constant pop music force to watch in 2014, since the debut of her EP The Incarnation last winter.  The last quarter of the year will bring us a full album.  So following the short film experience of the winning “Carry Me” comes a live acoustic performance of a new song, “Hate Me”, that should be sealing the deal for any disbelievers.  British singers like Eurielle are bringing the most rudimentary form of classically-based pop back to be reckoned with the busy electronic pop of today.  There is always room for beautiful music and voices that make you listen.  There’s often so much quiet in Eurielle’s performance of “Hate Me” that you really have to pay close attention.  But it’s worth it.  Amy Lee of Evanescence had better watch out – she’s in great company with the likes of Eurielle!  PS the outfit Eurielle is wearing is most befitting of the wicked queen in “Once Upon A Time” 🙂

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Ever So Delicate: “Silver Moonlight” by @JamesPoole_

JAMES POOLE featuring YIRUMA, “Silver Moonlight”

If it’s not clear by now from my previous blog posts, UK singer James Poole clearly has one of the best new voices of 2014.  It’s already been proven with adventurous cover song choices, as he moves into recording and sharing some original songs.  We’ve already heard the emotional, classical-based “The Clocks Of Our Lives”, so far one of the finest new songs of the year yet to be released.  “Silver Moonlight” follows that with another gorgeous, delicate piano melody (courtesy of South Korea’s Yiruma) matched with romantic lyrics and imagery – okay, folks… just.. remember… to… breathe!!  The song highlights James’ head voice range, whereas other songs have given us pop styles with his deeper octave which shows his opera training.  

Another thing that I like about James’ new songs is that they are subtler and quieter but still promoted to the attention of a younger generation that won’t hear them on the radio. With James’ online and in person dedication to his fans, he seems to be honing in on a unique market.  And don’t forget that transitioning out of being a ‘boy band’ member (late of Class A) and into this classic pop style would have once seemed as unfathomable.  

But once again James delivers, makes it extraordinarily memorable, and now the rest of the world must simply catch up.  Listen to “Silver Moonlight” above.  I don’t normally write about songs so far in advance of an actual official release, but I’m looking forward to the day that I can buy these ones 🙂

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Risky Business: An Original by @JamesPoole_ “The Clocks Of Our Lives”


JAMES POOLE, “The Clocks Of Our Lives”

I love it when a singer wants to be a game changer and take risks.  UK singer James Poole has set aside his excellent viral cover version choices for an original this time, “The Clocks Of Our Lives”.  James has already hinted at taking risks with his cover of Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana”, which was  a huge score with a decidedly different version of the song.  

“The Clocks Of Our Lives” reminds me particularly of 1970’s Elton John, who also took many risks with long, classically-based songs.  Here James incorporates Einaudi’s “Nuvole Bianchi” piece into the basis of the melody.  So it takes me back to Elton’s best work such as “Tiny Dancer” or “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”, but I would say comparisons could also go to Chris de Burgh and his early to mid 80’s works, as well as to Jim Steinman, who wrote such beautiful songs for Meat Loaf.  

“The Clocks Of Our Lives” wants the singer to go back in time to start over, but he knows that he has to endure the heartache instead.  By the 3 minute mark, when James’ voice soars, it is a heart-wrenching moment.  Even though it’s over 5 minutes long, the song never seems that long as its resignation unfolds.  

I think James is secretly trying to educate us all on classical music and opera in his music 😉 and he might succeed.  This is a brilliant first original, but one that is so bold that I think it might take some time before it could catch on.  Nonetheless, it only makes me want to hear more from James Poole and his amazing voice.

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Discover New UK Singer @Eurielle_Music and New EP The Incarnation

EURIELLE, The Incarnation (EP)

It’s nothing quite like you might expect in 2013.  Eurielle is a new singer originally from Yorkshire, England, who is a classically trained soprano.  Her contemporary comparisons might be to Enya, Bat For Lashes, and Ellie Goulding.  But a veteran music listener like me can’t help but harken back to the 80’s of Kate Bush, Maggie Reilly, Kirsty McColl, and Annie Haslam.  Her songs are magnetic cinematic pop statements.  The 3-song EP was preceded by one of its songs as a single, “Gold”, whose beautiful, unique, and certainly provocative video you can watch above.   Eurielle’s music instantly draws you in and once there you are submersed.  The other songs in the EP, “Waterfalls” and “I’ll Be Waiting” are well-chosen and high quality; less being more in this particular case, making you want much, much more.  Listen to the EP sampler below and you will be convinced.  The Incarnation is available for purchase – in Canada it’s $2.97 – on iTunes.  It’s a stunning debut.

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