Wonderwall and all: “Oasis” is affecting lyrical deep house by @TheHim featuring #Sorana

THE HIM featuring SORANA, “Oasis” (free DL)

Steven and Jeroen from Dutch duo The Him can do little wrong these days, and following up the sweet soulful pop/dance of “Secrets” comes “Oasis”, featuring vocalist Sorana.  I can’t figure out if there’s more meaning behind the title than as a reference to the revered British group than mentioning “Wonderwall” in the lyrics. Nonetheless “Oasis” certainly has a poignant quality to make you ponder an idyllic environment along with a bouncy deep house rhythm and sharp vocals that will make you sway along.  Check it out at the link above where it’s available as a free download for now.

If you’re in NYC on August 18 you can do yourself a favour and check out the double bill of The Him and Canadian duo Young Bombs at Marquee for an evening chock full of excellent mixes and dancing.

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“Getaway” is jazzy deep house from @Imadmusicoff and #WaveWave featuring @Samiaelharake @White_Trumpet


IMAD & WAVE WAVE featuring SAMIA and WHITE TRUMPET, “Getaway” (free DL)

Another deceptive beginning might make you think “Getaway” is intended to be a jazzy ballad.  But once the rhythm kicks in, it becomes a happy marriage of pop, dance, and jazz styles from a collective from three countries:  17 year old newcomer producer Imad and vocalist Samia, both from Lebanon, with German producer Wave Wave, and White Trumpet from Romania!   A lilting vocal by Samia carries the song all the way through, and I’m such a sucker for live instruments when the work by White Trumpet really stands out, particularly over a key break in the song that becomes a real earworm.  Though I don’t think the song needed the vocal effects, I suppose they help bridge all of the styles going on.  “Getaway” is a free download, so get it while you can at the above link.

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“Bucked” by Avila (@avilawvy) will grind and heat up the evening

AVILA, “Bucked” (free DL)

It’s not for everyone, but with its relentless, taunting, gritty chorus, “Bucked” by Puerto Rican producer Avila can definitely bring some rising heat to the evening.  It’s an immediately recognizable song that will signal the kick start to a heavy set of music in the club for which you know you will want to be on the dance floor.  But “Bucked” is not all for the grind, and Avila mixes up the pace nicely to keep you dancing rather than send you off irritated by repetition.  This one’s available as a free download too, so be sure to check out “Bucked” at the link above.

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“Perfect” is deep, dark and dirty house by @thisisMahalo featuring #CatLewis

MAHALO featuring CAT LEWIS, “Perfect”

“Perfect” is another musical page in the evolution of L.A. producer Mahalo.  This is a darker, dirtier Mahalo take on deep house.  Once again he features the magnetic Cat Lewis on vocal – I swear both Mahalo and the deliberately anonymous Cat will have their own major labels deal in the near future!  In the past, Mahalo has pitched Cat’s voice down on some songs, and it also happens here, but unlike other songs, there seems to be a mix of low pitch, regular voice, and high pitch, which truly makes it sound like the song is being sung at times by three different singers.  All of this combined with a relentless, resolute rhythm that’s perfect for the deep of night make “Perfect” yet another winner for Mahalo and Cat Lewis.  Listen and groove to it at the link above.

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Hip Hop House: “Mind” continues to define @BobbyNourmand’s unique style, featuring #DOC and #Goodmorning


With his new original “MIND”, once again for The Magiccian’s Potion label, L.A.’s Bobby Nourmand returns to his unique other-worldly kind of deep, dark house style which started appearing in his earlier releases a few years ago.  After turning his instrumental “D E E P” into the most wickedly playful hip hop house late last year as “D E E P in NY” featuring vocalists D.O.C. and Goodmorning, this somewhat unlikely trio is back with seconds with “MIND”.  And the inspired flow in the verses in this one is equally appealing, with more of an even mix of entertaining wordplay and soulful vocal chorus set to Bobby’s refined late night deep house bounce.  I’m still not quite sure what it’s all about yet, but “MIND” is another grower worthy of repeated plays.  Indulge yourself and get it stuck in your “Mind” at the link above.

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Germany’s @itsLeviofficial and #HarryD sing the bass fantastic with “Wilderness” featuring #HannahYoung

LEVI & HARRY D featuring HANNAH YOUNG, “Wilderness”

It’s got kind of an obscure lyric to grasp on the first few listens, but “Wilderness” by Germany’s Levi and Harry D featuring singer Hannah Young will sink in for a number of reasons.  Hannah’s vocal has got a unique flavour that might otherwise be found on a jazz recording, and it’s supported by a key focus on melody that’s driven by the bass instead of guitar or synths.  So it gets a deep house groove using different tactics from producers who know how to mix it up.  You already know Levi from these pages and my current chart, where his seamless collaboration with US vocalist Victor Perry, “Sail”, recently peaked at #3.  “Wilderness” is a choice follow up that you shouldn’t miss at the link above.

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Enigmatic @Meatportmusic premieres with bold and wild “The Troll”

MEATPORT, “The Troll”

Enigmatic producer/DJ Meatport premieres with “The Troll” via Vinyl City.  It’s a bold, wild ride of a song that straddles fun as much as it might infuriate you with its alternately ominous and goofy chorus.  Musically it surfs a seriously ambitious wave of 90’s techno-house colliding with drum ‘n bass and trap elements along the way – put early Armand Van Helden and DaRude in a room with Martin Garrix and Pegboard Nerds and you might get a sense of where the song might head for you.  And if you’re game – well, welcome to the #MeatFam with much more zaniness to come, meat-helmet included 🙂 There is no second-guessing that Meatport knows his craft well!  Check out the tight radio edit up top or the full enchilada with all of the hot sauce and jalapeño peppers below, and pick it up at your favourite digital store.

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Your 1st epic summer ’17 song: @BobbyNourmand with “D U S T”


L.A. producer/DJ Bobby Nourmand has been honing his versatile dance music sound and it has experienced quite an evolution during this past year, culminating most recently with the raucous but still refined and insanely catchy “D E E P in NY”, one of my favourites of 2017 so far (a BILLCS Top 30 #1 in January too).  “D U S T” continues in the deep house realm but it’s an epic song in all kinds of ways.  It’s bold like this big ray of sunshine swooped in to signal the coming of summer.  It will bring the beach to you where there may not even be a beach.  It’s also got a rich soulful vocal sound that resonates throughout and makes you wait for it to arrive when the song has much more chill moments.  Plus at 5 and a half minutes, “D U S T” creates a fun journey when you know where you’re headed and feel better when you get there.  “D U S T” is a grower, and it makes you come back to it, expecting, wanting and getting more out of it each time.  And as Bobby’s gift to you for your kind attention, get it as a free download at the link above.

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High quality musicianship, ear-pleasing melodies all showcase @Cloudchord’s excellent new album “Imprint”


Austin-based Cloudchord (aka Derek VanScoten) has released his first album under that moniker called “Imprint”, and it will definitely leave its mark on you, warranting multiple listens to beautifully layered songs full of striking and bright high end that will leave you in a great mood afterwards.  And it’s more likely to make you want to dance than not!

I’ve mentioned it before, but Cloudchord isn’t just an EDM producer/remixer, he’s a studied musician, and his diverse guitar work kicks Imprint up many notches.  The use of other live instruments like trumpet as well as top notch, complex synth melodies should call attention to other producers and arrangers.  The album is mostly instrumental, and seems to take a lot of cues from progressive ambient musicians like Brian Eno and Jean-Michel Jarre, with a lot of heavy jazz influence too from people like Pat Metheny (specifically his 80’s works).  But there are those slamming beats too, which fall out of deep house, tropical and future bass sub-genres, which should totally win over club DJ’s.

The release of Imprint was preceded by two of its songs, the sunny “Golden XO” (which I wrote about a while back) and “Light U”, with its perky rhythm and vocal effects.  The other songs that stand out to me are the imaginative “Aviator”, with all of its lovely melodic shifts – it could be made into a mini-movie in itself – the playful and complex “Lacuna”, “Sidewalk Spirits” (notable guitar work here), “Lavender Mimosas”, and “Birdbath and Beyond” (definitely loving some of the humour in the titles).  

If you enjoy your EDM drenched in variety within that genre, along with countless other influences, then Cloudchord’s Imprint is meant for you for a thorough listen.  Check it out at your favourite digital store using the link above.

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Deep house stylin’: Dutch duo @projectSaxena amp up “Darlin'” by @W2THmusic featuring @Serafinomusic

WELCOME TO THE HOTEL featuring BRANDON SERAFINO, “Darlin'” (Saxena remix) 

“Darlin'” is a perfectly decent pop introduction to new performers California’s Welcome To The Hotel and NYC-based singer Brandon Serafino, and perhaps more will be known about them as they make their social media presence.  Dutch duo Saxena have taken the song on a sideways route, and amped it up big time with classic deep house rhythms, using Brandon’s voice to accentuate this style while accompanied by a lovely saxophone to give it even more pep.  The result is an engaging, free-flowing 90’s flavoured dance track that’s bound to keep even the stingiest of dancers happy on the dance floor.  My ol’ disco feet rarely lie so this one’s yours for free downloading at the link above.

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