A Slinky sexy groove drives “Show Me” by Toronto’s @LoudLuxury and @NikkisWives

LOUD LUXURY featuring NIKKI’S WIVES, “Show Me”

“Show Me” is one of those bass-driven disco-influenced songs that will yank people out onto the dance floor mid-evening in a club.  It’s brought to you by fast-rising Toronto duo Loud Luxury – coming off of one of the best records of 2017, “Something to Say”, with Ryan Shepherd – and fellow Canadians Nikki’s Wives.  It’s all about getting a sexy party going in your feet and butt.  And the video is worth a look for a starring role for porn star Ron Jeremy.  And when you invite Ron to a party, well you know the women will be drawn to him wherever he goes… it’s just like that, but the guys in the video hadn’t figured on that (we last saw Mr. Jeremy guesting in the video for Armin van Buuren and Trevor Guthrie’s massive 2013 hit “This Is What It Feels Like”).  So all in all “Show Me” is a real attention-getter for a lot of valid reasons 🙂

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Groove to this: Contemporary disco king @JoeyNegro with the CHIC-tastic “Prove That You’re Feelin’ Me”

JOEY NEGRO featuring DIANE CHARLEMAGNE, “Prove That You’re Feelin’ Me”

UK producer/DJ Dave Lee has recorded under the name Joey Negro for many years as well as a number of other aliases, and one of my favourite nu-disco songs of the 2000’s is his “Make A Move On Me”.  After his successful Remixed With Love albums comes Produced With Love, and I’m looking forward to hearing this one like I did with The Freemasons’ album Shakedown (the first one) back in the day.  If the songs are as beautifully reverent as “Prove That You’ve Feelin’ Me”, we will all have a great time!  Joey captures the fine voice of the late Diane Charlemagne for this song – she was the vocalist on Urban Cookie Collective’s huge hits “The Key, The Secret” and “Feels Like Heaven”, but passed away in 2015.  Her essence is kept alive in this fun song with a rich groove that is kind of an unintended sequel to CHIC’s 2015 dance hit “I’ll Be There” – no Nile Rodgers here but this throwback to their biggest hits is undeniable.  “Prove” is a classic dance song that will beckon club goers to the dancefloor within a few bars.  Check it out at the link above.

Joey Negro appears as part of Pride month at Toronto’s NEST on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

The KIKI Kontinues: “SWERLK” pairs L.A.’s @MNDR with @ScissorSisters


With its arrival during Pride month, you can bet that many folks who enjoy outrageous fun will have their “SWERLK” down pat by the end of June!  L.A.’s MNDR collaborates with none other than Scissor Sisters (long due for a new record) for what is essentially an unofficial follow up to the Sisters’ #1 dance club play song “Let’s Have A Kiki”.  As with that dance classic, “SWERLK” is more-than-plenty of fun that will keep you wickedly entertained for its 5 minutes.  It was also created in support of Contigo Fund for the 2016 Orlando Pulse Nightclub victims and you can find out how to help out more at http://www.SWERLK.com.  So dance clubs watch out, “SWERLK” is here to pump you up!

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ContempoRetro: New @Parralox in generous “Subculture”

PARRALOX, Subculture

You can never knock a Parralox album for being anything less than a high quality venture from Australian producer/vocalist/synthmaster and all round nice guy John von Ahlen.  It’s a journey through almost every possible synth sound created between the late 70’s and now, with songs that are shaped to give you major feels for parts of all of those eras – a couple of the songs sound like they were teleported in from the late 1979 disco/new wave melting pot in particular!  Subculture, Parralox’s 10th long-player and also the title of one of my very favourite New Order songs 🙂 is the sum of all of its parts and more featuring vocals by John and several friends/guests.  

Out of 14 generous tracks, the opener “Paradise” features the acclaimed Marcella Detroit, most noted as one half of Shakespear’s Sister but with a storied career before that as songwriter and session singer.  John’s rich production is the perfect match for a crisp and savvy vocal by Marcella which brings out the heartache in the song.  Equally ear-catching but on a totally different bent is “Last Man Standing” featuring fellow Aussie Peter Wilson, which has a 70’s pop radio flavour to contrast its driving beat.  “A Question Of Love” makes an unofficial trilogy from the Depeche Mode songs “A Question Of Lust” and “A Question Of Time”, one of the darker more brooding songs in Subculture featuring a lovely vocal by Louise Love.  

Elsewhere on the album you’ll hear Human League bassist Ian Burden (especially on “Overdrive”), and vocals by Johanna Gervin and Lillia, plus two redone Parralox songs, “Rocket Science II” and “Voyager II”.  One of the best songs also is all John on “Change Of Heart”.  Subculture is as much disco as it is mid-80’s post-new wave electronicas as it is contemporary house music.

Always bold and adventurous and as contemporary as retro, John von Ahlen and Parralox’s Subculture is a feast for the ears, the heart and your dancing shoes.  Hear it all at the link above and buy it at your favourite online music store.

“Heartbeat” by @Autografmusic gets a post-disco workout by @Cloudchord and @FrancisPreve

AUTOGRAF, “Heartbeat” (Cloudchord x Francis Preve remix) (free DL)

You never quite know what to expect when a new Cloudchord remix arrives, and this time he’s paired up with fellow Austin denizen Francis Preve, the noted wizard of synths and sounds as well as remixer of songs by Dragonette and Sander Kleinenberg, for a retooling of “Heartbeat” by Chicago trio Autograf.  In the best of worlds, all sub-sub-genres of dance music fuse and merge to become new sounds, and Cloudchord and Francis take us on a time trip where disco was evolving and a new wave of punk-inspired rock music and dance music was gelling.  Thus the remix of “Heartbeat” has numerous classic disco flourishes with late 70’s, early 80’s progressive, electronic synth sounds, which when combined with today’s technology and retro early 2000 house rhythms, vocals, and melodies doesn’t quite sound like anything else out there.  This remix of “Heartbeat” will definitely give club DJ’s pause for thought – how to make it stand out in a set with its engaging six minute length as it rightly should.  You can check out all the fuss I’m trying to say in so many words by clicking on the link above and downloading it for free 🙂

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PREMIERE: @AdamFostermusic’s Dialect Radio Mix 001 featuring @Fambamusic


Here’s something a little different for regular readers of this blog!!  Tipsy Records and BILLCSMusic.blog present Adam Foster’s Dialect Radio Mix 001, featuring two totally spiffy half hour dance mixes to get your club-hopping evening underway.  The Miami producer/DJ offers up his contemporary British house-inflected set first, kicking off with his own brand new deep house single “Go”, and including his remix of “Pigalle” by DJ Snake & Moksi, which you read about in these very blog pages.  Next up is Halifax’s Famba, currently cruising the upper reaches of the BILLCS Top 30 with “Right Here Right Now”, and his set full of classic disco, dance, house, soul and hip hop rhythms and vibes.  It also includes his new single “The Beat”, as well as another current BILLCS chart favourite, “Be My Love” by Mahalo featuring Cat Lewis.  Check out Dialect Radio and subscribe at the iHeart Radio link by clicking the title of this post.  You can also hear it on Soundcloud below, accompanied by links to “Go” by Adam Foster and “The Beat” by Famba, both limited free downloads 🙂

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“Say Yes” brings joy to the dance floor by @Moranmusic & @divaJasonWalker

TONY MORAN featuring JASON WALKER, “Say Yes”

You’d be hard pressed to find someone in the dance community who wouldn’t say that “So Happy” by Tony Moran featuring Jason Walker isn’t one of their favourite songs of 2016.  Like with that song, a throwback to festive disco/dance of yesteryear, the pair are back to bring joy to the dance floor with “Say Yes”, which is currently gracing the Billboard Club Play chart and headed for the top.  The video provides all kinds of fashionable razzle dazzle as Jason cavorts in the subway and in downtown Manhattan with golden balloons in tow.  “Say Yes” is one of those songs where you just need to let go and forget about everything for less than four minutes, and the result, like with “So Happy”, will be a big smile on your face.  

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90’s vibes run through “Taking Chances” by @officialFlush featuring @AvaGoldworld

FLUSH featuring AVA GOLD, “Taking Chances”

It’s a common theme in music about learning lessons in relationships and doing things differently next time.  So “Taking Chances”, which is the debut release from producers Flush featuring singer Ava Gold, adds to the long list of many other songs but with a bright and empowering backdrop.  The influences here seem to range from 70’s disco to 90’s Daft Punk – that guitar riff recalls Stardust’s “Music Sounds Better With You”.  And vocalist Ava has a way with those words to not only make them meaningful but sound great against the refreshing melody.  Ebullient horns round it all out well.  Give it a listen at the link above.

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Boogie down with the disco-flavoured @WRLDmusic remix of”BB (Four Missed Texts)” by @KidFroopy

KID FROOPY, “BB (Four Missed Texts)” (WRLD remix) (free DL)

Young Dutchman WRLD continues to expand his EDM horizons with this seemingly unlikely candidate for one of his remixes, “BB (Four Missed Texts)” by the mysterious Kid Froopy.  It’s essentially disco-flavoured European-style R&B, taking many pages out of the mid-70’s songbooks, and much ado about nothing lyrically.  Vocally I think of 70’s doyennes like Silver Convention, Penny McLean and Tina Charles – long forgotten names who left behind several worldwide pop and dance hits.  This mix is all about the boogie and beat, and sometimes that is all you need 🙂  You can investigate by listening at the link above and downloading it for free.

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Slick and sassy, nice or naughty, NYC’s @LiquidDietmusic debuts their album Double Life


LIQUID DIET, Double Life (free download below)

NYC trio Liquid Diet had me at their single “Hand Dance” a few years back, a deviously delicious dance track that was all about the many ways of… well, you can guess by the title.  Flash forward and their debut album Double Life has arrived with much more slick and accomplished electronica of all shapes and forms and styles, along with much irreverence and innuendo that will bring out the naughty in you with a smile on your face (cigarette optional).  

The album is led actually by the last song and first single, the nu disco-meets-80’s sophisticated electropop (melodically, think “Neverending Story”)  called”Luminary”, featuring a stunner of a vocal by Georgia Haege, which I already wrote about a few weeks back thanks to its compelling video, but you can still get to know at the link below and download for free.  

A few songs that Georgia, Billy Hanson, and Jonathan Sorge have made available before also appear here in updated versions.  “Writing On The Wall” (Georgia and Billy on vocal) is one, the kind of singalong disco song that’s bound to find fans.  Then of the new ones, there’s “Rise” (Billy on vocal), an excellent assured slice of pounding 80’s flavoured house which is great for a workout.  “Refill of Your Love” is a seductive mid-evening chiller that’s meant to help bring your sexy on.  And then there’s the outrageous side for which you must just open up and free your mind – “My Cunt”, “I Love You All” (which could have been a Studio 54 classic!), and the best of the trio, the no holds barred “Dumb & Hung”.

All in all there’s loads of style, substance, suggestion, and sensuality to keep you engaged.  Dancing is encouraged, and it may even make you a little hot and sweaty.  You can buy Liquid Diet’s luminiscious Double Life on all digital platforms.  

Download first single “Luminary” for free:

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