“Words” is delightful downtempo electro-house for Autumn from @SteveVoidmusic and @Beauzmusic with @BriTolani


Dutch producer and all-round nice guy Steve Void has spent the last year successfully transforming his business career at age 21 by shaping and branding his Strange Fruits imprint.  After a number of initial releases, “Words”, in collaboration with American duo Beauz and the familiar gentle vocal style of Bri Tolani, hits home.  It’s a delightful downtempo electro-house song that seems to straddle both a happy and sad side to its story.  But let’s look on the bright side and play into the fascination and attraction that Bri’s recounting of the lyrics brings forward.  If Steve can offer up more very radio-friendly, melodic 3 minute songs like “Words” then his Strange Fruits legacy will continue to grow.  Watch the lyric video up top.

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“Be Happy” has gentle Spring loving in the air courtesy of L.A.’s @FRND69

FRND, “Be Happy”

“Be Happy” is a gentle and loving hymn of positive reminiscence for Spring by L.A. mystery man FRND for Crooked Paintings.  He’s getting his name out there as performer and remixer/producer, and “Be Happy” is great for a slow dance and a few swirls, and even a catchy breakdown before the end to make you let go a bit.  FRND has a knowing, reassuring voice that will definitely give you those happy feels, more so if love is in the air.  Not to be underestimated, if you’re looking for something a little different and downtempo with house vibes then “So Happy” will fit that order nicely. 

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Warm, reflective, downtempo “Know Myself” is by @Owkeymusic featuring @hithisisAshdown

OWKEY featuring ASHDOWN, “Know Myself”

“Know Myself” is a slick, soulful, downtempo EDM ballad that deserves to be high on clubland’s radar when bringing down a set for some on the floor romance.  It’s brought to us courtesy of relative newcomers, Denmark’s Owkey and British singer/producer Ashdown.  It might take a few listens but you’ll find yourself drawn to the warm and rich production and the versatile vocal by Ashdown.  The trap effects help build the attraction to the knowing lyrics to which anyone can relate.  The Heroic label has an uncharacteristic winner with “Know Myself”.  Check it out on Spotify above.


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Get it on: A @SeanTurkmusic heats up sultry ‘n sexy “Second Nature” by @StalkingGia

STALKING GIA, “Second Nature” (Sean Turk remix)

There seem to be songs far and few between that can get a little steamy around the edges these days.  On its own, Stalking Gia’s “Second Nature” is already sultry ‘n sexy with a teasing vocal and a funky bassline.  Sean Turk’s remix flashes forward a few times with a seductive drop that will help you get that groove on either in early evening or very late at night.  So you’re all covered, from the bedroom to the club and back again, in your pajamas or decked out to the nine’s 🙂 Sean’s work has proven to be varied and adventurous – perspective is everything these days in dance music.  So this remix of “Second Nature” is an inspired pairing of performer and remixer who have the same thing in mind, just different ways to get there.  And you can find out yourself by downloading it for free at the above link!

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