NYC singer @Reigenmusic offers love-struck, heartfelt cover of The Cranberries’ “Dreams”

REIGEN, “Dreams”

It’s not easy to cover songs by the seminal 90’s alt.rock band The Cranberries and capture their unique take on music at the time.  However, somehow NYC singer Reigen has gotten well under the skin of their hit “Dreams” (the follow-up single to “Linger”), centering the song around the phrase ‘you’re a dream to me’, which is often isolated in the mix here, whereas the original to me focused more on the gorgeous melody and production.  Originally sung for some friends at their wedding, Reigen’s rendition of “Dreams” is soulful, love-struck, and heartfelt, and is set beautifully in its video (above) to a few first-encounter vignettes which will make you warm and fuzzy.  Call it mission well-accomplished – I’m so very glad “Dreams” was officially released.  It does follow up Reigen’s recent single “Rollin'”, which I wrote about not long ago, and for which there is now a video (below) full of heart-pumping determination to draw you in even more.

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Unconventional “Dreams” lets rising producer @KidFroopy follow the beat of his own drum

KID FROOPY, “Dreams”

I must admit I was a bit side-swiped upon first listen of the latest by American producer Kid Froopy called “Dreams”.  While Kid has garnered significant attention over the last year remixing the likes of songs by Terror Jr. and having his own music remixed by other rising stars like WRLD, he has remained an enigma who follows the beat of his own drum.  So “Dreams” isn’t really a Dance/EDM track, but an electronic one that might even be better suited for alt.rock and college radio.  Its unconventional chilled out flavour seems to draw from classic 70’s rock like Fleetwood Mac and The Eagles, yet the lyrics contain a very contemporary edge, with vocals that are alternately quiet or harmonic, not usually found in this kind of record.  After a few listens I expect you will enjoy the different kind of diversity that Kid Froopy is offering here.  Throw back to the first time you heard “Pumped Up Kicks” by Foster The People, and likely scratched your head, that’s my best reference point.  Check out what Kid Froopy’s been up to in “Dreams” at the link above.

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