Nicki French (@nickifrenchie) flourishes in the 80’s inspiration of empowering “On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away”

NICKI FRENCH, “On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away”

Last year Nicki French sang about how she would toss a guy out of a dance club and leave her “Teardrops On The Disco Floor”.  This year it’s ready – steady – go away!  The singer best known for her high energy 90’s cover smash of “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” takes matters into her own hands and empowers all of us to do the same in “On Your Marks, Get Set, Go Away”.  Like “Teardrops”, “On Your Marks” is a dance floor delight, taking a huge lot of 80’s inspiration and translating it for today’s dance clubs.  30 years ago, a song like “On Your Marks” would be sung by Kylie Minogue and fit snugly into the Stock-Aitken-Waterman music factory of the day.  While the song is fluid enough and does not let up, it is an homage to that era, and just for fun, a remixer or two (I’m humbly suggesting Matt Pop 😉 ) perhaps could take that idea and run with it even more…  Otherwise, listeners and club goers, face those relationship demons and just make ’em go away!!

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Another side of the remarkable @JaneBadler with breezy danceable pop of “Sunburn”

JANE BADLER, “Sunburn”

As much as I have been fascinated by the melodrama of Jane Badler’s recent songs such as “Losing You”, “Dead Eyes”, “Yesterday’s Tomorrows” and even “Black Silk Stockings” (with its wacked-out video!), another page is in motion for the much respected actress and singer with “Sunburn”.  Yet another delight from the words and music of Charlie Mason and Richard Hymas with production from ever on-point Ricardo Autobahn, “Sunburn” is breezy tropical-flavoured dance pop, which perhaps draws more from Jane’s jazz-pop recordings vocally than from recent releases.  UV rays and suntan lotion be damned, “Sunburn” goes down mighty easily, and it’s a first for Jane in collaboration with Energise Recordings, who have recently brought us Nicki French’s “Teardrops (On The Disco Floor)” and “Magic” by Sean Smith.  Some dance remixes of “Sunburn” would definitely be in order!  Watch Jane – and lots of smiling! – in the lyric video for “Sunburn” above.

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