#BILLCSTop30 #544 – September 17, 2018

The new chart is a little more than shaken ‘n stirred!  While there are 5 debuts to keep things rolling, there’s also a new #1 song – one of the more interesting charts to come along in a while if I do say so myself!

The Top 10

  • Both Benny Benassi and Sofi Tukker obtain their first #1 on the chart with “Everybody Needs A Kiss”, up from 4 two weeks ago.  It’s got such a familiar sound yet it’s not like anything else out there, and it’s begging for another collaboration soon!  They send The Him and Parson James’ long-running “Broken Love” to #2 after 4 appearances (8 weeks) at #1.

  • Tony Moran and Jason Walker are back in their comfort zone – the Top 5 – for a third time with “I’m In Love With You”, which advances 6 to 4.

  • “Casually” by Miami-based Alyx Ander and Dutch duo Redondo with vocalist Maria Z. closes in on the Top 5, moving up 8-6.

  • One of the most glorious instrumentals of the year in tribute to Avicii, “Tim” by Arty climbs 11-7.  You can also find “Tim” on Armin van Buuren’s newly released State Of Trance – Ibiza 2018 compilation.
  • One song that slides under your skin neatly and stays there is the R&B ballad “Eyes” by Philadelphia duo N i G H T S, which moves up 13-9, becoming their second Top 10 entry following last year’s different and droll #3 “P A R T Y”.

  • Australian singer/actor/dancer Keiynan Lonsdale – both Kid Flash from TV’s “The Flash” and Bram from “Love, Simon” – grabs his first Top 10 entry with the irrepressible “Preach”, which rises 12-10.

Movin’ On Up

  • “Vacant Love” by L.A. producer Caden Jester and featuring an outstanding and engaging vocal by Blake Rose breaks through and heads towards the Top 10, climbing 16-11.
  • I’m thrilled that “All For You” is the third official single from Years & Years’ Palo Santo album, that I will be most happy to hear in concert next month!  “All For You” jumps 18-14.
  • The fastest riser on the chart is the only debut from the last chart.  “Verona” absolutely commands your attention with it’s story and compelling vocals by Peter Wilson and Sean Smith.  Moving up 24-15 out of the gate is not to be messed with – watch where this one goes in the coming weeks!  Check out a video of a live performance in England by the lads below – so good live, you know why they recorded together!

  • Also making its presence known is the infectious “One Last Time”, a Poland-Norway collaboration from producer Gromee and vocalist Jesper Jenset, who has major Shawn Mendes appeal here with his singing.  “One Last Time” rises 23-16.

  • The soulful, deep hurts of “The Pain I Feel” send UK singer Marlon Percy and UK/France producer collaborators LoFrames 25-20.  And it’s all set to a tidy, winning house rhythm and you’ll find yourself swaying away!

  • Not to worry about the slow start for “I Don’t Dance (Without You)” by Norway’s Matoma with Enrique Iglesias on lead vocals and Jamaica’s own Konshens with an enjoyable vocal breakdown.  It makes up for it by moving 26-22 with no sign of slowing down yet.

5 Debuts!

  • One of the most outrageously enjoyable videos this year is from Calgary’s Kiesza and what should by all rights be a comeback single for her, “Phantom Of The Dance Floor”.  Those gorgeous operatic tones are from Quebec’s Philippe Sly, and the video is eye-popping, perfectly in time for Hallowe’en!  “Phantom” bows at #23 and is Kiesza’s first lead appearance on the chart – she last appeared in 2015 in a feature on the gorgeous #3 alt.rock ballad “Pain Told Love” by Tribe Society.

  • Ariana Grande returns with one of her finest vocal performances with “Breathin” from the highly-acclaimed Sweetener album.  It flies onto the chart at #24.  It will have to best the #6 peak of “Into You” two years ago.

  • I rarely write about a song twice but “Down For Me” by PLS&TY is just sooo gooood in its original version (above) and in the amped up Morgan Page extended mix (below).  So in turn it arrives at #28 on the chart.  Florida-based producer PLS&TY appeared on the chart late last year as a remixer for SAINT WKND & MAX’s #8 “Survive”.

  • One major dance veteran gets his chart debut and that is Dutch producer Sidney Samson with his potent, kick ass techno-house of “Soldier” in partnership with GWise, and it premieres at #29.
  • And from a dance veteran to a mystery newcomer we have at #30 “Voice Mails” by L.A.-based producer Kooky.  The song exudes charm amid a beautiful melody that carries the relationship story of two individuals between their two voice mail messages.  It’s very touching and will garner immediate reaction in clubs or on dance music radio, and deserves a shot!

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#BILLCSTop30 #542 – August 20/18

My last chart of August is a transitional one, since I’ve had 10 songs debut in the last month.  So plenty of songs continue to head up the chart, to compete with favourites that I’ve been savouring for a bit longer.  In other words, you’ll find mainly small chart moves, aside from a couple that are breaking through and becoming successors to my current big favourites.  But there are still four more debuts!!

The Top 10

  • Continuing to play festival and club after festival and club, the very in-demand Dutch duo The Him hold with a fierce grip on #1 with “Broken Love”, featuring the enormously talented Parson James.  

  • James Bay’s Electric Light is one of my favourite pop albums of 2018 because it took risks to try a lot of different styles within the genre on one album.  The result was with no one single that the industry could fawn over, but the 80’s new wave-influenced “Pink Lemonade” is also one of my favourite songs of 2018 and advances a bit belatedly to #2!

  • More new Rüfüs Du Sol means that their album is finally coming!  Check out “Underwater” below, while “No Place” (above) climbs 5-3.

  • The contagious party feel of “Get Down” by French producer RetroVision has caused it to zip through the Top 10 this week, soaring 9 to 5 🙂

  • “I’m In Love With You” by Tony Moran and Jason Walker reached the summit of the Billboard Dance Club Play chart this week in their third #1 pairing, and it also becomes their third Top 10 in this chart, rising 12-9.
  • L.A.’s Bobby Nourmand has one of the most interesting repertoires as a dance producer.  This week he has three songs in the Top 10, thanks to the double whammy former #1 EP of “Subterranean” and “Estranged” at #4.  “The Sun” (above), featuring Blonde’s Adam Engle, rises a notch to #10 to become Bobby’s 3rd Top 10 entry this year and 5th overall!  Bobby has also prepared a progressive remix for”Sparrows” by New Mystics (below), a new release on his DITN label below.

Movin’ On Up

  • Benny Benassi and Sofi Tukker plough through the competition and set their sights on the top of the chart with “Everybody Needs A Kiss”.  It’s the fastest riser this week, climbing 19-11.

  • The fastest riser from the last chart continues to build momentum for the Top 10.  And that’s “Casually” by Alyx Ander and Redondo featuring Maria Z, which advances 14-12.
  • Evan and Corey, aka Philadelphia duo NiGHTS, are not holding back with their releases!  Not only does “Eyes” (above) move up 22-19, but they’ve since released both “Tequila” and “Stranger”, both below.


  • Two of the most inspiring songs on the chart should take off in two weeks.  Martin Garrix and Bonn’s “High On Life” (below) is one of those songs that makes you think about all of the good times, and it rises 23-20.  Right behind it is Arty’s heartwarming instrumental tribute to Avicii, appropriately called “Tim” (also below), moving up 25-21.

4 Debuts

  • Guy James Robin, aka UK producer Jonas Blue and immensely popular in Europe, may finally have his calling card in North America with the jubilant “Rise” at #26.  Great to see US ‘Net sensations Jack & Jack carrying the song away with their spot-on vocals, it’s been a while since they’ve appeared in these blog pages!  It’s Jonas’ second appearance on this chart following 2016’s cover of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” (#3).

  • As “Lonely” by Matoma and MAX departs the chart after reaching #10, a new and somewhat unexpected duet replaces it!  This time it’s with new buddy Enrique Iglesias with the insanely catchy “I Don’t Dance (Without You)”, which also features seasoning from the islands courtesy of vocalist Konshens.  This one deserves a lot more attention than it’s getting, especially with Enrique giving one of his best vocals in years.  It bows at #27 – it’s Enrique’s 9th appearance on this chart and first since 2011.

  • New and independent and very worthy of your ears and dancing feet is “The Pain I Feel” by UK singer Marlon Percy and the UK/France production duo LoFrames.  It’s a nice mix of soul, blues and house music, with stellar production, and arrives at #28.

  • I think he may be the first Polish artist to appear in this chart, but veteran producer Gromee has a winner with “One Last Time”, featuring an appealing Shawn Mendes-like vocal by Norway’s Jesper Jenset, who got to #3 two years ago on the chart with “High” in a Young Bombs remix.  “One Last Time” enters at #29.  It’s also a good sonic companion to Jonas Blue’s “Rise” above 🙂

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New Duo? Watch Alessandro and Jeronimo perform @enrique305’s “Bailando” (@1Alesmusic and @Jeronimomusic)


Okay folks, here’s your Sunday surprise and you won’t be able to stop yourself smiling 🙂 Regular readers of this blog know how much I enjoy the diverse talents of Netherlands singer Jeronimo, who scored a #1 on my personal chart a few years back with “One Kiss”.  And we know in the history of music that there are fine examples of unexpected duets.  So here Jeronimo teams up with buddy Alessandro for a teen-friendly cover of Enrique Iglesias’ “Bailando”.  It’s a good natured performance, helped immensely by the fact that outdoor all ages gigs like this are commonplace overseas, where fans can interact with their local heroes, and it’s all quite civil.  The two singers have a great time and play off of each others’ strengths well, so I hope this might be the start of something that will be recorded and promoted, because ya just never know!  Such a great idea and well done all around 🙂

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Drown Your Sorrows with Enrique Iglesias (@enrique305) & Romeo Santos in “Loco”



Enrique Iglesias has had almost a 20 year career already starting with songs in Spanish to solidify his Latin fanbase well before moving into the English language market with his first hit “Bailamos” in 1999.  Since then, with a few gaps in-between, the hits have been steady, most recently with no-brainers like “I Like It” and “Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You)”, which were also significant dance club bangers and continued this year with “Turn The Night Up”.  And although my Spanish is way too rusty to understand the lyrics of “Loco”, I love the low key and sensual melody in this bachata track, which drives the video (below) where we find Enrique and buddy Romeo Santos drowning their sorrows while watching a sultry lady in red strut her stuff.  I’d love to be a fly on the wall in that room 🙂  The pair are a perfect match vocally, and the song has mass appeal which is testament to Enrique’s songs appealing often to both genders.  Watch for Enrique’s new album, due in November.

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Reintroducing This Blog… and the Tuned-On! Top 30 #348 – March 14, 2011

While my new personal chart is hopping with activity, it’s generally been pretty quiet in the music world these past few weeks, and both Canadian Music Week and SXSW are in progress.  So for those who are unfamiliar with this blog, allow me to reintroduce it for you.

BillcsIsTuned-On! the blog began in September 2009 as my outlet for selective things good and musical and mainly current that I enjoy and would like to share with others.  Like other bloggers, the benefit of others discovering the music that we are talking about – even if we aren’t the first to talk about them – is the reward of writing this blog.  The blog also frames the bi-weekly publication of my favourite 30 songs of the moment, the Tuned-On! Top 30, which I have been producing online since late 1997 and is now in its 348th edition.  Like everyone, I have my favourite singers and performers.  Unlike many bloggers, I have over 30 years of music fandom, college radio and writing experience.  I love documenting the history of music and compiling lists, and this forum is one way I can share this kind of information with you as well.

Meanwhile, back on the Top 30 🙂  When I look at the current chart, it makes me wanna be at SXSW so much.  I’ve been to Austin TX and enjoy it a whole lot.  Combine that ‘weird’ city with artists on my chart who are performing there – Jamie Woon, Frankmusik, Duran Duran, Andy Grammer, Bright Light Bright Light, and Penguin Prison – and I guess I’ll just say that I’m there in spirit.

Jamie Woon fortunately is coming to my town (Toronto) on March 25 and I’m hoping to catch his show.  “Night Air” climbs to #1 this week a month before his CD Mirrorwriting is due in the U.K.  Can’t. Wait.  I posted a preview of the video for “Love 2 Baby” by Christian TV a few weeks back.  The song scores a very competitive runner-up spot on the chart.The full video debuts on Monday March 14 and I will post that clip once it’s available.  EDIT!  The video’s below 🙂

Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep” climbs easily to #3, while Ro Danishei and Simon Curtis stay at a strong #4 with “Michelle”.  There’s double Frankmusik, with “The Fear Inside” slipping from the top to #5 and glorious ballad “Hurt You Again” moving to #6.  Far East Movement and Ryan Tedder get stuck at #7 with “Rocketeer”, and three songs make their first appearances in the Top 10.

“I Won’t Let You Go” is one of Adam Tyler’s best songs and it leaps to #8 – I’m so looking forward to his debut album Lullabies for Rattlesnakes.  “Sunlight” by Bag Raiders featuring Dan Black will be more effective with Spring around the corner and moves 16-9.  “More” by Usher continues to impress me with the singer’s delivery and the production, and it becomes his first Top 10 hit on the chart (his 9th entry) since “Yeah” reached the summit in 2004.

Songs by Andrea Lewis, Andy Grammer, Alphaville, Neverest, and BT all move up, but surround songs that make greater gains.  “The City” by Patrick Wolf is Top 10 bound as it jumps 20-14, and “Tonight” by Enrique Iglesias & Ludacris (in whatever version you prefer) moves 26-20.  But the song that has captured music fans’ attention the most this Winter is also the fastest riser, and that’s “Born This Way” by Lady GaGa, up 25-17.

Three of the four chart debuts have already been mentioned previously.  Don’t get me started on Adele’s “Someone Like You”.  The song makes a splashing debut at #12, and continues as the deserved UK #1.  It looks to be one of the best songs of the year from the 21 album, which could be the best album of the last several years.  Further down at an impressive #23 is “How To Make A Heart” by Bright Light Bright Light – don’t forget to watch the sad but entertaining video.  On a danceable but totally different bent is Kyle Brylin’s “Everything I’m Missing” at a smashing #24, a song that I’ve found to be quite contagious over the past few weeks.  And yeah check out the video again, while you’re at it, and then pick up the song as a free download right here.  Lastly, as “Jacksonville” departs so continues the presence of songs from Brandon Flowers and the enduring Flamingo album on this chart.  One of the best songs he performs live in concert is at #27, “Jilted Lovers & Broken Hearts” – watch the clip below.

You can view the full chart using the link to the right under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** or just click right here.  Enjoy and post your comments 🙂

Tuned-On! Top 30 #347 – February 28/11

My newest personal chart is a busy one despite the lack of debuts.  Continuing to lead at the summit is the top notch “The Fear Inside” by Frankmusik, while Mr. Frank’s ballad “Hurt You Again” soars into the Top 10 at #8 as the Fastest Riser on the chart.   Inching up to runner-up spot is “Night Air” by UK singer Jamie Woon, who has some North American show dates on deck, including SXSW in Austin and one in my town on March 25 🙂  Making the Top 3 songs extremely competitive is the irresistible “Love 2 Baby” by Christian TV, whose video is in the works as you can see in the behind-the-scenes preview at the top of this page.  We’ll see who places first in two weeks.

Continuing its impressive rise is the scorching “Michelle” by Ro Danishei featuring Simon Curtis, now entrenched in the Top 5.  And joining it is Adele’s soulful “Rolling In The Deep”, from her brand new album 21.  Besides “Hurt You Again”, the Top 10 has a change up with three additional debuts.  “Rocketeer” by Far East Movement featuring Ryan Tedder (which Frankmusik is performing on tour instead, since the Far East guys are his label-mates) climbs 13-7, while Duran Duran’s “All You Need Is Now” and “Ice Melts” by Matt & Kim (who were recently in Europe) round out the Top 10.  Duran Duran are also featured in SXSW next month.

Also on the rise for a sunny Spring and looking good for Top 10 status soon include Adam Tyler’s europop flavoured “I Won’t Let You Go”, “Sunlight” by Australia’s Bag Raiders featuring Dan Black (video at the bottom of the page – love the use of the word iridescence!),  “Keep Your Head Up” which has L.A.’s Andy Grammer (another SXSW performer) accentuating the positive, Alphaville’s update of their 80’s eurodisco with “I Die For You Today”, and the sparkling Richard X mix of “The City” by Patrick Wolf.

The newbies on the chart this week are actually huge hits which I’ve already discussed in previous blogs:  Lady GaGa’s forever anthem “Born This Way”, and “Tonight” (in whichever version you want) by Enrique Iglesias and Ludacris.

You can view the full chart using the link to the right under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** or click right here.  Please post any comments you might have – thanks for reading 🙂

What’s THAT You’re Hearing on Pop Radio??

It’s a decades old debate that keeps rearing its head.  And with the release of Lady GaGa’s “Born This Way” yesterday, the subject came roaring back, and precipitated me putting together my thoughts about what you’re hearing on pop radio these days, and how it all got there.

For me, it goes back to growing up in the 1970’s, when the sudden change in subject matter for singles on pop radio started to be all too apparent.  You couldn’t get any more obvious than sexy and seductive singles like Marvin Gaye’s “Let’s Get It On”, Sylvia’s “Pillow Talk”, Barry White’s “I’m Going To Love You (Just A Little More Babe)”… and on the flip side there were other unique-sounding hits such as David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” – this one not for the subject matter but more for the artist – and of course Lou Reed’s only charted hit, the groundbreaking “Walk On The Wild Side”.  And this, folks, was 1973!!

So while Elton John grabbed hold of glam rock for his look and perhaps inspiration for some of his songs, he was the first artist that I can remember whose song used a swear word – other than say hell or damn – in its title no less, and one describing himself!  I’m referring to 1974’s “The Bitch Is Back”, which was a Top 5 hit.  I think perhaps the song would have went to #1 because there were radio stations that refused to play it.   The swearing didn’t stop there!  Veteran R&B act The Isley Brothers released in 1975 “Fight The Power”, which sang about “All that bullshit going down” and was censored on radio (usually with a ‘beep’) but was still a Top 5 hit in the U.S.  By 1977 The Eagles exclaimed “Haven’t seen a goddamn day” in “Life In The Fast Lane” and for some reason got away with it at radio.  But Steve Miller ended up with “Funky kicks going down in the city” instead of “Funky shit” in “Jet Airliner” the same year.  And after that, changing the lyrics seemed to be the way to go.  It no longer seemed to be an issue, even in the hot and heavy days of disco when sexual lyrics and subject matter pretty much remained in clubs.

In fact I can’t think of it being much of an issue until the late 80’s, but that was with videos which were spearheaded by one Madonna.  But those videos helped promote Madonna to radio, and controversial hits like “Like A Prayer”, “Justify My Love”, and “Erotica” were all still huge hits.  And it was all about the video star… until recently since TV stations like MTV and MuchMusic long ago dispensed with music videos as their main showcase in favour of other programming.

The Internet is the new MTV for videos, and it was not until 2010 that songs that prominently featured swearing or sensitive subject matter began to find their way to success through the Internet as well.  By late 2010 this had reached its pinnacle, with some of the world’s most popular artists releasing songs that, in fact on this very day are at the top of iTunes Canada’s chart.  They are “Born This Way” by Lady GaGa, “S&M” by Rihanna, “Fuckin Perfect” by Pink, and “Tonight (I’m Loving You)” by Enrique Iglesias, which I wrote about last week as “Tonight (I’m Fucking You)” (and even Avril Lavigne’s “What The Hell” is #5 – though in Canada we had Michel Pagliaro’s hit “What The Hell I Got” in 1975).  And it’s no longer possible to cover your ears or those of your children if you want to hear pop music on the radio or online, you would just basically have to avoid it all together.

For every bit of imagery borrowed from Elton John, Madonna or perhaps Donna Summer, “Born This Way” has a strong, strong message of equality that made me immediately think of those “Walk On The Wild Side” lyrics from 1973 but I’m extremely aware that that message would not be so strongly felt without Lady GaGa’s current status on the 2011 platform shoes of pop music.  “S&M” takes Madonna’s images from “Justify My Love” and “Erotica” a few steps further with a playful video and lyrics “Well I might be bad but I’m perfectly good” which make the topic seem very – routine.  And sure Pink has used swearing before, but of course in a song title you’re not going to have retail or radio promoting the F-word so even in 2011 the song becomes “Perfect” just as in 2004 when Eamon’s “Fuck It (I Don’t Want You Back)” became a parenthetical title only – and in the UK the song was an even bigger hit than in North America, as was its reply song by Frankee which was just called “F.U.R.B.”  Ditto with Enrique Iglesias’ latest song.  A singer with such a nice-guy image as Enrique singing “Tonight I’m fucking you”?  Relegated to clubs and the online community, alas.

Only "Tonight I'm Fucking You" fan-made artwork available!

So yes, it’s the mid-seventies revisited at pop radio.  One day the swearing barrier will come down because it will no longer be an issue.  But we’ll have to see what kind of content we will hear next on pop radio, and who will bring that next step to the forefront.

Winter Popervescence Goes Poptronic!

If it wasn’t for huge anticipation of upcoming releases from Frankmusik (still TBA for Do It In The A.M., but Vince has been posting some amazing free downloads that show positively MAJOR potential to be unveiled), Penguin Prison (now scheduled for April), and new UK pop/R&B sensation Jamie Woon (March), I don’t think I would be getting signals that 2011 more than ever appears to be a year in which Pop and Electronica are fusing more to commercial appeal.  To support this, we are getting some terrific fusion both on the pop charts and in some potential new talent.

I currently enjoy Enrique Iglesias’ music much more than 10 years ago when he won fame as a balladeer.  Lately Enrique’s been on a really fun club sound bent, and though huge pop hit “I Like It” burned on me after a while, and ballad “Heartbeat” with Nicole Scherzinger turned into a minor European hit, it looks like “Tonight (I’m Fucking You)” is going to be even more massive.  Credit that to the busy and infectious electronica backdrop that sets the song firmly in Clubland… and radio has jumped on the more, erhm, polite version “Tonight (I’m Loving You)”.  I think the appearance of a Ludacris rap is kind of unnecessary but is playing to both radio and street cred.  So is North American radio finally set to embrace a steadier diet of Poptronic sounds, or is this just a one off?  We’ll see later this year.

Then we have the latest case in point from UK’s Patrick Wolf, whose songs have alternately been darker, alternative affairs and fantastic bursts of pop/dance.  The vibrant, catchy pop of 2007’s “The Magic Position” won me over, wondering what Patrick would offer next.  It’s taken till now for something equally brilliant to surface, but the free download of the Richard X mix of “The City” signals good times are ahead for Poptronics.  Watch the feel-good video above, which captures the essence of the positivity in the song, and download the Richard X mix below while you still can.

Australian duo Bag Raiders signal the first signs of Western world summer – though for Aussies they are well into it right now in the East – with their latest song “Sunlight”.  What makes this sparkling song even more special is the presence of Poptronics whiz Dan Black on vocals, and the result is summer beach party central.  I can’t wait for what Mr. Black has to offer us next, and this kind of collab will help bridge that gap in time.  Be sure to get this one for free right here!

Blu Eden is a new pop/dance vocal duo who have already started to achieve some notoriety in London with some live showcases.  Comprised of vocalist Nora Blu and partner/producer Richard Eden, the duo combines a UK soul and club sound with edgy electronics, which are featured prominently in the crunchy production in the extended version of “Rip It Up”, the original version of which you can hear on their official website.  Songs like “Rip It Up” make the UK dance sound seem fresh all over again, and club DJ’s in particular should find favour with Blu Eden’s songs.

Lastly, 21 year old Toronto-based producer/DJ Volta! is a name to watch both for experimental electronica and Poptronics.  His Soundcloud page is full of interesting ideas fleshed out with swirling electonics.  You won’t be able to deny the infectious appeal of one of the songs remixed by Kash Jay called “Conan”.  The original song appears on Volta!’s Soundcloud page and doesn’t really sound too similar to the remix.  But the remix definitely gets planted in your head and stays there.  It works fine as an instrumental but something tells me that a honkin’ female R&B vocal might suit the song in an alternate version.  Check out the free download below.