Revel in the epic heartbreaker “Windswept” by @runCryWolf

CRYWOLF, “Windswept”

After the complex but captivating “Quantum Immortality” comes “Windswept” by California EDM performer Crywolf (aka Justin Phillips).  It’s an epic heartbreaker that returns to the same ground set by “Slow Burn” earlier this year.  Both songs are connected by stories of relationships that went so sour that they resulted in being emotionally trapped.  “Windswept” is full of torrents of ups and downs that would be perfectly suited to be acted out in front of us on stage, much in the way that Jim Steinman wrote for rocker Meat Loaf.  The quiet moments of anguish will have you tearing up, while the majestic rebounds will have you leading the charge to abandon all thoughts of that relationship once and for all, but by then there is nothing left but the existential question asked at the end.  Crywolf’s “Windswept” is powerful stuff, long at 6:27 but worth every second at the link above.

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