“Line”, Latvia’s Eurovision entry by @TrianaPark receives a saxxy transformation by @Stan_Sax

TRIANA PARK, “Line” (Stan Sax remix) (free DL)

Germany’s Stan Sax is no stranger to these pages or my personal chart, having one of my favourite songs of the year with “Brothers” as part of duo Saxity, and adding trademark sax work to broaden the appeal of last year’s bubbly but inauspicious “Vague” by Fabian Luttenberger.  “Line” was this year’s Latvian entry for the Eurovision contest by the quartet Triana Park and regrettably this radio-friendly tune, a Top 10 hit in Latvia, didn’t move on to the upcoming finals.  But Mr. Sax has turned “Line” a bit inside-out and sideways, anchoring the song in a slower rhythm which gives it a more alt.rock vibe.  And of course there’s lots and lots of sax, and the melody and rhythm become a much more free-flowing jam session, making it quite the surprise by the end.  I often say that fine songs can receive some drastic but creative transformations and Stan Sax has a winner with “Line”, which you can download for free at the link above.

Not Only Skin Deep: Serbian Eurovision Entry “Beauty Never Lies” by @BojanaStamenov

BOJANA STAMENOV, “Beauty Never Lies”

Don’t underestimate the Eurovision entry from Serbia, “Beauty Never Lies” by Bojana Stamenov.  It’s empowering and endearing lyrics are universal and meaningful to absolutely anyone.  They are matched with a powerful, rich new voice and a breathtaking melody, which make the song instantly recognizable.  Apparently the song was originally recorded in Serbian but the English lyrics send the song home for the rest of the world.  And the lyricist, the prolific Charlie Mason, knows what he does so well… he co-wrote last year’s Eurovision winner “Rise Like A Phoenix” by Conchita Wurst.  Will 2015 be a repeat year?  Don’t say I didn’t put the bug in your ear.

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Going For The Gusto: “Lights On” by @MarkusRiva

MARKUS RIVA, “Lights On”

“Lights On” is a big powerhouse of a song that should take its positive message around the world, courtesy of Latvian singer Markus Riva.  Readers of this blog already know the talented singer/producer/model/DJ from his BILLCS Top 30 Top 10’s “How It Feels To Be A Man” and “We Dance 4 Reason”, and his gritty vocal captures the presence of the underdog rising to the top.  It’s a very different follow up to his last single/video for “Fire”, which I wrote about recently.  I learned last night that “Lights On” is a contender to represent Latvia at Eurovision.  Don’t be surprised – songs with big choruses and inspirational lyrics go over big with judges.  Side note: He’s competing against his “We Dance 4 Reason” buddy Ralph Eilands! If “Lights On” gets to Eurovision, it has a real shot at winning.  If not, then no time should be wasted in marketing it globally.  I sense that it will also be played at soccer/football games 😉

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Sweden’s Melodiefestivalen brings us more Måns Zelmerlöw, Meet UK’s Uni5 (featuring one Sam Taylor!)

When I’m not digging round the ‘Net trying to find the scoop on some great new music, I often refer to many fellow bloggers for information.  One of those terrific blog finds is Paul Reynolds’ My Fizzy Pop (also see Blogroll link to the right)!

This week, Paul tips us off to some updates on two of my 10 Performers to Watch in 2010.  Sweden’s Måns Zelmerlöw stirred up pop delights in 2009 with his stunning performance of “Hope & Glory” on the Melodiefestivalen TV show contest, as well as with a varied bunch of songs on his MZW release, my favourite track from which was “Rewind”.  Måns guested on Melodiefestivalen this year instead of as a contestant, and MyFizzyPop tells us all about his respectable take on Duran Duran’s James Bond theme “A View To A Kill” right here!

Paul’s second scoop was about that wonderful lad Sam Taylor, he of my favourite song of 2009 “Run Away”, who has entered the Eurovision contest this year as part of UK group Uni5.  The vid below gives us an introduction to the quintet.  And if the voices are all of Sam’s calibre, well the UK will certainly have a winner!

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