Autumn Popervescence #3 featuring JMSN, Passion Pit, Shiny Toy Guns, Parralox, Krewella, Evanpony, and Mark Hildreth

JMSN “Fallin'”

As 2012 comes to a close, it ends almost the way we started, with a new, magnetic video from JMSN’s independent album †Priscilla† which was released back in January.  Some of the videos have been difficult to watch with the bleak and unnerving images the singer chose to employ to explain his songs.  “Fallin'” is perhaps the most accessible of the lot, with JMSN as an innocent in the centre of a world which too often requires us to make the wrong choices.   Throughout the year JMSN has also released numerous remixes of the songs from †Priscilla† which you can hunt down, including a Slim K “Chopped and Screwed” slowdown rework of the entire album which still boggles me.  Watch the video of “Fallin'” below.

Passion Pit “Take A Walk”

Some people may say I’m late to the game on Passion Pit, but to me you’re never too late when someone’s music warms up to you.  After listening to various songs from the Massachusetts quintet’s sophomore album Gossamer this year, their performance on Saturday Night Live and in particular the highly watchable guess-what’s-next video for “Take A Walk” drew me in.   It helps that Michael Angelakos vocally reminds me a lot of Michael Penn circa “No Myth”!  Now I think their tour with Matt & Kim next year will be high on my list to see.   Watch “Take A Walk” below.


Shiny Toy Guns “Somewhere To Hide”

If “Somewhere To Hide” is any indication, the return of vocalist Carah Faye Charnow may have been the best thing to happen to the California quartet since its mid-80’s successes with “You Are The One” and “Le Disko”, which appeared in the Grammy-nominated We Are Pilots album.  With new album III on release, “Somewhere To Hide” is unpretentious and gleaming electronica complemented by a video telling a tale of love in some futuristic world.  Watch the video using the Vimeo link below.

Parralox “Sharper Than A Knife”

Never let it be said that recycling an older song can’t work.  In fact Aussie duo Parralox have done just that with “Sharper Than A Knife”, which appeared on their 2008 release Electricity.  After more recent success stemming from the appearance of the song “Hotter” on the year’s best dance compilation This Beat Is….Poptronik Volume One, Amii and John have created a video that looks alternately like The Donna Reed Show and an Alfred Hitchcock movie, with Madonna-esque performance shots interspersed.  “Sharper Than A Knife” is inspired electronic pop candy.  Watch below.

Krewella “Killin’ It”

Chicago electronica trio Krewella return after being touted these past few years by the likes of Grammys blogger Arjan Writes for songs like “Gameplan”, and producing remixes for artists such as Skrillex.  “Killin’ It” (video below) was actually released earlier this year as a part of the Play Hard EP, but the band has reinvented the song in a multitude of remixes in the form of the new Play Harder, which you can hear on their Soundcloud page.  Oodles of freebies can be had for download on their Facebook page.  Fans of BT, Deadmau5, FrankMusik and more should keep Krewella on their radar.


Evanpony “Just Rock With Me”

One of the most entertaining videos I’ve seen recently is “Just Rock With Me”, which is actually a pairing of Japanese girl group Stereopony (which I believe has since disbanded) and fave L.A.-based singer/songwriter Evan Taubenfeld (yes, he of Welcome To The Blacklist Club, featuring “Cheater Of The Year” (a #1 on my chart), “Boy Meets Girl”, and “Pumpkin Pie”(both Top 5)).  Just takes me back to when I was a kid viewing Japanese monster movies for the first time – albeit with a modern twist.  I’m hoping Evanpony will record more, and perhaps in English 🙂 Watch using the Vimeo link below and have fun.

Mark Hildreth “Magic Spell”

Canadian actor Mark Hildreth, whom you may have seen recently in TV’s The Tutors or heard as a voice in many a cartoon (or know as boyfriend to Smallville and Beauty & The Beast’s Kristen Kreuk) is also a most capable vocalist, as his silky mid-tempo dance song “Magic Spell” reveals.  It’s from his upcoming album Signs Of Life, due for release next year.  And as some of you may notice, there’s an interesting connection to my personal chart – he also starred in the 2009 reboot of TV’s sci-fi show V alongside none other than Jane Badler (#8 on my chart with her “Yesterday’s Tomorrows”).  Watch “Magic Spell” below.

Tuned-On! Top 30 #333 – August 16/10


It’s now a few weeks away for the release dates of what could be a few of the year’s great records.  One of those belongs to Killers singer Brandon Flowers – his solo debut Flamingo is due September 6, and “Crossfire” has wasted no time in attaining the pole position on my chart.  It steals it away after one appearance from Bright Light Bright Light’s “A New Word To Say”, which slips to #2, but Rod Thomas and friends of course have the utterly brilliant “Love Part II” coming for official release on September 13.  Expect that song to chart here in two weeks.

Two Door Cinema Club’s Tourist History is quietly becoming one of the albums that should be heard right now.  The Irish band is coming to my city (Toronto) in October, complete with Penguin Prison as opener!!  “Something Good Can Work” finds a weak part of the Top 10 and takes advantage of it, moving 9-4.  Evan Taubenfeld’s “Pumpkin Pie” and David Guetta’s “Gettin’ Over You” both move up a notch.  Three new songs join the Top 10 – the sublime 70’s disco influence of Goldfrapp’s “Dreaming”, the modern electro-punk energy of “Your Body Is A Machine” by The Good Natured, and the tears behind the pop smile of Bim’s “Head Over Heels”.

The middle of this chart continues to be log-jammed with great songs.  The ones more likely to cut through are this edition’s fastest riser, the gorgeous Steve Anderson-produced torch song “Pretender” by UK’s Elouise, climbing 27-18.  Londoners be sure to check out her show for me on September 11 at the Tabernacle! Then we have boy power pop courtesy of Adam Tyler’s “Friction” and its free propulsive Ricardo Autobahn edit.  Still awaiting the Lullabies for Rattlesnakes album! The Top 10 will also have to make way for Roz Bell’s should-be-summer-anthem “Endless Summer Night”, while other songs by Reni Lane, Lifehouse, Chris Mann, Hanson, and Kylie Minogue are all just plain solid.  Maroon 5’s “Misery” pulls up the rear and advances 28-24.

I’m going to continue to plug “The Beautiful Game” by UK singer Billy Franks, which moves up to #19.  It has a lot of hidden quiet power in its melody and emotion, and proceeds go to a charity set up by Prince Harry to help African children, and you can purchase it on iTunes.  Billy – the former leader of one of the 80’s treasures called The Faith Brothers – has also made available for free download a full album of music called Euphoria, which I expect to blog about in the coming weeks.  Download it right here.

On to the debuts.  Surely it’s no surprise after his August 3 concert that another track from Ryan Star’s 11:59 appears (while “Breathe” tumbles to #8)!  And yes it’s “Start A Fire”, which is about to blaze a path of glory in these parts, arriving at #22.  Then we have the fun and slightly eccentric dance sounds of Saint Motel.  The LA quartet lands at #27 with the Sam Sparro remix of “Dear Dictator”.  Finally, The Script haven’t been away from this chart for long, as the long legs of the band’s self-titled debut album have proven a lasting commercial success.  From their upcoming sophomore record Science and Faith comes “For The First Time” at #28.  It’s very samey-sounding to songs off the debut record but it certainly grows on you, and their audience sure enjoys the earnest and emotional style of this Irish trio.

It’s been a quiet, dull live concert scene in Toronto for me this summer.  Most of the artists I’ve wanted to see did not come to my town.  A whole bunch – Two Door Cinema Club, Penguin Prison, Florence & The Machine, Matt and Kim, Miike Snow – are coming within weeks of each other in October – and Brandon Flowers is performing a show for Virgin Mobile members only (you must be a member – which I am 🙂  – to enter the contest, so I’m crossing my fingers!!).  And I’m hopeful that others like Lifehouse, The Script, and Ryan Star, will find there way here to make the winter months more pleasant.

Tuned-On! Top 30 #332 – August 2/10

Bim "Scatterheart"

This will be a quick and early blog as I am off to New York City tomorrow for 5 days with my daughter, during which time we will see Phantom Of The Opera, Ryan Star’s CD release show (Ryan hangs at #5 with “Breathe”), and perhaps visit the Jewish history museum as well as other sites.

That new pop meister extraordinary, Rod Thomas, aka Bright Light Bright Light, grabs #1 on the new chart with “A New Word To Say”, a free download that will hopefully be on BrightLightx2’s upcoming album.  That having been said, I can’t wait for the official release of “Love Part II!

It looks like Brandon Flowers’ “Crossfire” is destined for the top, as it zips into the Top 5 at #2.  “Pumpkin Pie” by Evan Taubenfeld and “Gettin’ Over You” by David Guetta move up in the Top 10, and Two Door Cinema Club’s “Something Good Can Work” does get there amid stiff competition.  As you will see, every song from 11-19 moves up, and really good stuff like “Broken Tonight” by Armin Van Buuren featuring VanVelzen gets stuck at #13 in a year rife full of grand pop songs.  So how does one compete with songs that rev in my mind like those on the chart from Goldfrapp, The Good Natured, Reni Lane, Lifehouse, and Roz Bell?  Last week’s debuts by Adam Tyler and Chris Mann shove along into the lower teens, with Bim’s gorgeously contagious “Head Over Heels” as the fastest riser (and congratulations on the release of the Scatterheart album, now available in iTunes!), moving up 27-17.  Still further down, songs by Hanson and Billy Franks continue to make inroads.

The debuts will continue to bend my ear for months.  How can one resist the happy feet dances generated by Kylie Minogue’s “Get Outta My Way” (her first appearance on my chart since 2004’s “Slow”), the powerful show-stopping drama of Elouise’s “Pretender”, and the sarcastic wit of Maroon 5’s “Misery”?

To see the full chart, click on the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or click right here.  Any comments are more than appreciated 🙂

I don’t know if I’ll get a chance to blog while I’m away but you can check in on me on Twitter.

A Visual ‘Slice’ of #PumpkinPie

It’s well before the usual time of year when we all dig into pumpkin pie, but I’m glad the video for Evan Taubenfeld’s “Pumpkin Pie” from his digital release Welcome To The Blacklist Club has surfaced to support interest in the record, which I blogged about a few weeks back.

I’m no longer enamoured with the video format, it is basically a commercial outlet to promote a record.  Nonetheless, I’m impressed with the down-to-earth quality of “Pumpkin Pie”.  It tells the story, it’s all Evan, and best of all, it’s sincerely honest, with a good message for the younger generation.  Twitter figures prominently – no surprise since it has helped build Evan’s fanbase  as well as his weekly online Soda Sunday streams – along with his website.

Despite thinking that I would quickly tire of the song, it has much to my surprise become one of my very favourites from Blacklist Club.  If it can grow on me, the same could easily happen to you.

“Pumpkin Pie” is a great end-of-summer hit in waiting.  Make it happen people 🙂

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Tuned-On! Top 30 #330 – July 5/10

As we now sit two weeks into summer and into the second half of 2010, Simon Curtis returns to #1 after a month’s absence, this time with the title track to his mixtape 8-bit Heart – view the charming acapella video here.  While the song initially struck me during my first few listens earlier this year, I set it aside in favour of  the excellent “Beat Drop”, “Delusional” and “Joystick”.  It wasn’t until I realized that the song was the emotional core of the mixtape that my initial perspective returned, hence it arrives at the top of my personal chart.  That makes it 3 #1’s for Simon since last December 🙂

Mike Posner’s “Cooler Than Me” and Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight” look to be peaking in the Top 5, while Bright Light Bright Light’s “A New Word To Say” looks to charge up the middle and end up in the Top 5 in two weeks.  Justin Nozuka’s beauty that is “Unwoken Dream (King with Everything)” – though I’m becoming awfully partial to “Heartless” from his You I Wind Land And Sea CD – and Ryan Star’s “Breathe” arrive in the Top 10.  I’m looking forward to the release of Ryan’s full length major label debut 11:59 on August 3, the same date as his concert at Irving Plaza in NYC which I will be attending.

The Top 10 looks to be an interesting place in two weeks as two Evan Taubenfeld tracks, “Pumpkin Pie” and “It’s Like That” are held at bay, followed below by summer party jam “Gettin’ Over You” by David Guetta, Chris Willis, Fergie and LMFAO.  Two Door Cinema Club’s “Something Good Can Work” sends positive thoughts through to summer listeners in the Top 20, while solid second chart moves come from Goldfrapp’s “Dreaming” (the fastest riser), Reni Lane’s “Place for Us”, and The Good Natured’s “Your Body Is A Machine”, which is now available on iTunes.

I’ve already discussed at length recently this week’s debuts by Roz Bell “Endless Summer Night”, Billy Franks “The Beautiful Game”, and Hanson “Thinkin’ ‘Bout Somethin'”, so I’ll move to the other debuts.  Lifehouse’s Smoke & Mirrors CD has been keeping me plenty company since its arrival last Spring, and the second official single arrives on the chart, “All In”.  It’s a tougher single than “Halfway Gone” but pop radio needs a good rocking charge right now anyway.  And last but by no means least is the debut single from Killers lead singer Brandon Flowers.  “Crossfire” simply said strikes the listener so immediately with piano hook, straight forward melody, and highly identifiable vocal that it becomes an instant classic.  If by chance you haven’t heard it yet, please listen below and watch for the video on July 8 (starring Oscar winner Charlize Theron).

Tuned-On! Top 30 #329 – June 21/10

Summer is upon us, and the music in this edition of my personal chart is generally very sunny and Popervescent!  And that’s always something I can turn to, especially during the past few weeks where life has been full throttle and I’ve just been unable to find the words to write… hence this is my first blog since June 7!  Well that’s an exception… Tomorrow, I hope to write about a few more tunes and artists that have interested me over the past while.

Penguin Prison’s “The Worse It Gets” puts me in a good mood whenever I play it, so it hangs onto the #1 spot for a 3rd chart (6 weeks).  Just below it, Simon Curtis’ “Beat Drop” stays put at #2 and I’ve now resigned myself to the fact that it is indeed my favourite track from Simon’s 8-bit Heart mixtape – I had previously wrote that “Delusional” (which like “Beat Drop” held court at the top for 4 charts) was my fave… but they’re awfully close!  Simon’s got some new music up his sleeve for sometime during the summer too.  The title track from his mixtape also lands at #4 and is surely a contender for #1.  Right behind him at #5 is Mike Posner, whose “Cooler Than Me” is now a North American hit.

The more negativity I read about Christina Aguilera’s “Not Myself Tonight”, the more it seems I appreciate it.  The song jumps 10-7… flashy and edgy video aside, you folks are missing a good song with a terrific vocal if you shunt it aside.  The Gossip lands in the Top 10 with “Pop Goes The World”, and Welsh singer Rod Thomas, aka Bright Light Bright Light, has the fastest riser on the chart with the taste he’s providing of his upcoming album, “A New Word To Say”.

Below the Top 10, there’s a great deal of activity with songs pushing their way to the Top 10, including those by Justin Nozuka, Ryan Star (whose album release show in NYC I will be attending on August 3!), Evan Taubenfeld x 2, Armin Van Buuren, David Guetta, Drake, Travis Garland, and Two Door Cinema Club.  You will certainly get an infectious case of good cheer by listening to many of these songs successively!

The debuts this week all belong to women with unique vocal stylings.  First up is actually a UK trio called The Good Natured, fronted by lead singer Sarah, who could be the happy result of Adele-meets-Tracey Thorn with her own brand of intrigue.  Their track “Your Body Is A Machine” as remixed by Baby Monster debuts at #26 – a delightful acoustic video clip of the song is at the top of this page.  Next up, Goldfrapp arrives on this chart for the first time with “Dreaming”, a track from the duo’s latest album Head First.  I’ve never truly got to appreciate Goldfrapp’s past efforts beyond passing listens, and the songs from Head First have yet to really gel with me – almost an about-face for the duo to create a record that might be over-the-top commercial.  But within it is “Dreaming”, which captured me with it’s heavy late-70’s disco influence while also giving a tip of the hat to Kate Bush along the way.  Last up, Reni Lane is an American singer whose album Ready dropped last Fall.  “Place for Us” has been gracing my iTouch for a while now, and the haunting quality of her voice in the Will Eastman remix has sunk in.  You can check out the video of the original mix at the bottom of this page.

You can view the chart in its entirety by clicking on the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or by clicking right here.

Thanks for reading and any comments that you have are greatly appreciated!

My next chart will be posted early in two weeks as I will be on a family vacation during the first week of July.

Pop Goes The Summer?: Tuned-On! Top 30 #328 – June 7/10

There’s way too much going on in my life right now… including a ‘magic’ birthday of mine later this week… but Music is  among a select few things that I can count on 🙂

Penguin Prison’s “The Worse It Gets” hangs on to the #1 spot for a second chart, and despite its melancholy sounding title, it’s a rather chipper song for a long drive… I like to think of driving along the ocean in L.A.  And there’s a great late-70’s-sounding remix by Starsmith that’s perfect for the sunniest of days.  Kelis’ knowing “Acapella” moves up to #3, so we’ll see if she can challenge Mr. Chris Glover for the top.  Clayton Senne’s energetic “Wonderland” has been patient but gets up to #4 – worth the wait!

Simon Curtis had his second live set in Kansas City this time, and while the glorious “8-bit Heart” continues its rise to #6, he also got to perform “Joystick” for the first time (definitely nice to hear more of Simon in the live mix this time too)… video is at the bottom of this blog.  A guy he’s praised, who is also his competition in some ways, is Mike Posner, whose playful “Cooler Than Me” glides  up to #7.  Even though the movie fell short at the box office – and I still want to see it – Mika’s “Kick Ass” climbs to #8.  And a needlessly maligned “Not Myself Tonight” by Christina Aguilera lands in the Top 10 – it’s only her fifth chart appearance in Tuned-On! land, but they’ve all gone Top 10, too.

This week’s fastest riser is a song that’s grown on me immensely during the last few weeks.  Australian trio The Gossip spice up the upcoming summer with “Pop Goes The World”.  I know a lot of people prefer other tracks from Music For Men, but I really like Beth Ditto’s vocals on this one.  The glory of “Unwoken Dream (King With Everything)” by Justin Nozuka looks Top Ten bound, as does journeyman rocker Ryan Star’s “Breathe”, which is becoming a force to be reckoned with almost a year after first appearing in iTunes.  Rod Thomas aka Bright Light Bright Light is performing showcase shows in England in anticipation of his first official release.   In the meantime, enjoy “A New Word To Say”, which is the highest rising of the last chart’s debuts at #18.

This chart’s newbies are a varied lot.  We start with the party-hardy of “It’s Like That”, another track from Evan Taubenfeld’s winning Welcome To The Blacklist Club digital release.  Then we have what could be this summer’s jam.  Yes it’s VERRRRY familiar – almost a knock off of 2006’s “Love Is Gone” mixed with a few other catchy and borrowed hooks – but David Guetta has it together with fave vocalist Chris Willis, as well as Fergie and LMFAO (who also graced one of last year’s big jams, “Shooting Star” by David Rush), and it’s just impossible to resist – witness the video at the bottom of this blog.  Next up, newcomer Travis Garland’s first single is “Believe”.  I heard it before his American Idol appearance and didn’t even see it – just heard about it.  This one has mass appeal and shouldn’t be ignored.  Lastly, Irish band Two Door Cinema Club grow on you with tracks from their CD Tourist History, most notably with “Something Good Can Work”.

Enjoy the full chart using the link to the right under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** or simply click right here.

David Guetta & Chris Willis featuring Fergie & LMFAO “Gettin’ Over You”

Simon Curtis “Joystick” live in Kansas City (June 5)

Superior Power Pop: Evan Taubenfeld’s “Welcome To The Blacklist Club”

After numerous delays, it was great to see the digital release of LA-based singer/guitarist/songwriter Evan Taubenfeld’s Welcome To The Blacklist Club, which has been in the works for the last several years.  May is the perfect month in which to release a record like this because it has Sunny Days and Warm Beaches stamped all over it.

This release has many pluses to it but for the less casual listener, it may not offer much that is innovative-sounding or groundbreaking in its slightly more than 30 minutes of tunes.  Simply put, it’s superior power pop for the new decade, full of zippy melodies, infectious vocalizing, solid musicianship, and most of all, Evan’s songwriting, which is alternately down-to-earth, witty, or cynical.  The hopeless romantic in you will find favour with tracks like “Story of Me and You”, the new single “Pumpkin Pie”, or “Waiting”.  The cynical rocker in you will like the bite of last year’s initial iTunes single “Cheater of the Year” or “Better Than You”.  And the party hardy will enjoy the fun release of “It’s Like That” and the numerous pop culture references in last year’s first official single “Boy Meets Girl”.  Quirkier yet are “Razorblade Limeade” and “Evan Way”, which features good friend Avril Lavigne (who also co-wrote it).

Many of the songs make you feel you’re not alone in this world with falling in and out of love, and not necessarily being successful at it.  But it also puts aside sentimentality in favour of rocking out and having a great time.  This is where Welcome To The Blacklist Club is at its best – in Evan’s rock’n roll world, everyone is welcome (“It’s Like That” is testament to that – “from California to Iraq”), and you’ll be glad you joined.

Check out songs from Welcome To The Blacklist Club on Evan’s MySpace page. They sound great in concert so be sure to check out Evan’s show when he’s on tour.

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Tuned-On! Top 30 #327 – May 24/10

As we get closer to the summer months (and at least with some summer weather where I’m from), all kinds of bright and shiny new music continues to surface.  But first things first:  A new #1!

Penguin Prison’s “The Worse It Gets”, a great song for a spring/summer drive (the last such escapist song about cars recently that comes to mind is Darren Hayes’ “Casey”) in a car called Jenny, steals #1 away from the very busy Simon Curtis who spent 4 charts (8 weeks) atop with “Beat Drop”.  Javi’s gorgeous “Situation” slides up 4-3, while “Acapella” by Kelis (who looks like she will be touring with Robyn) looks like a future #1 as it moves up 12-5.

Our favourite new and Florida-based piano man, Clayton Senne, soars 10-6 with the rollicking “Wonderland”, while long-lasting songs by BT (“Suddenly”) and Vampire Weekend (“Cousins”) continue to rise within the Top 10.  And there he is again – the emotional centrepiece to our Boy Robot’s same titled mixtape, “8-bit Heart”, is the fastest riser on the chart, moving 21-10 for Simon Curtis.

In a competitive mid-chart, songs by Mika, Christina Aguilera, Mike Posner, Fabio Lendrum, and Matt Morris either get stuck or hold for two more weeks until other songs above begin to tumble.  This leaves last week’s remaining debuts by Justin Nozuka, The Gossip, and Ryan Star to all rise 6 positions on the chart and stake their claims!

Back to those debuts.  They comprise a bright and shiny mix of electronica, dance, pop/rap, and power pop.  Bright Light Bright Light is really Welsh singer/songwriter/producer/remixer Rod Thomas, who is getting a lot of attention in the BlogVerse (brought to my attention by Paul at MyFizzyPop) with the 80’s post-new wave vibe of “A New Word To Say”, which debuts at #24 (you can hear the song at the top of the page and can download it from the BrightLightx2 official site when you subscribe to Rod’s newsletter).  Next up, Holland’s Armin Van Buuren never fails to disappoint every few years with an intense brand of emotional electronica that is rarely found elsewhere.  Teaming with vocalist VanVelzen, who has a beautifully imperfect voice with great range, his latest is “Broken Tonight” at #25 (see the video at the bottom of the page).  Just on sheer personality alone, my fellow Canadian Drake’s “Over” has immense appeal and it debuts at #26.  And this past week saw the digital release of Evan Taubenfeld’s Welcome To The Blacklist Club, which opens with his latest single “Pumpkin Pie”, which I blogged about previously and now debuts at #27.

First Taste of Evan Taubenfeld’s “Pumpkin Pie”

One of my favourite singers for whom I hope big things in 2010, Baltimore native Evan Taubenfeld releases his debut long-awaited CD Welcome To The Black List Club on May 18th on iTunes.  No track listing has been revealed yet, but you can bet that it includes “Cheater Of The Year” and “Boy Meets Girl”, Evan’s playful and addictive singles that were released last year.

“Pumpkin Pie” is a great way to kick off the CD’s release.  It’s a classic straight forward pop rock love song with a positive message.  You can listen to it, courtesy of the blog Just So You Know, right here.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

Be sure to check out Evan’s website and catch one of his Soda Sunday Ustream chats, which are always entertaining – Evan really goes to bat for his fans too 🙂

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