“What About Now” by @MKJaff featuring @Evangelia_music is vibrant, alluring dance pop

MKJ featuring EVANGELIA, “What About Now”

Texas-based self-taught musician and dance producer MKJ continues a steady stream of intriguing productions and remixes with an original, “What About Now”.  Even if it’s leading more with a pop flavour, “What About Now” has vibrant vibes and lots of tropical-sounding high end synth sounds that simply soar and will capture the ears of anyone who likes to have a good time.  New Jersey singer Evangelia offers a persuasive gal-next-door vocal to draw you in, while MKJ surrounds it with attractive beats and rhythms to help provide the positive reply to the title phrase.  Side note:  If you’ve been to China recently, you may have heard a song called “Time” which features a Morgan Freeman-soundalike narrative set to dance music.  It’s a little something MKJ created a few years back that is now taking on a massive life of its own outside of North America that I will leave you to investigate for your listening pleasure.  Our friends at Tipsy Records have got MKJ and are working on more fine music like “What About Now” and “Time” coming to you in 2018!  Check out “What About Now” at the link above.

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