“Faces” is infectious and brisk house from @FelixCartal and @beingVeronica


As a recent Canadian Juno Awards nominee, Felix Cartal had the pleasure of being the DJ during the TV telecast of the awards.  Following up the intriguing, full-of-attitude “Runaway” is Felix’s latest called “Faces”.  It’s a brisk, snappy house track that benefits from a nice turn by fellow Canadian vocalist Veronica, who recently scored, particularly in Europe, with the song “In The Mood”, which I wrote about earlier in the year.  “Faces” should have no problem at all establishing itself at clubs with some big beats accentuated by what sounds at times like a trumpet (but may be synths), and would also sound great blasting out of car speakers late at night.  “Faces” is all about kind of a paranoid escape to the point where everything in front of you is a blur, as the vocal effects that wash over the title (sounding like “fay-shus” at times) might be conveying.  Add “Faces” to your Fast & Furious playlist using the Spotify playlist link above.

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@CandylandDJs returns with @Shoffymusic for quirky head-turner “Faces”


I’ve gotta hand it to Candyland for making her return an even sweeter one with the quirky “Faces”, featuring vocals by L.A.-based up-and-comer Shoffy.  The SoCal DJ/producer had taken some radio silence but recently re-emerged like time had stood still in the EDM world.  “Faces” has a lot of different flavours – progressive, R&B, hip hop, softer future bass – making it easy to slide into many different sets of songs.  In-between stylistic changes, Shoffy’s vocals sound rather vulnerable and heartstruck.  Don’t be fooled by the unassuming beginning; once some sly effects start feeding into the music then heads will start turning.  Those who are looking for something a little different in their playlists will enjoy “Faces”.  Give it a listen at the above link.

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