BILLCS Top 30 #373 – February 27/12

Much of my personal chart stays the same in this end of February edition, but there are always the requisite new songs on the rise.  The big mover on this week’s chart is the increasingly infectious “Free” by Graffiti 6, which jumps 20-8.   The British duo of Jamie Scott and Tommy Danvers comes off with a unique pop sound amid so much autotuned dross on the charts.  As testament to this, you’ll find an acoustic video of “Free” below as well as the official video.  As bloggers have claimed for the last few years, Graffiti 6 continues to impress and acquire new fans (me, among them).

You can view the full chart using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right hereYou can hear all of the songs on the chart or watch their videos by clicking on the pics on the chart page.

The top of the chart continues to be a friendly battle between “Memorize Me” by Rune RK & Databoy, which continues in the lead, and “Backseat” by Eric Saade.  The former’s intriguing story sweatered in electropop and the latter’s rock-flavoured sensual dance pop are both fantastic detours in the current pop world.  Not far behind is “Make You Mine” by Joe Jonas at #3, which like “Backseat” throws a little aggression into the mix.  The sensitive old-school R&B/pop of “Home” by Stone Walters continues at #4, and then it’s that guy Saade again at #5 with the mysterious and danceable singalong that is “Fingerprints”.  Aside from “Free” by Graffiti 6, the only other new entry to the Top 10 is another Jonas-should-be-smash done up as a break-up cha cha called “Not Right Now” at #10.

While the fine “Fallout” by Marianas Trench (video below) and “Born To Die” by Lana Del Rey each inch up a notch, Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself” comes up the middle as Top 10 bound at #12.  JMSN’s intriguing “Something” is on the move at #14 (yes, more weird and wonderful videos are on the way), with “Summer Is Over” by Jon McLaughlin & Sara Bareilles climbing to #16.  M83’s “Midnight City” continues to get stuck in my head for long periods of time and jumps to #17, while Fallulah’s “Out Of It” as remixed by the ingenious Monsieur Adi is equally captivating at #20.  The crowd pleasing “Believe It” by Spencer & Ross and Nadia Ali rounds out the songs to watch at #21.

I’ve already written about our four debuts in past posts.  But in case you haven’t got the tip from the above paragraphs, a lot more rock flavour seems to be finding its way into my personal chart.  Three out of the four debuts can attest to this.

At #25 is New Yorker Ryan Star, whose songs have fared extremely well on the chart since 2008, all reaching the Top 5:  “Right Now” (#2), “Start A Fire” (#3), “Last Train Home” (#4), and “Breathe” (#5).  “Stay Awhile” is no exception – a fine emotionally-charged and thoughtful rock ballad.  The video is below, as is Ryan’s rendition of “I Won’t Back Down”, a late 80’s hit for Tom Petty.

Then we have River Tiber, the band name for Canada’s Tommy Paxton-Beesley, which hits with “Someday” at #26.  It’s another song with genuine emotional fervour and highly-charged guitar playing that is made even better by Tommy’s Jeff Buckleyesque vocals which now give me goosebumps.  Catch the video below and become a believer, along with another one of River Tiber’s songs called “Symmetry”.  Be sure to download a new EP, hot off the presses, called Massachusetts, from River Tiber’s website.

Bowing at #27 is “The Fight Of My Life” by Colin Munroe featuring Pusha-T.  The duo concocted a wicked blend of pop, rock, R&B, and rap in this powerful song, which should put Toronto’s Colin back into the international scene handily.  A lot of people, myself included, can relate to the lyrics and Colin’s soulful and honest vocal.  Colin’s had two chart entries, “Will I Stay” (#8) and “Bulletproof Monster” (#12).  Listen to “The Fight Of My Life” below, as well as lending an ear to Colin’s affecting revox of Sky Ferreira’s “One”.

The last debut at #29 focuses on a retro new wave vibe, in a kind of Animotion-meets-Divinyls kind of way (and they would do a great version of the former’s hit “Obsession”, hint hint).   I’m talking about fun trio Liquid Diet, who have released a 3 song self-titled EP that puts ears foremost on “Hand Dance”, their ode to self-pleasure.  It’s kitschy for sure but not only instantly likeable but hard to get out of your head, and before you know it you’ll want more… And that must be why the duo also recorded a danceable cover-with-a-twist of George Michael’s “Father Figure”.  As with “Hand Dance”, vocalists Georgia and Billy trade off well and what sounds like it could have been a train wreck in principle actually works out just fine thank you.  The EP rounds out with “Nude”, which manages to name-check bloggers among a cast of thousands.  Watch the video for “Hand Dance” below and listen to “Father Figure” as well.

BILLCS Top 30 #372

Yeah I know it’s late for the first time but there are neither as many words nor much energy behind it this week.  Expect several videos 🙂

You can view the full chart using the link under ***BILL’S PERSONAL CHART*** to the right, or you can click right hereYou can hear all of the songs on the chart or watch their videos by clicking on the pics on the chart page.

“Memorize Me” by Rune RK & Databoy continue with a tight grip at the top (video is at the bottom of the blog), with “Backseat” by Eric Saade (which I’m hoping will be the follow up to “Hotter Than Fire”, but I think it will be something a little lighter and less risque) as runner-up.  Joe Jonas climbs to #3 with “Make You Mine”, while gorgeous soul ballad “Home” by new UK singer Stone Walters is now at #4.  Listen to “Home” below.

Jason Mraz’s “I Won’t Give Up” climbs to #9, while the cheery “Champagne” by Nelson Clemente becomes his fourth top tenner on my chart.  But it’s “Like A Drug” by Adam Tyler that makes a nice surge up to #7.  The snazzy video is below.

The mostly upwardly mobile songs in the teens are by Eric Saade, The Midway State, Lana Del Rey, Marianas Trench, and Jon McLaughlin & Sara Bareilles, but they’re punctuated by some faster risers.  Joe Jonas once again has the fastest climber on the chart with “Not Right Now” from the Fastlife album at #15.  Right below is Adam Lambert’s “Better Than I Know Myself”, which has a really strong video that shows a softer, vulnerable side of Adam (below) – and I love the high notes in this song.  And “Something” by JMSN is both well worth hearing and watching ( below – you have already been warned in previous posts).  The talented Detroit singer climbs to #18 on the chart.

The newbies this week are almost all dance-oriented except for the one that leads the pack.  Graffiti 6 are on the rise, long after many bloggers have praised their glory over the last few years.  But “Free” is definitely the song to cut it for them, featuring a beautiful vocal from singer Jamie Scott.

Then we have at #22, M83 with “Midnight City”, a song that I’ve been listening to for quite a while now but now the melodic hook is completely entrenched in my brain.  I don’t usually mention covers in conjunction with a newly charted song or one on the rise, but I must say that the rendition by the much-praised The Knocks featuring Mandy Lee is a swift alternate version well worth checking out, with a free download on Soundcloud right here.

It’s nice to have the divine Nadia Ali back in the chart at #26, this time in the hands of producers Spencer & Hill.  “Believe It” has already had significant club play but it’s also great for blasting out the car window on a bad day.  Nadia has previously charted with #2 “Love Story” in 2009, plus of course as part of duo iio with “Rapture”, “At The End”, and “Smooth”.

Lastly, the Monsieur Adi remix of “Out Of It” by Fallulah is such a humdinger that it enters the chart at #27, and you can buy it on iTunes too!

Bill’s #1 song:  “Memorize Me” by Rune RK & Databoy

Adam Tyler’s video for “Like A Drug”, “Somebody” by Vincent Did It, and New Faces: MNEK, Fallulah, Liquid Diet, and Chromatone

Well my Monday certainly kicked off with a blast, with the arrival of the video for Adam Tyler’s “Like A Drug”, and more new music from Vincent Did It (formerly Frankmusik) with “Somebody”.  I’ll throw in songs and/or videos from four new faces as well.

Adam Tyler, “Like A Drug”

Adam Tyler has been whetting our appetites for the last while with picture previews of stills from the video for “Like A Drug”.  It dropped yesterday and serves as an eyebrow-raising calling card for the talented L.A. based Missouri native.  We’ve already seen videos for 2010’s “Friction” and last year’s first single from the Shattered Ice album “I Won’t Let You Go”.  This time though it’s an all out assault on our senses, as this well-directed video takes us into a cavernous warehouse where naughty and/or naasty things may happen depending on your temptation.

The video is both persuasive and compelling, not knowing what to expect… But throughout it we see snippets of some dancing, and Adam gets up close and personal with most of the cast as the tension builds.  It ultimately leads to the best part of the video – a group dance to some truly magnificent 30 seconds of choreography, which may even stick in your head more than the rest of the video.  Then, boom – it’s over.  I hope “Like A Drug” opens more doors for Adam.  The song had to grow on me more than some of the others in Shattered Ice as I’ve listened to the album for the past five months.  The quality in its video has been worth the wait – well done everyone! 🙂

Vincent Did It, “Somebody”

Vincent Frank is back in his element.  He may be about to make the best music of his career if recent songs “Dynamo”, “So You’re Alive” (video is below), and “Somebody” are any indication.  The singer is in his best voice with some of his best lyrics, not without some humour, as well on “Somebody” as he encourages everyone “don’t let the bastards bring you down”.  The singer himself has had to rise above so much himself over the last year and I’m glad that he can release it through his songs.  Keep it coming – can’t get enough!  And it’s only January!!

MNEK, “If He’s The One” 

MNEK is 17 year old British singer Uzoechi Osisioma Emenike, who has already risen to cutting edge prominence with a Top 5 UK hit under his songwriting belt, “All Fired Up” by The Saturdays.  He’s remixed for Graffiti 6, Frankmusik, Colette Carr, Tinie Tempah, Olly Murs, and Simon Curtis.  And he’s recording his debut album, to be released next year.  In the meantime, he’s offered up the cheery and soulful “If He’s The One” with a big voice way beyond his years.  Watch out for this talented lad and download “If He’s The One” below for free.

Fallulah “Out Of It”

26 year old Maria Apetri is Fallulah, and hails from Denmark, where “Out Of It” has already topped the charts recently.  The singer compares at times to Florence Welch but has a softer quality about her.  I’ve been listening to a remix of “Out Of It” for a while now, which brings out the eerie undercurrent of the song better than its original video (above).  That’s definitely owing to the talented remixing of Monsieur Adi, who you’ll know this past year from remixing Darren Hayes’ “Bloodstained Heart” as well as producing his own songs as well, such as “Chariot”.  Listen to the Adi remix of “Out Of It” below and mix it up with songs like “Ghosts ‘N Stuff” by Deadmau5.

Liquid Diet “Hand Dance”

New York trio Liquid Diet comprises Georgia, Billy, and Jonathan, and with the entertaining video for “Hand Dance” they join in some very good company – Divinyls, Cyndi Lauper, The Vapors, and others – who have all sang hits about the thrills of self-pleasure.  Not so guilty pleasure?  You bet!  Great fun that goes well with a song like Databoy’s “Stupid”.  Download it for free below for a limited time.

Chromatone, “One Half”

Chromatone has meshed up rock, jazz, funk and soul, for a slick and danceable affair with “One Half”.  Like some other recent singers from the UK, Chromatone will remind you of some of the best US and UK soul/pop singers of the last 20 years, like Terence Trent D’Arby, Andrew Roachford, Remy Shand, and Jay Kay of Jamiroquai, with obvious influences from masters like Stevie Wonder.  It’s that classic jazzy guitar playing though that makes you notice.  Songs like “One Half” signal more energetic delights to come.  Download it for free below.

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