Get worked up and worked out with the vibrant “Fever” by American pop/R&B singer/songwriter @officialDuncan

DUNCAN, “Fever”

“Fever” will help shift your Spring into full gear, a vibrant and energetic new song that will  also have you worked up and worked out as recorded by American pop/R&B singer/songwriter Duncan.  Once this “Fever” grabs you, it doesn’t have any intention on letting you go.  Duncan has a slick pop style that is greatly complimented by his love for R&B and hip hop.  Co-written and produced by the amazing L.A.-based trio Giiants (recently atop my personal chart with The Disco Fries on “Give It Back”), the song sizzles in that tough place between wanting someone and needing someone.  While he’s released his own songs, over the past few years, Duncan has been heavily involved in other releases by the likes of Pitbull, Austin Mahone and Afrojack, among many others, including several in the hip hop genre. “Fever” is a clean cut breakaway from all of that to ignite Duncan’s many talents in this fresh setting.

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“Fever” is a big banger that will heat up the Spring from @DonDiablo and @CiDmusic

DON DIABLO & CiD, “Fever”

It took a few weeks after Miami Music Week to put together Don Diablo’s cameo in a set that I saw by New York’s CiD – the pair were about to release a knockout deep house banger called “Fever”.  CiD may have even played it that night, I cannot recall.  Nonetheless, “Fever” is bound to heat up the Spring months in clubs.  There is no mistaking the power of its draw to the dance floor and I expect some remixes may be forthcoming.  Don’t miss this one!

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Sweet Sweat: Canada’s R&B Queen @JullyBlack with “Fever”


R&B queen Jully Black has been a force like no other in her own country since she arrived on the scene back in 1999 with the still very timely and relevant independent release “Rally’n”.  Since then she’s had several Top 40 hits, most notably the Top Tenner “Seven Day Fool”, has performed for Queen Elizabeth, and has served many times as a Canadian ambassador of music.  “Fever” comes from her upcoming album Made In Canada, her first in a few years since Black Book, yet Jully has never been away from the music scene and has been a very visible presence on Canadian TV.  Unlike past hits like “Sweat Of Your Brow”, “Fever” has a much sweeter and less forceful vocal, yet embraces both the delicate and sexy nature of the lyrics.  Vocally you might put this song somewhere between Alicia Keys, Mary J. Blige, and Rebecca Ferguson, and place Jully on a bill with any of them in concert and you will have a showstopper and crowd-pleaser!  “Fever” is co-written by and produced by YoungPete Alexander, and he and Jully have formed the Officials Music Group, which looks to be a very fine partnership indeed.  Radio stations could easily embrace “Fever” and I look forward to hearing what the Made In Canada album will bring to us by Jully Black.

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