Chilled out romanticism: New Songs by @TheOddsin x @BronzeWhale “Best” and @Cloudchord (featuring Furious) “Forever For Now”


CLOUDCHORD featuring FURIOUS, “Forever For Now”

I don’t usually dedicate posts to two songs or more as I did in the long past, but these two are both originals out of Austin, and so similar yet so different that you can dare to compare and enjoy each one!

New singer The Odds pairs up with producers/remixers Bronze Whale for “Best” from their EP Million.  The Odds has one of these deep down soulful, restrained voices that could break loose and bring down the house.  For the romantic “Best”, it’s more of the former as Bronze Whale unleashes some spectacularly laid out beats and rhythm so that it’s not too much of a chilled out affair.  “Best” is cool and collected and then dashing and entertaining as it needs to be.  It will definitely get under your skin and stay there!  It’s also a free download 🙂

Producer/remixer Cloudchord has one of his best releases of the year with “Forever For Now”, his most laid back song to date, which also features a soulful newcomer named Furious as the vocalist.  “Forever For Now” strikes you with the classic romantic simplicity of the lyrics, with a rich vocal by Furious that shows a lot of promise.  Kudos to Cloudchord for not letting this one stay too mellow, which might not allow the lyrics to sink in.  “Forever For Now” is perfect for lights down low and a slow dance or two, and to me has as much pop potential as it would for clubs.

Be sure to give both of these songs some of your time as two of the best toned-down pop/EDM songs for Autumn at the links above.