L.A.’s @Justin_Caruso offers a unique remix take on “Fortnite”

JUSTIN CARUSO, “Fortnite” (Justin Caruso remix) (free DL)

One definitely doesn’t associate producer/remixer Justin Caruso with the video game world or instrumental tracks.  But his recent remix take on “Fortnite” is impressive for a number of reasons.  There are a lot of classical-sounding elements here that provide a rich backdrop for the grittiness and the bangs and booms that Justin adds to make the song larger than life.  Like many ‘themes’, “Fortnite” has a lot of softer moments that are worth waiting through to get to the drama and action.  If video game makers heard this then I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Justin writing and producing music directly for a game very soon.  “Fortnite” is highly creative and helps stretch the boundaries in which dance music producers sometimes get confined.  Best of all, you can download it for free at the link above.

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