Check out the earnest pop flavours of “Let’s Stay Up” by Ireland’s @iamFourNights from the EP “Bed”

FOUR NIGHTS, “Let’s Stay Up”

Four Nights is the recording name for Ireland’s Tommy Buckley, and he has a refreshing, earnest pop sound for 2021. He writes direct, easy-to-digest songs without sugar-coating his ideas or compromising his storytelling ability. “Let’s Stay Up” is his latest song that appears on his new EP Bed. You can hear him confidently sing about what might be an otherwise awkward time for some when getting to know someone a bit better and pulling what hopefully might be a romantic all-nighter. “Let’s Stay Up” is a gracious tribute to those times which will become memorable even if they don’t turn out to be special.  I enjoy Tommy’s commitment to his pop style and encourage you not only to check out “Let’s Stay Up” but also the Bed EP, which also features my favourite song of his to date, “Want You Always”, which recently reached #8 on my personal chart.

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Ireland’s @iamFourNights delivers a piano ballad from the heart, “Not This Time”

FOUR NIGHTS, “Not This Time”

After previously being part of a rock band, late last year Tommy Buckley branched out on his own with three singles under the guise of Four Nights.  One of those songs, “Want You Always” is resplendent in 80’s pop sensibility and currently resides at #11 on my personal chart.  “Not This Time” is a heartfelt piano ballad with a strong build up that never goes over the top. Tommy’s story is easily identifiable to anyone who listens and is carried by a vocal whose appeal relies on its authenticity.  The music of Four Nights isn’t flashy and doesn’t look to the latest trends to attract listeners.  “Not This Time” is an example of solid pop with interesting songwriting that’s produced to accentuate Tommy’s strengths, and cuts through the dross in much of today’s pop on its own merits.

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#BILLCSTop30 #610, March 29/21

The new chart is so chock with fun-filled activity, particularly for people like me who enjoy making and reading charts :D, so in these kinds of situations I feel bad about excluding any words about songs that are deserving for one reason or another.  So where there might be an omission this week, I’ll try and make up for it in two weeks.

Amid all of the activity further down, the top two songs remain the same.  Faithless and Nathan Ball keep control of #1 with the rhythmic and witty “Synthesizer” (above) from the album All Blessed.  And Rina Sawayama’s enduring Lady Gaga-esque “Lucid” (below) holds tight at #2.

Zipping up the chart 9-3 to challenge for the top in two weeks is no stranger to this part of the chart – he’s reached the Top 5 six times now – L.A.-based electronic dance producer Mahalo with his Top 10 national dance radio hit “Not Watching Anymore”.

“Escape” is the awesome, beautifully sung electronic dance single by California producer Jay Bird and singer/songwriter Chrxstal Sarah, which glides into the Top 10, up 11-6.

Also new to the Top 10 is the gentle and knowing “Stories” (above), moving 12-8 for NYC-based singer/songwriter Victor Perry with German producers Cal1 and L’essay.  It’s Victor’s 9th trip to the Top 10 as either solo or featured artist!  Victor doubles the pleasure by debuting at #24 with the dance fest called “Myself In You” (below) in collaboration with Italian producer Lordnox.

The final new entry in the Top 10 has been making leaps and bounds these past few weeks after starting its chart journey at #30.  It’s the huge feel-good R&B/pop of “Arms Around Me” by Toronto artist D!XON.  Do check out its engaging video above.

The Faster Riser on the chart, soaring 25-15, is carried by the smoking house of “No More Looking Back” by actor/producer Idris Elba and house legends Inner City led by the amazing Kevin Saunderson.  Its driven vocal by Steffanie Christi’an is icing on the cake!

“Pressure” by Martin Garrix and Tove Lo is is most distinct and decidedly different offering in quite some time, and it climbs 21-16.

Your pre-summer party treat comes in the form of “Friday” by British producer Riton, reviving The Nightcrawlers’ 90’s house classic “Push The Feeling On”, and featuring the antics of social media stars Mufasa and Hypeman.  It’s just so much fun and moves up 26-17.

Equally fun and bringing the beach party to you wherever you are in the world is “Boys” by Florida’s Lauren Mayhew and NYC dance producer INViDA, which climbs 22-18.

Watch out, there is a new banger in our midst, and it’s “When I Lost You” (above) by Norwegian dance producer Dunisco and NYC singer/songwriter Robbie Rosen, which is making short work of the chart, bounding 27-19.  Ever-prolific, you can also check out this new one featuring Robbie by Italian producer Sotschi called “When No One Is Watching” (below).

The Highest Debut on the chart comes from the song that finished 2nd in the recent Swedish music contest Melodifestivalen.  But as strong as the winner (“Voices” by Tusse) might be, “Every Minute” by Eric Saade has the edge for me, and bows at #21.  It’s Eric’s first chart appearance since 2016’s “Colors” and is his first English-language recording since 2017.  Eric previously topped this chart in 2011/12 with “Popular”, “Hotter Than Fire”, and “Backseat”, and “Every Minute” marks his 12th appearance.

Ireland’s Four Nights is actually a recording name for singer/songwriter Tommy Buckley, whose simple but effective take on 80’s pop will take no time getting stuck in your head.  “Want You Always” climbs 28-22.

The third debut on the chart is the first for multiple Grammy Award winner Finneas (and brother, of course, of Billie Eilish, who herself has yet to find her way onto this chart).  Arriving at #26 is blues-tinged rock of “American Cliché” (above), and you can bet that his duet with California native Ashe called “Till Forever Falls Apart” (below) may indeed follow suit in the next few weeks.

The fourth debut is the third appearance on the chart for both UK singer/songwriter Karen Harding and UK producer/songwriter Shift K3Y.  Quickly following up Karen’s #5 “Let’s Get Together” (now at #29) at #27 is “Morning” (above), which also has been released in a wicked club mix by UK dance producer Eli Brown (below).  Karen also charted last  year with “Undo My Heart”, which was #1 for a month, and Shift K3Y previously appeared with Becky Hill last year at this time with “Better Off Without You” (#16) and in 2015, also at this time, with “I Know” (#7).


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#BILLCSTop30 #609, March 15/21

It is indeed the Ides of March, and I hope they bear good tidings on us for the rest of 2021.  The year has started off well with music, and for the first time since 2014, this chart has had two number ones in a row that clocked up one appearance at the top each – the last to do this were the back-to-back #1’s “Latch” by Disclosure and Sam Smith, and “Proxy” by Martin Garrix. 

So the successive one-two punch given by NOTD and Catello’s “Nobody” and “Like Gold” by Loud Luxury, Frank Walker and Stephen Puth yields to this chart’s new topper, “Synthesizer” by Faithless and vocalist Nathan Ball, which climbs 4-1.  The veteran dance group would have had a #1 on this chart in 1997, had it existed when their classic “Insomnia” was released.  That song became my #7 song of 1997.  Not only are the music and arrangement in “Synthesizer” brilliant, but its wry lyrics catch you off guard and will make you smile while you’re singing.

“Lucid” by Rina Sawayama has been beaten to #1 by “Synthesizer”, but it moves up 3-2 anyway.  Good luck to Rina at the Brit Awards – they recently got past some awkwardness and deemed her “British enough” to be included!

Illenium, Dabin and Lights have one of the biggest electronic dance songs in North America with “Hearts On Fire” (above), as it climbs 10-6.  Illenium quickly included red hot “Mood” guy Iann Dior for his newest alt.rock flavoured release “First Time”, below.

The three latest arrivals to the Top 10 are “Jealous” (above) by French producer Wizzay climbing 11-8; Mahalo’s dance radio hit “Not Watching Anymore” (also above), up 12-9; and Brandyn Burnette’s “Airplane Mode” (below) which moves up 13-10.  You can find Brandyn’s voice now at many Canadian Top 40 radio stations thanks to his appearance and co-write on “All Time”, with my fellow Canadians, producer Takis and Juno Awards nominated singer/songwriter Jamie Fine, also below.

Eyes are on the Top 10 in two weeks for electronic dance producer Jay Bird and vocalist Chrxstal Sarah with “Escape” (above), which jumps 17-11, as well as the Fastest Riser on the chart, which is the delightful ballad “Stories” (below) by Victor Perry with German producers Cal1 and L’essay, which soars 19-12.  Watch for more new music on Friday from Victor with “Ready For Love”!

If you’re looking for a feel good, catchy dance pop song then “By Heart” by India’s DJ Shaan and vocalist/songwriter Londin Thompson is for you.  It climbs 20-15.

While the rest of the chart is brimming with activity by some songs rising five or six places, I’ll catch up with them in two weeks in favour of the four newcomers to the chart.

Leading the new arrivals to the chart are two songs that I wrote about in a post about 90’s house music being in comeback mode.  With the Highest Debut at #25 it’s dynamic pairing of actor/producer Idris Elba and early 90’s house legends Inner City with the powerful and slick “No More Looking Back” (above), featuring a potent vocal by Steffanie Christi’an, whose voice is also heard throughout Inner City’s most recent album We All Move Together.  And then at #26 is a song that has already become a surprise UK Top 5 hit for British producer Riton with the super fun “Friday” (below), featuring that classic sample from Nightcrawlers’ “Push The Feeling On” and additional vocals by Mufasa and Hypeman.

At #27 is the first chart appearance for Norwegian dance producer Dunisco with “When I Lost You”. The song is sung and co-written by “American Idol” Top 16 finalist Robbie Rosen, who recently appeared on the chart with “Fantasy” with Saxity and Victor Perry.  This one is a banger with destination firmly targeted for the dance clubs when they resume.

Rounding out the chart at #28 is the first entry by Irish pop/rock artist Four Nights, which is actually the one person project by Tommy Buckley, called “Want You Always”.  Its minimal production, keen vocal and 80’s pop flair are all winners in my book.

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“Grow So Cold” by Dublin’s @FourNights atypically pairs a snappy melody with lyrics about a fading relationship

FOUR NIGHTS, “Grow So Cold”

Back in November, I wrote about the debut release by Dublin, Ireland’s Four Nights (aka Tommy Buckley) called “Want You Always”, which brought together a flair for 80’s-flavoured pop melody with a vulnerable vocal and relatable lyrics.  While that catchy song has yet to run its course with me, Four Nights’ latest one called “Grow So Cold” arrived yesterday. Like with “Want You Always”, Tommy definitely has a firm way with a melody and song structure. “Grow So Cold” flows beautifully with straight up pop/rock at its core, as its story about a relationship on the wane unfolds.  A steadfast vocal and hooky syncopated bass line, which is uncharacteristic for a song like this, help make “Grow So Cold” memorable and worthy of your attention.

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Meet newcomer @iamFourNights from Dublin, Ireland with the 80’s pop flair of “Want You Always”

FOUR NIGHTS, “Want You Always”

Although he has recorded as a part of the rock trio Tanjier, which has had solid local success in his native Dublin, Four Nights (aka Tommy Buckley) has branched out on his own with the 80’s pop flair of “Want You Always”. Self-described as influenced by alt.pop groups like The1975 and LANY, it’s one of two new Four Nights singles (the other being “Nothing To Say”) that have just been released.  “Want You Always” immediately grabs you with that ever-so-familiar drum beat, which pervaded 80’s hits like Steve Winwood’s “Higher Love” and in particular “She Drives Me Crazy” by Fine Young Cannibals.  But that’s where similarities end – “Want You Always” draws you in with Tommy’s earnest vocal which unfolds the story of being wounded by the end of a relationship that may have finished prematurely, at least through the eyes of the songwriter.  The additional instrumentation comes together nicely, making “Want You Always” a warm, easy listen and a promising start for Four Nights.

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