French producer @Khamsinmusic goes huge future bass with “Second Guess” featuring @Anukamusic

KHAMSIN featuring ANUKA, “Second Guess”

At times sometimes sounding a bit contrary to its lyrics, “Second Guess” comes confidently from French producer Khamsin, who, along with Kidswaste and Rusty Hook, is another member of the collective Slow Hours.  With a major bonus, it features vocalist Anuka, who you’ll remember from her persuasive singing in last year’s “Heavy Hearted” by Murky.  When the song is quiet, the arrangement surrounds Anuka’s voice like a velvet envelope.  But when it’s loud, it’s almost a future bass battle cry complete with knights, catapults, and castles all a rage in your head.  “Second Guess” has a big movie soundtrack with a fairy tale love story of uncertainty.  It will make you shiver and then want to cheer.  Khamsin isn’t about to leave any stone unturned in in this majestic production.  He is definitely one to watch with “Second Guess”.  Add it to your big and loud electronic playlist using the Spotify link above.

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“Tonight” is a formidable collab between France’s @Kidswaste and @HotelGaruda’s own @ManilaKilla


“Tonight” is cozy, shiny electropop for spending those special moments with someone when everything is all right in the world and troubles melt away.  It’s definitely a step in another direction for progressive/alternative French producer Kidswaste and one half of American production duo Hotel Garuda, Manila Killa.  Co-written (and sung, unbilled) by Chelsea Cutler with the guys, its instant familiarity resembles a sequel to or continuation of Chet Porter’s 2016 hit “Stay” (also of course with vocals by Chelsea) – not a bad thing at all!  While it may take a few listens to sink in, the song starts out bold but ends up with a slight but satisfying finish.  Chelsea’s distinct voice goes a long way and carries a pretty melody.  Check it out at the link above.

Kidswaste opens for Hotel Garuda in Toronto at The Velvet Underground on Friday, December 15.

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“Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance” is @RustyHookmusic’s subtle and captivating electronic EP premiere

RUSTY HOOK, Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance (EP)

About a month ago, I introduced you to Guillaume Costes, the artist also known as Rusty Hook, with the varied and melodic “Relief” (featuring Nashville’s Truitt) which is included in his debut EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance, kind of an alternate viewpoint to Green Day’s similar but parenthetically titled “Time Of Your Life (Good Riddance)”. 

Through three vocal songs book-ended by an instrumental introduction (“Hailstorm” – I can picture walking through Paris in the hail to this 🙂 ) and “outro” (“Afterword”), Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance travels through an atypical sea of emotions, showcased sometimes by big beats but with lingering melodies as its constants.  I think perhaps “Higher”, with an uncredited vocalist, comes off as a bit soft and unexciting next to both “Relief” and the EP’s potentially trailblazing highlight, “Everything” (featuring a supurb vocal by Ria).  Its synth work at its heaviest blasts out like sonic lasers and recoils into a slow build up that will grab you again for another shake before a low-key 20 second ending.  If there’s one song here for clubs it is “Everything”. 

There’s lots in Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance to enjoy and as solo artist Rusty Hook has the potential to waste no time in joining the recent successes that are folks like San Holo or Petit Biscuit.  Listen to all of the songs at the link above.

Before you wrap up, Rusty Hook was the unfortunate victim of a thief who stole his Macbook with all kinds of new and previously unreleased music and all of his related work.  Since all of that is now lost, if you can help him out towards the purchase of a new laptop, please visit his Go Fund Me page.


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DIY musician @RustyHookmusic offers sophisticated electronica in “Relief” featuring @Truittmusic

RUSTY HOOK featuring TRUITT, “Relief”

From You Tube tutorials to teaching himself how to use Ableton to becoming a member of the group Slow Hours, and influenced initially by Madeon, France’s Rusty Hook (aka Guillaume Costes) comes to us from a new way of learning and making music, and putting it all together as something diverse and tangible to call to your attention.  “Relief” is a moody, sophisticated slice of electronic music, not what I would say is a dance track meant for clubs.  It’s fairly unpredictable where it goes though of course its constant is the melody which will stay with you after the song is over.  The singing on “Relief” is by one half of rising Nashville sibling electronic duo Truitt, namely the beautiful voice of Brigetta.  “Relief” shifts between chilled out moments and others that are bigger but contained, and the vocals carry the song as much as the electronic wizardry.  “Relief” is from Rusty Hook’s upcoming EP Romance Is Dead, Good Riddance, and you can listen at the link above.


“Friends” is your next taste of the Spleen EP by @Kidswaste featuring #Trace

KIDSWASTE featuring TRACE, “Friends”

The original EP Spleen by France’s Kidswaste (aka Quentin Beauvois) arrived last week via Ultra Records, and it’s a delicate, understated progressive electronic affair featuring two instrumentals and three vocal tracks that was led off by the gorgeous single “True Colours” featuring Chelsea Cutler.  “Friends”, featuring Trace, should be your next dip into Spleen, like “True Colours” a more uptempo song than the others, carried by a simple, silky high end melody.  It’s a lovely ode to friendship or perhaps being more than friends, meant for strolling through Paris or the French countryside hand-in-hand on a sunny Spring day.  “Friends” and the entire Spleen EP are atypical of the dime-a-dozen EDM that pervades the scene, and worthy of some time to enjoy all of the sounds on headphones. Kidswaste is someone to watch out for in 2017.  Check out “Friends” at the link above.

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France’s @iamCocovan returns with memorable ‘glam pop’ “Summer Nights”

COCOVAN, “Summer Nights” (free DL)

Last summer I introduced you to the multi-talent that is singer/songwriter/video director Cocovan with her delightful, summery pop song “Chic (Someone To Love)”.  She returns with an equally bright-sounding but more reflective song – labelling it quite appropriately as ‘glam pop’ no less – with “Summer Nights”.  It’s perfect as we are about a month away from Spring to think back upon summer romances gone by with a sigh.  Cocovan once again instills an honest and committed emotion in “Summer Nights” that could easily perk up the casual music listener.  The song also has a lot of focus on the rhythm, and you can visualize it being played at a late night beach party.  Be sure to get it for free at the link above.

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Musical kaleidoscope: “More Colors” by @Kidswaste featuring @itsChelsCutler

KIDSWASTE featuring CHELSEA CUTLER, “More Colors”

Here’s a song where you can see all of the colours you want, even blindfolded.  French producer Kidswaste gives us “More Colors” featuring the distinct vocals of Chelsea Cutler, with whom he’s recorded before but you know more recently from appearing on Chet Porter’s “Stay”.  “More Colors” is deliberately easy-paced downtempo EDM that might even draw from some classical influences, designed to make you reflect when listening and sway when dancing.  It will appeal particularly to fans of Porter Robinson, Jack Ü, and M83. It’s from Kidswaste’s forthcoming EP, for Ultra Records no less, called Spleen – which may seem like a strange title, but given that he’s from France, I’d say that he may have read Charles Baudelaire’s poetry… Give “More Colors” a listen at the link above.

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Meet new French singer @iamCocovan with her slick summer pop of “Chic (Someone To Love)”

COCOVAN, “Chic (Someone To Love)”

If you like your Gwen Stefani, Katy Perry and Ariana Grande when those singers are high on a dance tip, then new French singer Cocovan (yup, she’s from Paris) will definitely grab your ears with “Chic (Someone To Love)”.  It’s so easy to try and be ‘the next’ of any of those singers I mention, but the songwriting is top notch and her vocal is expressive and endearing, which only make you want to hear more from the singer.  So don’t go looking for busy production or anything outrageous.  “Chic (Someone To Love)” is straight-forward dance/pop that is effusive and believable with its emotion.  Download the song for free at the link above.  The singer has also directed her own video for the song which you can find on You Tube.

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