Distraction and sex collide in “Frank Ocean” by @CallMeKarizma

CALL ME KARIZMA, “Frank Ocean”

There’s tongue definitely in cheek plus a sweet, sentimental side to “Frank Ocean”, the latest from young Minneapolis rapper/songwriter/producer Call Me Karizma.  ‘Riz has been unleashing a lot of songs from his prolific repertoire lately, but “Frank Ocean” is definitely a stand out, not only for its subject matter but its somewhat whimsical intent.  It’s all about being distracted, lazy, and wanting to have sex all day in your room, something most of us have experienced and even achieved in our lives.  And to many of us, as well as to ‘Riz, there’s nothing wrong with that at all.  We sometimes need to pay less attention to the world around us and more attention to each other.  To past generations that was set perhaps to music by Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley, Elton John, Bryan Adams, or John Legend, to name some balladeers.  Today Frank Ocean, tomorrow someone else… Enjoy the moments while they last and give “Frank Ocean” a spin at the link above.

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Weekend Roll Call: Kyle Patrick, Ryan Silverman, Frank Ocean, and Ian Lee

Kyle Patrick “Go For Gold”

I really didn’t know that members of the Click Five (noted for 2005’s “Just The Girl”) were still active until Kyle’s new song came to my attention, but they appear to still have had quite a following in Japan, at least up to the end of 2011, and I can’t find any more recent information about them.  The Boston band reminded me a lot of the fictious group The Wonders from the film “That Thing You Do!” with their 60’s suit ‘n tie fashions and sweet pop/rock harmonies.  If they’re no longer together, then Kyle Patrick certainly has a future if his free download of “Go For Gold” is any indication.  This is feel-good, inspirational, energetic, eurodanceable-ish pop at its best.  The accompanying eye-catching video below is great summer fare along with some other songs like “Remember When (Push Rewind)” by Chris Wallace, and the theme of  the song goes hand in hand with what I’m hoping will be the third North American single by The Wanted (also below).

Ryan Silverman, “Come On Down To My House”

Watch out Michael Bublé and Matt Dusk, Ryan Silverman is in the house.  The Alberta native has made a name for himself on Broadway in “The Phantom Of the Opera” (he was in the cast when I saw the show in New York in 2010 but was not performing at the time), “Mamma Mia”, and others.  But the pop world will definitely welcome his slick razzle dazzle dashing which is the focus in the video for “Come On Down To My House”, which is a contemporary jazz-tinged spin on the classic Rosemary Clooney song.  Guys and girls alike will adore Ryan Silverman.  So all I can say is WOW – more, please 🙂  Ryan will next grace Broadway this Fall in “Rebecca” (one of my favourite mystery stories and Alfred Hitchcock films).

Frank Ocean, “Sweet Life”

The social media buzz for Frank Ocean during the last few months has been pretty intense, in advance of the release of his album channel ORANGE.  The 24 year old New Orleans native has already collaborated with Kanye West and Jay-Z, and written songs for Beyoncé, Brandy, and Justin Bieber.  “Sweet Life” is an excellent preview of the new album, and available for free download.  Like some other songs I’ve written about lately, it goes back to an earlier time in R&B/soul history when softer, jazz-inflected songs were the name of the game.  So I’ll be looking forward to hearing more from this talented singer as his fame shoots through the roof.

Ian Lee, “So Nice To Meet You”

I don’t know much about Ian Lee, other than that he’s a new singer/guitarist from Quebec.  His latest single “So Nice To Meet You” was produced by the award-winning pedigree of John Nathaniel, which is cause enough for some attention.  Put this carefree song in the same grab bag as “Keep Your Head Up” by Andy Grammer, and watch the jaunty video below.  You won’t know it from the title, but all lyrics but the title are en français 😉

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